What is a social media marketing agency?

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How do you start a social media marketing agency in 2020 and what is it?

E-commerce, drop shipping, affiliate marketing and social media marketing. These are business models that can make you good money and that you can start from any corner of the world. I have already explained the previously mentioned business models in other articles. So today the question remains ‘what is a social media marketing agency?‘. You will learn that and you’ll also know how to start an SMMA. No more excuses and making money is what you can do IMMEDIATELY when you have finished reading this article.

Table of contents.

  • Is This Business Model Right For You?
  • What Is A Social Media Marketing Agency?
  • What Do You Earn With A Social Media Marketing Agency?
  • How Do I Advertise With A Social Media Marketing Agency?
  • Organize Meetings
  • What now?
  • I want help getting my SMMA started.

Is This Business Model Right For You?

Before we continue with the question ‘what is a social media marketing agency’, I think it is important to determine whether this work is for you or not. I am going to ask you some questions below. You must answer these questions honestly, otherwise you will not only fool me, but also yourself.

  • Are you an entrepreneur? Consider if you have always been enterprising. Washing cars for money, selling things on the market and so on. If you have not done this and you think you are not an entrepreneur, this is not a positive signal. However, I believe you can become an entrepreneur so don’t give up yet.
  • Do you want to work independently? With a Social Media Marketing Agency you can work from anywhere you want. You only need a laptop with an internet connection. But remember, especially in the beginning there are no colleagues, there’s no advisor, and feedback is not possible. So, at the start you’ll be all alone which means that you must really be able to work independently. Is that for you?
  • Are you willing to work hard? Many people think it is a breeze. If so, everyone would have done it, right? Many “gurus” make it seem like it’s very easy, but you don’t see all the work they had to do to get where they are now. You will have to work hard every day, especially during the first few months.
  • Are you interested in self-development? Probably yes, because what you are doing now is also a kind of self-development. It is important that you continue to develop yourself on a business and spiritual level. By this I mean your mindset and your state of rest. Super important for success.
  • Are you social and can you sell? It is important with an SMMA that you have good social skills and know how to sell. If you don’t have this, an SMMA is going to be very difficult. You have to start selling yourself to companies. Why do they have to work with you, etc. You can easily practice this through a course, for example.
  • Can you handle a lot of money? I hear you thinking now, of course! But no, many people cannot handle money. If you are an independent entrepreneur, you have to arrange everything yourself. Tax, retirement, savings and so on. Make sure you understand this. It doesn’t have to be 100% okay from the very start, but it certainly does if you are going to earn good money.

Move before you are ready.

One of my favorite quotes is written above. By starting before you are ready you will learn a lot. The perfect moment never comes, so the perfect moment is now. But I definitely advise you to follow an SMMA training first to orient yourself properly.

What Is A Social Media Marketing Agency?

You should now have determined for yourself whether this is for you or not. So now we can finally move on to the question ‘what is a social media marketing agency’. A Social Media Marketing Agency, also called SMMA, is an online marketing company that helps other companies with their marketing. As the owner of an SMMA, you look for customers who you can help grow their business. These clients could be your local gym or dog grooming service, for example. When you have found a company that needs help with Social Media Marketing, approach the them. Call them to make an appointment or just visit them. But it is important to really schedule an official appointment so that every important person is available at that time. During this appointment you tell what you can help them with and what they can expect. For example, 20 extra members per month for the gym. If they are positive about your presentation and they want to work with you, you can negotiate the price. This brings us to the next topic.

What Do You Earn With A Social Media Marketing Agency?

It is very important to think in advance about what price you are going to ask. You are not experienced yet, so you cannot base your prices on anything. So what you will do is determine a minimum price for yourself. Always assume a monthly price, so you have a fixed amount per month and you have no unexpected surprises. Can you help the company get a turnover increase of $ 2,000 a month? Then they are really willing to pay you $ 750 a month. Push the limits and see what is possible. Make good agreements about the rest of the months if you generate more turnover, etc. You can also agree on a percentage of the amount you earn for the company. Always make sure you put everything on paper and have it signed by the company. This also prevents unpleasant surprises. So unfortunately I can’t tell you what you can earn with an SMMA. It is entirely up to you. You can easily help 5 companies at the same time. 5 x 750 is $ 3,750 per month. But of course it all depends on what the companies are willing to pay you.

TIP: Find companies that are not yet or hardly active on the internet. These often find it too much work to learn it and they also do not understand how internet works. These owners are often older people. You can find them by, for example, reading local business advertisements in newspapers. Who still reads newspapers? Do you? I don’t. You can help them with really good online marketing and these ignorant business owners will be happy with the results!

How Do I Advertise With A Social Media Marketing Agency?

If you have an SMMA then you have to run ads for the companies you are going to help. These ads are you going to run on, surprise, social media! The most used and most effective form of advertising on the internet is via Facebook. If you advertise on Facebook, you can also place the same advertisements on Instagram. And you can fully adjust the ads on target group, location, interests, etc. Very focused and high conversion rates.

Organize Meetings.

You are now busy running the advertisements. The companies you run the ads for are of course curious about your results. After all, they don’t pay you for nothing. To maintain good contact and to keep the companies informed, I advise you to organize meetings. This doesn’t have to be often at all. 1x every 3 months for example. However, at the beginning it is good for both parties to do it once a month. NOTE: Meetings can also be done online!

What now?

You have found your customers (companies) and are running the Facebook ads for them. You can do this in 1 to 2 hours a day. The rest of the time is to develop yourself and start doing what you like. Enjoy the spare time, you have created for yourself! If you can handle more work, you can approach more companies. You can even hire people to do this for you. This way you can start building a real company. This obviously takes longer and cost more than helping a number of customers yourself. On the other hand, you will earn a lot more!

I want help getting my SMMA started!

Hopefully you have now found the answer to the question what is a social media marketing agency and how can I start it? If not, it can be very helpful to ask for help when starting an SMMA. Visit this website to find the best Social Media Marketing Agency Course.

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