Why is my website down?

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Can’t reach your website? Then check the five options below.

Are you unable to access your website or is your website simply not working? It may be that your site is off the air. Don’t worry immediately, it can be anything. In this article I have described some possible causes that you can check to see if your website is really down or if there is another reason. Read on and you can probably answer the question “why is my website down” quite quickly.

Check your internet connection.

The very first thing you should always do is check if your internet connection is working properly. I always check this myself by going to another website in my browser. In many cases simply to Google, since this is always online. Is your internet connection not working? Then you do not have to worry about your website. Resetting your modem is often enough to restore it, unless there is a malfunction with your internet provider.

Is it your computer?

If your internet connection is not the problem, it may still be on your computer. I’ve had this myself, even though the reason was inexplicable. You can then go to a website like Is It Down Right Now or Website Planet to check if your website works for others. A good alternative is your smartphone. Check if your website works on your smartphone. Is this the case? The issue will then be on your computer. If the problem is with your computer, it is best to restart it to see if the problem can been resolved. Flushing your DNS can sometimes be the solution.

Is your website really down or is your site not working properly due to another internal cause?

Sometimes it is possible that your website is not really down, but that it simply no longer works perfectly due to an error. This can occur when you have done a failed update of WordPress, a plugin or theme. It could also be that you wanted to install a new plugin and your website stopped working after this. The solution obviously depends on the cause, so I hope you remember what you did last with your website. Often it can be solved by manually performing the update again, downgrading to the old version of the plugin, or by completely removing the plugin. You can do all this via FTP if you can no longer log in to your site. An alternative is to restore a backup, for example the previous day’s backup. Personally, I have often used this because my web host generates 4 automatic backups every day without charging extra costs. In addition, technical support arranges the recovery for me, so actually the only thing I need to do is request them to put back a backup of a specific date and time. Quite convenient by the way! That’s why I never worry about my site being down because i know I can get it back in no time. By the way, for me the most important feature of any web hosting provider is technical support. If that’s not more than excellent you should leave them immediately.

Hosting account suspended notification.

Do you get a notification that your account is suspended? It may be that you have forgotten to pay your hosting provider or that you are over your data traffic or using too much web space. You should have received an email in your inbox with information about why your account is suspended and what you can do about it. If you have not heard anything, please contact your hosting provider. Together you should be able to solve it.

Why is my website down? Is it the web server?

If the server where your website is currently hosted, is completely down, then your site cannot be reached until the problem is resolved. To check if it’s the web server, you can usually find a page on your hosting provider’s site that lists malfunctions. If you can’t find anything about this, you can always send your hosting provider an email to ask. If you have multiple websites on the same server, you can check whether these websites are also down. If this is the case, you can be 100% sure that the server is the culprit. Do you suffer from regular downtime or other technical problems with your current hosting provider? In that case switching to a different hosting company may not be a bad idea. Most web hosting services offer a 99.9% Uptime Guarantee. So, check if your host is keeping its promise! There are many online tools available that monitor the uptime of your sites. An example is Uptime Robot. The tool checks your site every five minutes and can alert you if your online presence isn’t working anymore. Notifications can be sent via SMS, email, Telegram, Slack, Voice-Calls, Push, Microsoft-Teams, Web-hooks and more.


It’s certainly not a good experience when your website is down, but, as you can see, there are fortunately a number of things that you can check immediately. This way, you may soon find out the cause or be able to call your hosting service to help you out.

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