Why is Facebook so slow in 2020?

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Facebook: Who doesn’t know the name by now? But what is Facebook anyway? How does this social networking site work and who are its users? And, most importantly, why is Facebook so slow? Read more about Facebook in this article.

What is Facebook, how does it work and why is it so slow in 2020?

Facebook is all about one thing: communicating. And that is generally a slow process. This is because the website is not well designed in the sense that the designers have made things far too complicated. Marc Zuckerberg initially launched the site in 2004 to allow Harvard University students in the United States to communicate with each other. Later it also became available to other schools and since 2006 the site has been open to everyone. Facebook is a social networking site. People used to go to a party or cafe to network and make new social contacts. Nowadays this is partly via the internet. Facebook has approximately 1.69 billion users around the world.

Create profile

Everyone of thirteen years or older can create a profile on Facebook for free. That is, so to speak, your ”own” page. On your profile you enter what your name is, how old you are, where you go to school or work, what hobbies you have, whether you are married and many other things about your life. You can put a photo of yourself on your profile, and in your digital photo albums you can even place entire collections of photos. This little detail already indicates that FaceBook developers have no idea how to design a website in a simple and practical way that is easy to understand and to use. Further you can look up the profile of friends, family and acquaintances on Facebook, and add these people as “friend”. This way they can view your profile and they are kept informed of new developments on your profile. You will also be immediately informed of new developments on their profile. By placing photos, videos and messages on the profile of yourself or others you stay in contact with each other. Through the site you can search for people with similar interests and you can even play games with it which also makes FaceBook slower than it should be.

Features of Facebook

  • Add friend: you as a Facebook user can search for people you know by typing their name in the search bar. If these people have created a Facebook profile, just like you, you can add them as friend by clicking on a button. People can also visit your profile and add you as friend. You will need to approve this friend request before they are actually added to your Facebook friend list.
  • Chat: if people are in your Facebook friends list, you can also ‘chat’ with them. Chat is actually having a live conversation via the computer. The people who are ”online” can be seen on the right side of your screen with a green dot near their names. This chat integration on the same page is one of the causes of FaceBook’s slowness. When you click on a name, a small screen appears with a bar where you can type your message. When you chat with people, they usually respond immediately. Merging a numerous number of different options on the same page gives a messy impression and is also one of the reasons why the Social Media website is often very slow. Smarter website designers will never do this and divide the different options between different pages.
  • Groups: You can also be added to a Facebook Group, or create one yourself. Groups get their own page, where group members can post messages and comments about a topic that they have in common. Any member of Facebook can be added to a group. There are many complaints about the fact that you can be added to groups by others without knowing this. This is considered by many experts and members as a major privacy violation, but Facebook is not concerned about this at all.
  • The ”like” button: there is a like button below every message and photo. The clickable button simply looks like the word “like”. By ”liking” a message or photo you indicate that you like that message or photo. The person who posted the message or photo on Facebook can also see that you have ‘liked’ the item.

Advantages of Facebook

Facebook is a great way to make new contacts or exchange messages or photos with friends, family or acquaintances. Your updates are seen and distributed almost immediately. The photos of your newborn baby or the announcement that you are getting married will reach a lot of others within seconds. Another advantage of Facebook is that it is the ideal way to find old friends from the past and to contact them. People you may not have seen in years. Firstly, they are easy to find via social networking sites, and secondly, the step to make contact via the Internet is easier than, for example, sending an email, making a call, chat or visiting the person’s house.

Disadvantages of Facebook

Then the disadvantages of Facebook. A few have already been mentioned above, but there is more. For example, you have to be careful what you put on your profile, because everything that is posted on the internet remains stored somewhere. You can delete a message or photo, but people with knowledge of computers can find everything. It is also not convenient to post very personal messages on Facebook, for example about illnesses, depression or experiences with justice. Later employers can find this information and that can easily cost you the chance of a job if you have applied for it. Last but not least there are many users with complaints about the fact that FaceBook has created a very slow loading and complicated online presence that makes it difficult to work with.

Why is Facebook so slow?

