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Finding a new hosting company can be quite frustrating: online you will find good and bad reviews, you never know exactly what a hosting company will do for you, and you may not have enough technical knowledge to understand if they offer enough for your website. You spend hours on the internet figuring out which is the best host, but you don’t get much wiser from all that information. This article explains what is good WordPress web hosting.

I now have 10 years of experience with various hosting providers. It always lasted several days to select the most suitable company only to find out later that it was a wrong choice. Because of this, I know very well what is important when choosing a hosting company. Since I only work with WordPress (it’s the most user-friendly program to create websites) this article is only about websites that are built with WP.

What do I need for hosting a website?

If you want a reasonably comfortable hosting package for a simple website, you need the following:

  • Minimum 500 MB of space (1 GB if you really want to show hundreds of large images)
  • Unlimited data traffic (is the standard everywhere nowadays)
  • MySQL database
  • Email addresses and possibly web mail (but I advise you to receive and send email via your own mail client or purchase Google Suite)
  • A WordPress installer (with 1 click you can create a site, is standard everywhere nowadays)
  • Automatic backups for files and databases
  • Support for the latest versions of PHP and MySQL
  • Free customer service by phone, email, ticketing system, and live chat (preferably all of them).
  • DNS management (this is fairly technical and often you don’t use this, but if your hosting provider doesn’t give you full control over this, it might cause a problem later on.)

Choose accessible and friendly hosting

No matter how good your hosting company is, you’re guaranteed to need help or run into problems sometime. I was always looking for problem-free hosting companies, but I help you out of the dream: they don’t exist.

Therefore, one of the most important features of a web hosting company is that they are easy to reach and happy to help you with problems, preferably via Live Chat, email, ticketing system, and by phone. This should of course be completely free, and you shouldn’t have to wait too long.

Friendliness and accessibility prove difficult for many website hosting companies

Friendliness, accessibility and knowledge prove difficult for many hosting services: I have spent years with Blue Host (a large and cheap host for my many websites) and I regularly pulled my hair out of my head when I had to wait 30 minutes or longer with a simple question and subsequently the employee went out of his way to avoid answering my question.

In the past I sent many of my customers to Go Daddy because they had good prices and great packages for simple websites, but that company grew so quickly that they became less and less accessible while the knowledge level of its technical support representatives reached below zero. Most of these “employees” are located abroad. I have put employees between quotes because actually it are independent contractors receiving low payment according to local standards.

Costs for website hosting and domain name.

Nowadays you can get website hosting from 50 cents a month, but in the case of web hosting, cheap is often expensive. You also pay for good customer service, little downtime and useful features. You don’t need that much for a simple website: 500MB of space is more than enough for most sites with 5-20 pages, and if you don’t expect a lot of visitors, the bandwidth is fine everywhere. From $10 a month, you’ll find packages that are better.

Cheap is expensive, but from $10 a month you can find a great web host.

A domain name costs on average between $5 and $12 per year. Those aren’t the big costs, and for a website to work properly it doesn’t really matter which company registered your domain name. But of course you prefer to have your domain name together with your hosting package, so don’t pay too much attention to the costs for a domain name.

WordPress website hosting

For a WordPress website, it is useful if your hosting service understands WordPress and also gives you support for it when your website is not working properly or you get strange error messages.

What is also very nice for a WordPress site are automatic updates, daily backups, always updated security, caching and CDN (content delivery network) for fast websites. You probably won’t find this at cheap shared hosting companies, but, believe me, it can save a lot of time and effort.

WordPress Managed Hosting is a fantastic solution for this. You pay a little more per month, but you no longer have to worry if everything is going well or about updating the security of your site to prevent it from being hacked. With managed website hosting everything will be taken care of by experts so you can focus on sales only.

I have spent many evenings solving technical problems with cheap packages, while I always have a solution within a few minutes through the support team of my WordPress managed hosting package.

On an average good WordPress hosting packages range from $8 to $30 a month.

Which WP hosting company is the best?

Which WP web hosting company is the very best? I can’t give a 100% correct answer to that, because I have not tested all companies, and I do not know exactly what you are looking for neither what your budget is. Fortunately, I can save you some time and tell you about my personal experience:

In 2015 I fell in love with Linux Hosts Inc. I came across them at a WordPress conference, where all WordPress experts gather to discuss this beautiful open-source system. And from the first moment I was enthusiastic about this young company. They are now well known in the WordPress world and offer the best customer service, technical support and infrastructure in the hosting business. Oddly enough, Linux Hosts Inc. is not yet recommended by WordPress as a good hosting company. I have asked WP why and never received an answer.

At Blue Host I went mad with frustration after 1 minute of talking to support, but at Linux Hosts Inc. it is a pleasure to ask for advice or help via Live Chat Support. I am assisted in 30 seconds by helpful people who are polite as well, and there is always a good solution at hand within the shortest possible time.

Geeky technical gadgets.

Linux Hosts Inc. also has all the technical gadgets that make you, as a website builder, really happy. After moving all my websites (tens of them), which they do for you at no cost with the paid packages, my websites were more than twice as fast. The sites are also always doing well in terms of uptime and it’s all easy to maintain. Their servers are all over the world so you can choose your own data center located near to your (potential) customers. They do everything to make your website faster and safer. With the push of a button you have an SSL certificate (the green lock with HTTPS), caching for a fast site, a one push of a button WordPress installation, automatic updates, free email and excellent support. This makes creating a new website easy and fun for beginners too!

Linux Hosts Inc: I think it’s the best hosting company

My advice for a good and cheap WP hosting company that understands its business well is Linux Hosts Inc. Starting at $5.83 per month you already have a great package for a basic website. In addition, they offer a free trial for 30 days. So in the beginning it costs nothing. After that one month period you also have a 30 day Money Back Guarantee. In other words, you can try them risk free for 2 months!

See the costs of a website as an investment, what you put in you get out of it!

Which package is the best?

If you have a website with only 1 domain name that needs to be hosted, the Starter plan is sufficient. If you need more domain names, a larger package is better. With the packages Business ($ 6.67 per month and 5 hosted domains) and Corporate ($ 9.92 per month with unlimited hosted domains) you have more options at your disposal, such as more databases, more IP addresses and Varnish to name just a few. Finally, they also offer cheap but perfect VPS and dedicated plans. Fully managed packages are also offered by the company.

This blog is based on personal experience and written completely honestly. I host all my sites with Linux Hosts Inc. and also provide hosting for my customers through their reseller service (for over 8 years, also for large companies and universities). To be completely transparent: if you click on the link at the top of this article I earn a small amount. But the main purpose of this blog is to help you make a good choice. I keep this article up-to-date, so the information is always accurate. So on this page you will always find the answer to the question what is good wordpress web hosting

Good luck with your new WordPress website!

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