Difference between copywriting and content writing?

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Text on your website usually translates to the goal you have in mind for your online presence. A website selling products or services will use words and text that stimulate sales. An informative website keeps it businesslike and the content of blogs is either formal, informal, businesslike, private or everything in between.

Of course you can write text yourself, but you can also choose to look for a writer to do that for you. You will undoubtedly come across all kinds of terms wondering what kind of copywriter you are actually looking for. In this article, we look at the difference between copywriting and content writing and where to find the best talents.

Those looking for an online writer can choose from a range of copywriting services, content writers and bloggers. But what does each type of writer actually offer you?

Content writers.

Content writers write content, that should be clear. The term ‘content writing’ stems from the enormous demand for content writers for online media, such as websites and social media. After all, a text for a website is different from writing text for a children’s book.

Content writers often have their own specialism, for example

  • Humorous lyrics
  • Informative texts
  • Scenarios
  • Songs
  • Novels, comics, poems
  • Advertisements

For websites, there are content writers who, in addition to their specialism, have further studied writing for websites. When writing, they also research how that text can contribute to a good findability of a website in search engines.

If you want your website to be found well in search engines and this is not a commercial purpose, you will look for a SEO content writer.


A copywriter is a writer who specializes in writing commercial text. He or she creates content with the aim of persuading the reader to do something or to buy something.

Banners, advertorials, landing pages, newsletters, flyers, advertisements and commercial websites are examples of work by copywriters.

Copywriters who mainly focus on writing online content also ensure that their text contributes to a good ranking in the search engines.

If you want your website to be found online easily and the content has a commercial purpose, you should preferably look for a SEO copywriter.


Bloggers are also copywriters, but they feel less compelled to follow established rules. The layout of blogs is different and the sentence structure often deviates. What bloggers have in common is that they want to distinguish themselves from other bloggers.

The information provided by bloggers can be just as valuable as documents written by copywriters. A blogger is characterized by sharing his or her own experiences.

A smart blogger will definitely wonder how he or she can give his posts higher rankings in Google and will research how to do this. This smart blogger is also a copy writer and he or she will often subtly wrap a piece of marketing in the text.

Are you looking for someone who has a recognizable writing style, knows how to rank articles high in Google and who can also present products and services in a subtle way, then you are looking for a SEO blogger.

Where can you find a copywriter or content writer?

Before actively looking for an online writer, ask yourself what kind of writer you are looking for. Once that question has been answered, you know what to look for in your search.

That search often starts on Google and there you will often come across websites of text agencies/brokers and websites of individual professional writers.

Individual writers.

Anyone can write, so calling yourself a writer is easy! There is good money to be made with writing and the market is therefore littered with individuals who want to get a piece of the pie.

Having their own website on which writers offer their talent is a first indication that you are dealing with a serious author. He sells himself on the site and a good copywriter or content writer will certainly be able to distinguish himself immediately.

If you end up on a website where, after reading some text, you think: ‘Gosh, how well written!’, I would certainly contact the owner and see if the same writing style can be found in the writer’s reaction or portfolio.

Text agencies or brokers.

You can look for an all-round writer by visiting text broker sites. These agencies often have a large stock of writers, each with their own specializations. You can become a member of these websites for a small fee. The guarantee is that you can automatically find the better authors because writers with lesser qualities are generally rejected.

Freelancer and similar sites.

On these websites you will find a wide range of online writers. The advantage here is that you are offered a little bit of warranty, because some of these sites actively check the background of the author in question. That won’t say much about the final work he or she delivers, but it does protect you somewhat against people you shouldn’t hire.


Some people like basketball and others prefer to write a nice story. The USA has plenty of talent running around and it’s well worth checking out if you can’t just find a good hobbyist with writing talent. Many hobbyists offer their arts as a writer on marketplaces. Rates vary widely and usually the price can be negotiated.

Also be sure to look around! There may be someone in your circle of friends or family who excels at writing, you never know.

If you have found a good hobbyist, you can choose to have his or her end product to be edited by a professional. After all, in most cases, you have saved yourself some money which would make it easier to pay the aforementioned professional.

Buy ready made articles.

Last but not least we mention the option to buy complete articles. There’s a lot of interesting work on the internet that, for one reason or another, has never been published. Often these articles are cheap and fully optimized for the search engines. There aren’t much sites offering this but the website you are visiting at this very moment, does. You can find a special offer on our home page. That’s where you’ll find a search box to find good articles or you can also visit the browse articles page.

Fake online writers.

As said before, there are enough of them and they can definitely do more damage than you would suspect. Aside from the fact that they often don’t know much about writing, they don’t take rules seriously, for example by:

  • Providing you with content from other websites, which can lead to a ban by Google;
  • Copying and pasting content from other sites and subsequently spin it. Spinning means that pieces of original text are changed or moved to different positions, making the content look different but, in reality, it’s the same content. Spinning is often done with the help of automatic software. This can also give you a Google ban;
  • Outsourcing the assignment to a professional writer and then present you with a high bill.
  • Translate text from another language. This will not harm your Google positions, but is of course not neat and in addition, there are many poorly translated articles.

What to look for when choosing a writer?

Those who call themselves copywriters or content writers should have a website, a portfolio, be able to show references, while they usually also followed some training during which specific writing skills were practiced.


After reading this article you finally know the difference between copywriting and content writing. As a bonus we have explained how and where you’ll be able to find the best talents. If you’re lucky you can find a great author in your own circle or in one of the many online marketplaces. Otherwise you could visit text broker or freelancer sites. However, we think that the best option is to find websites owned by writers. The fact that the author has his or her own online presence is a good indication that you are dealing with a real professional. The problem however is that these sites are difficult to find. Search for list of copywriter websites in Google and most of the search results appear to be irrelevant. The best solution to this is to check out text broker (text agency, content provider) websites and see what authors have their own site. Last but not least, if you would like to know more about the different kinds of online writers you can also read this excellent article.



Good luck!

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