Why is my computer so slow in 2020?

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Suffering from a slow PC? This article shows you how to make your Windows computer faster.

It is an annoyance for many: a computer that takes forever to boot. Programs that startup very slow can also cause a lot of frustration. I will list 10 tips to make your Windows computer faster.

How to speed up a computer.


1. A slow computer often has too much unused software installed on it.

Over the years you install a lot of programs that you no longer need. Time to clean up:

Windows 10:

Click in the start menu to go to Settings

Under Settings, go to Apps (and parts).

Here you see an overview of all installed programs, which you can remove if necessary.

Windows 8 and 8.1:

Use the Control Panel to remove programs.

You can sort the list by the date you last used a program or by the size of the program. This allows you to easily select the programs that you no longer need.

2. Speed ​​up your PC by disabling startup programs.

When you start your computer, all kinds of programs also start automatically. Partly because this is necessary for the computer, but also partly for your convenience. For example, you do not have to open your mail program yourself. However, it slows down starting your computer.

You can disable the automatic start-up of certain programs. Make sure you only disable programs that you are sure are not needed! Disabling the wrong programs can cause your computer to malfunction.

Windows 10.

Right-click on the taskbar (usually the bar at the bottom of your screen where you also see the open programs) and click on Task Manager

Open the Startup tab (if you don’t see any tabs, first click on ‘More details’)

You will see an overview of programs that are started during startup

You can disable unnecessary programs (which you actually know yourself) by right-clicking on the program and clicking ‘Disable’.

Windows 8 and 8.1.

Press Ctrl – Alt – Delete simultaneously.

You are now in the Task Manager.

Select Startup.

From there you can disable programs from opening during startup.

3. Clean up your hard drive to speed up your PC.

A slow computer often has an overloaded disk. Your laptop or computer can slow down if your hard disk is too full. In particular, the disk on which Windows 10 is installed (usually the C drive) needs enough empty space. According to experts, it is wise to keep at least 10 gigabytes of free space. Freeing up more space makes no difference to the speed of your computer. You can manually delete unnecessary files, but you can also use ‘Clean up disk’:

Windows 10.

In the search bar, search for ‘Clean up disk’ and open the program

Select the disk you want to clean up

Select the data you want to clean

Click on ‘Clean up system files’

Windows 8/8.1.

Go to the search function.

Search for “clean”.

Clean disk by removing unnecessary files.

4. Delete your temporary files.

With a program like CCleaner and many other programs, you can clean up the temporary files, the Windows registry, and other unnecessary files on your computer. This frees up extra space on your computer and can also speed up your PC. Only delete files that you are sure you can delete. Please note that if you delete the cookies from your internet browser, this may require you to log in to some websites again. Before using a cleanup program be sure to check its reviews first and check very well that it’s not outdated. In other words that it’s regularly updated. Of course you should use the latest version only.

5. Restart your computer regularly.

A simple way to speed up your computer is to restart regularly. This will clean up the memory and close all open apps. Restarting also ensures that some updates can be completed.

6. Install updates.

Speaking of updates, make sure you keep Windows up to date. The same goes for the programs you use. Updates not only provide more security or new features, but they can also make programs run more smoothly.

7. Run demanding programs at night.

A virus scanner helps to keep your computer safe, but it also ensures that you get a slow computer. To prevent this, it is best to turn on your virus scanner at night so that you do not suffer from it. Most virus scanners allow you to schedule the day and time at which the computer is scanned. Other heavy processes, such as transferring large files, are also best done at a time when you do not need the computer yourself so you can prevent a slow running computer.

8. Install an ad blocker.

Ads can make websites load a lot slower. With an ad blocker you block ads so that you can surf more quietly and load pages faster. A popular ad blocker is Ad Block but there are more. Again, only use the latest version and that one shouldn’t be old!

9. Turn off economy mode.

If you use a laptop, you prefer to use your battery as long as possible. That is why there is energy saving built into Windows. This allows you to set whether you increase the performance of the computer or extend the battery life. You can adjust the computer less economically, to speed up your computer, but your battery will be empty faster. You can do this as follows in

Windows 10, 8 and 8.1:

Click in the start menu to go to settings

Click Power Management (System)

Go to Additional schedules

Select High performance

10. Replace parts.

If the above nine tips don’t help you enough and your computer is still running slow, you can choose to upgrade the hardware, provided your computer is not too old. If you are experienced, you can replace parts of your computer yourself. You can of course also choose to have this done in a store.

First of all, you can expand the working memory. According to experts, your computer needs at least 4 gigabytes of RAM. Programs run more smoothly with more RAM. Replacing your hard drive can also increase the speed of your computer. That old-fashioned rotating magnetic disk is the element that slows down the entire system in many modern computers. If you replace it with a so-called Solid State Drive (SSD), you have a memory chip instead. This will make your computer significantly faster.

Why is my computer so slow? Do I need a new computer?

You now know how to speed up your PC. However, it may be that your computer is running slow because it’s no longer of the caliber you need today. In that case it might be time to start looking for a new device. If you need more help you can also read this excellent article written by Michael Barr, Customer Support Lead at CCleaner. Good luck!

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