What is dedicated hosting?

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With dedicated hosting, a dedicated web server is assigned to the web hosting customer. Such a web server is a fully allocated hardware server that only runs your software that is not shared with third parties. This means that you have a complete hardware server at your disposal with your own processors, RAM memory and hard disks or SSD’s. This of course has many advantages, but also some disadvantages compared to, for example, your own VPS (Virtual Private Server) or perhaps even shared web hosting or shared reseller hosting.

What is dedicated hosting in a data center.

Depending on the requirements, a dedicated server is usually located in a data center. You can read more about data centers here. A dedicated server has the task of being physically available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for maintenance and repairs, so that a website is never offline. A data center is equipped with emergency power and has many glass fibers in the building, which creates a lot of redundancy and ensures that the dedicated web server remains supplied with power and internet connectivity in the event of an emergency. As a result, the server will usually be able to perform the task of running 24 hours a day without any problems even if the power goes out.

Advantages and disadvantages of dedicated hosting.


  • Much more computing power at your disposal than with shared hosting or your own VPS.
  • No nuisance from other users on the dedicated server. There are no other users. The server is 100% dedicated to you and your website (s).
  • No potential security risks from poorly built software from others on the dedicated server for the same reasons as mentioned above.
  • Higher availability through better redundancy. With important computer systems such as servers, some components are redundant so that if one component fails, another component takes over or continues the tasks. There are servers where all components are duplicated and any component can fail without serious consequences. The server itself can also be implemented redundantly. An example of redundancy in computer components is a RAID, which compensates for the failure of a hard disk by storing data on multiple disks. With such systems, the disk controller and power supply are often also redundant.
  • Lower TTFB (Time To First Byte) by setting custom caches. TTFB is a metric that measures the response time from the HTTP request to the first byte received from the web server. Here, the lower the response time, the better it is. A low TTFB is therefore what you want to see as a website owner because visitors don’t have to wait long for your site to load.


  • More expensive than shared hosting or your own VPS.
  • Faster and more complicated hardware means replacing more parts.
  • Less good for the environment (less environmentally efficient than a VPS).

When to choose dedicated hosting?

Choosing to go for dedicated hosting is often based on some important details. Suppose you run a website for your football team and it has several tens of visitors per month and no income. Then shared hosting or a small VPS is fine for you in this case. After all, your website does not have top priority and does not have high revenues.

However, in case you run a web store that has good earnings, a dedicated server can become interesting. After all, you achieve a higher performance for your online store because you have more processing power and the server does not share anything with others and you can set custom caches. As a result, your search results in Google will improve, which can generate more revenue. The experience of the visitor / customer is also more pleasant, they don’t have to wait long before your site completely appears in the browser and this will usually result in a higher conversion rate. Last but not least the security. You do not share the server with third parties, so suppose a website hosting rogue content, cannot give the IP address you share with others, a bad name or affect your rankings in the search results.


Okay, the question “what is dedicated hosting?” has now been answered. But even now, a choice for dedicated hosting is not simply made and you really have to make a comparison with VPS (Virtual Private Server) first before making a decision about this.

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