Let’s talk a bit more about the slow loading of FaceBook’s website. A few reasons have already been mentioned above. Personally I suspect that Marc Zuckerberg is a person who has hundreds of cabinets and cupboards with drawers in his house. There are different things in all those drawers. The cabinets and cupboards are subdivided into many different categories such as cleaning products, health products, household appliances, photo albums and so much more. Can you imagine that? A house with hundreds of cabinets and cupboards? And all those drawers have a label so that you know what’s inside. Well, that’s similar to FaceBook’s website. In other words, the website has become a chaos and that chaos is getting bigger because more and more new features are being added each and every year. I hope you understand now why FaceBook is slow. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to comment!

13 thoughts on “Why is Facebook so slow in 2020?”

  1. It takes up to 5 minutes to load, post or refresh with multiple messages of “Page not responsive”.
    It’s fine on my (old) phone where I use the Lite version, except that there are many things I can’t do.

  2. The new Facebook is virtually unusable. I know it’s the new Facebook, as when they still allowed you to access the old FB, I would use that and it worked just fine. Toggling back and forth between the two made it painfully clear what the problem is. You can clear the cache, and that literally only helps for a few minutes. I use a laptop to access it. The screen pops up with the message “This webpage is using excessive amounts of power, you may improve the response of your Mac by closing it” (Not verbatim, but pretty close.) It’s only the new FB that this happens on, plus the fan on the laptop runs almost continually as it gets HOT. Again, only on FB. It’s not even remotely enjoyable anymore.

    • I’ve been experiencing the very same problem too. It is not a browser issue, nor is it an OS issue, the New Facebook is simply slow, glitchy and full of bugs. I have tried it on Mac OS and Windows 10 OS, same results. I’ve tried it on Firefox, then Chrome, then Safari, then Opera then Edge, again, the same clumsy and slow results. The laptops I’ve used have good specs. I have reported it many times to FB, alas to no avail. When the option was still available to revert back to the Old FB, the difference was instant and by far better. I have a Fiber Optics connection which is very fast by any standards, apart of FB, all other websites open and run perfectly well and fast. My being an IT person for decades, I have come to the conclusion that the new FB is way too heavy on resources and drains your computer to the point where it finally comes to the situation when you could need to force restart your PC or laptop. Please note that on phones it works fine. I believe that FB may now need to address this issue urgently as the experience is dampening the desire to stay long on FB. And yes indeed, the fan keeps running all the time.

  3. Myself and a few friends have quit facebook becuase of this. It’s just too frustrating to deal with these loading times. We don’t buy expentive computers to deal with loading times like this. Feels like 1995 speeds. I’m suprised this version got released.

  4. Incredibly, insufferably slow! I don’t see even one improvement over the old version…. unless you are after very slow response times!

    Running it on Chrome, Windows 10, notebook. Lousy. And, of course, reporting it just gets a generic “thanks for helping make Facebook better for everyone” response.

  5. Why is it the previous version of FB loaded my page feed fine, whereas the new version stalls after loading only a small portion of my history? I kept reverting to the old version as long as I could but, now we have no choice ! Its a shame, with all its faults, I had learnt how to live with FB and enjoyed the experience. Unfortunately, with the slow loading of old content (or it just stalls), my user experience has reached an all-time-low. Does anyone know have any idea what FB is currently doing – or is this it ?

  6. I think the slowness of Facebook has more to do with their new front end design, it seems to be built using React, and they did a shitty job coding it obviously. I have ran into a bunch of issues with speed, likes not being counted, tagging people in the post is impossible since the update and a bunch of other issues that I fail to comprehend. Hopefully Facebook will get the crowbar out of their anus and fix the crap, but based on my experience with them, that won’t happen any time soon. Instead, they will opt to do what they do best. Blame the customers for their failures. I wonder how many people have installed new browsers, cleared their cache and registry, maybe even reformatted their systems, just because Facebook told them “Oh there’s nothing wrong with our page, it’s your computer or browser.” That’s Facebook’s typical stance when it comes to any kind of complaints. The customer is always at fault.

    • I agree the new Face Book is painfully slow. To my mind the old Face Book was very OK so why even change it ? FB I suppose is like the big businesses ( but a giant big one ) who have permanent design teams and have to justify their salary. Like designing new motor car models each year. What for, except it is good for business? Change for changes sake. What would be nice is to see a response from Face Book when reporting a problem and not just a generic impersonal acknowledgement receipt.


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