What are good domain names?

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Thinking about your domain name? Need expert help? Well, here it is! In this new guide you can expect the following questions to be answered:

  1. The most important question of all that probably brought you to this website: What are good domain names?
  2. Do I need a domain name with keywords/description or with my company or personal name?
  3. Help, my domain name has been stolen or is already in use! What to do
  4. Should I register additional domain names or not?

1. Act now: don’t think, buy a domain name.

The most important tip: register your company name as domain name immediately if available and for a reasonable price on the website of a well-known and reliable registrar or web hosting company. If that succeeds, then you have at least secured your company name online.

Domain name already claimed?

It happens regularly that people discover just after the establishment of their company that someone has already registered the company name. However, the advice is to reverse this process: first register your domain name and then start your company. That way you can prevent someone from misusing leaked information regarding the establishment of your company. An example: The “thief” receives information from a friend about the name you used to set up your company and subsequently immediately registers your domain name. Your domain name is then offered for sale at an exorbitant price. And this is more common than you think.

You don’t have to search long for the best registrar or the lowest price. You also do not need to know where you will host your site or who will build your website. Of course it would be great if you are dealing, right from the start, with the best companies. However, more important is the fact that you claim your name as quick as possible.

It may cost only a small amount per year. And later you can always transfer your domain if that is convenient.

2. Domain name with description/keywords or brand name?

Option a – company name as domain name:


  • Reliable and professional looking.
  • Your existing customers can find you quickly online.
  • You can measure customer brand awareness easily.
  • Promising leads (in combination with smart search terms) on your website)
  • Google Reviews will be connected to your brand name.

Option b – description or keywords in the domain name:


  • Easy to remember.
  • Less chance of typing errors.
  • Shows authority and independence.
  • Good conversion rates.

What are good domain names?

The advice is often to use the name of your company or, if applicable, your own name as a domain name. That is most recognizable for your customers and beneficial for customer brand awareness. Also, Google values ​​websites with search terms in the URL no longer as high as used to be.

On the contrary, it can cause Google penalties if it looks like keyword spamming because the URL contains too many keywords.

Search engine optimization

It is precisely the combination of your company name and good SEO content with the most important search terms that you use to get higher in Google’s rankings. So make sure you include important keywords and your location in your site’s title, headlines and page descriptions.

Tip! You can also think of a domain name with your company name + a description. Only do this if it provides a legible, easy to remember name. Such as johnsusedcars.com.

Thinking of a company name: instantly Google-proof

It is of course possible that your company name is a description. For example: areyouastarter.com (company name: Are You A Starter LLC) is a descriptive sentence that immediately indicates that your website gives advice to starting entrepreneurs.

So, if you are still in the process of thinking about a company name, you can consider a similar domain name as well. This is useful for your domain name. But of course: don’t choose the name too generically, because your competitors use those search terms too. And it is more difficult to protect such a brand name.

3. Do you have to buy extensions such as .net or .info or .us?

The extension .com inspires confidence. You tell your website visitors and search engines that you have a site with the most popular extension. In addition to the .com extension, many companies also register .net . This is definitely recommended if you want some more protection for your domain. And .org is an important extension for non-profit organizations.

Make a strong start.

Trademark law or trade name infringement

It is usually not necessary to purchase/register other extensions, such as .tv or .now. Of course there is a chance that someone will claim these extensions with your company name.

But: he or she cannot just focus on your customers with a similar product or service. This quickly infringes trademark or trade name laws.

4. Help, my domain name has been stolen or is already in use

Is there another company that uses your intended domain name and also clearly wants to hitch a ride on your success? Then it might be a violation of your intellectual property.

This only applies if you can already claim rights, for example because your trade or brand name is protected. This does not always mean that you have to have expensive patents or registrations, but you must be able to show that you are operating under that name.

URL transfer of ownership.

First check if you can solve the problem with the owner of the URL. Sometimes you can take over the domain very easily and at a low price. Are you unable to do this and do you think that your rights are being infringed? Then look at the legal options to resolve the dispute.

Alternative URL?

Sometimes there is little you can do about it and you just have to look for an alternative name. Which alternative do you choose? Don’t go too fast for another extension, such as .nu or .tv. How many websites can you mention spontaneously that end in .nu or .tv? Exactly. A .com website is the most valuable and the most trustworthy, so first investigate options with that extension.

A hyphen in the name is undesirable, but this is sometimes the best option. And maybe you can make a variant of your company name and description. Such as richardsphotography.com. This can even be beneficial to you, because there is immediately at least one important search term in your domain name.

5. Protect and nurture your domain name

The most important option to get your domain name protected is to work hard and create an excellent business over time.

The better you can show that you operate under that name, the harder it becomes for other companies to misuse your name. This natural and automatic protection is included in the entire package of your trade name, your domain name and sometimes also the registration of your brand. By adding more and more relevant content, you make your brand strong and strong brands cannot easily be “attacked”.

6. Register extra domain names?

Some starters tend to buy a whole list of domain names with all kinds of extensions or variations on the domain name with typing errors. As stated, this is not necessary. Rather use your budget to register a nice extra name now and then.

For example for a blog, promotional site or future spin-off from your company. For example, consider a dietitian with a long existing product website who also starts a blog with a title such as everythingaboutdiabetes.com. Register the most promising names right away, so that you can start using your new ideas immediately.

7. The sale or cancellation of a domain name.

Does your company name change or are you going to stop? Don’t cancel your existing domain name too quickly. You often don’t get it back easily and it doesn’t cost you a lot of money just to hold on to it.

Okay, now you finally have all the information you need to answer the question “ What are good domain names? “. This will enable you to make the best possible start or your new company. Good luck!

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