What is VPS?

Short explanation.

What is VPS?

VPS is the abbreviation for Virtual Private Server. The words say it all: you have your own web hosting server, but it is virtual and not physical. More in detail it means that you own or rent a component in a large physical web server but your component is completely separated from others using the same web server. This means that you can never be affected if something goes wrong with one of the other users.

What is VPS hosting?

VPS hosting is a web hosting account that is connected to a virtual private web server. Because it is virtual, it is much cheaper than dedicated hosting. With dedicated hosting you manage your own physical web server in a data center, while with VPS you have control over a virtual web server that is located in a web hosting account.

What is the best VPS hosting provider in 2021?

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Long explanation.

Virtual private web servers explained.

The abbreviation VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. The basis of a VPS is a heavy physical server with a lot of CPU power, memory and SSD hard drives. Multiple virtual servers can be created on this physical server. Multiple VPS’s therefore use the power of a physical server. VPS hosting is therefore also easy to upgrade.

For example, if you need more memory, CPU or storage space, this is no problem at all. It is possible to install a Linux or Windows operating system on a VPS. You also have the option of console access and can develop a private network for free.

What is VPS hosting and what are its features?

Full control

VPS hosting is a web hosting account with which you have full and fully independent control over a part in a large web hosting server. You can determine your own package in terms of storage and options. By ordering a control panel such as Hepsia or cPanel or DirectAdmin or Plesk the hosting can easily be arranged. This ensures that there is just as much flexibility with a VPS as with dedicated web hosting, but at a lower price.


VPS hosting has the advantage that it is scalable. Unlike a physical server, it is possible with a VPS to easily and quickly expand the capacity of, for example, memory or storage in a VPS hosting account.

Cost reduction

When you buy a physical dedicated server, the investments are much higher. With VPS web hosting you use a large central server with a huge capacity. Investments are therefore lower for the same capacity.


A VPS also stands for independence. With shared web hosting you share the web server with other customers. With VPS hosting you have your own server and own IP address.

Disadvantages of VPS website hosting

Maintenance under own management

You manage the maintenance of a VPS yourself so you have to ensure that you do the server updates and that software versions remain up to date.

Costs higher than shared web hosting

In general the costs for VPS web hosting are higher than for a shared web hosting package.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is VPS?

The abbreviation VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, a VPS runs on a large physical server of which a small part is yours. This small piece of space (your VPS) gives you great possibilities. You can choose your own OS and install the necessary software at own discretion.

What is a private VLAN for my VPS?

A private VLAN is an internal network between different VPS’s. You can in fact connect the VPS’s to each other. For example, you can use a server for your files and another web server for the database. The servers can then communicate with each other internally. It’s also possible to make a physical separation between data this way.

How long will the snapshot remain for my VPS?

You can choose to keep your snapshot for a day or a week.

Which operating systems can I run on my VPS?

Choices are a Windows Server or the Linux distributions Ubuntu, CentOS and Debian. A control panel can also be used on these servers.

Who is VPS an option for?

VPS is an ideal option for small and medium businesses that do not want to have high investment costs in physical hardware. A VPS also enables web masters to install additional software. Do you work on complex websites with a reasonable number of visitors or is there an online store that is getting bigger and bigger? In contrast to regular web hosting, a VPS offers many more options. When you build a web shop, you will find out that with a VPS it’s possible to supplement technical functions in no time. If you hire a web builder to create a website or web shop, it can be an advantage to order VPS hosting. For example, the web builder can immediately start working on the hosting environment to create a database or install a specific application. This has the advantage that you can save on the number of working hours. I hope this article answered your questions what is VPS and what’s VPS hosting. Good luck with your virtual private server!