Video: history of the Rolex Submariner.

Video: history of the Rolex Submariner.

There is no doubt that Rolex is a special watch brand. And we already knew that the different models are more than enough to tell interesting stories about. Think of Paul Newman’s Rolex Daytona: once spotted around the wrist of the actor and auctioned for a record amount years later.

The specific model that Paul Newman wore was even named after him. Not by Rolex itself, but today everyone knows what ‘Paul Newman Daytona’ means: the ref. 6239 of the iconic Cosmograph Daytona series with ‘exotic’ dial.

Another well-known model of Rolex is of course the Submariner. We usually place it in the ‘dive watch’ box, but the Submariner is so much more than that. And Hodinkee watch experts know like no other in Reference Points: Understanding The Rolex Submariner.

A video of 13 minutes and an accompanying article of 13,000 words. It was necessary to really dive deep into the matter of the Rolex Submariner. And, realize that they have set clear limits for this edition of Reference Points, because otherwise it would be even more.

They look in Reference Points: Understanding The Rolex Submariner ‘only’ to the vintage Submariners. Starting from the beginning: the first Submariner (ref. 6204) from 1953 to the last classic ref. 5513 Sub. The watches that are on the table all have a reference number consisting of four digits. The modern Submariners are saved for next time.

Which, incidentally, does not detract from this edition of Reference Points. In fact, with the development of the (now vintage) Submariners, Hodinkee explains how Rolex became the dominant player in the watch world that the brand is today.

The Submariner broadened the horizon of Rolex, which initially mainly produced dress watches and did not really participate when it came to sports watches. And although the Submariner has an unmistakable design, it was not always the same.

This can be seen in the first Sub (ref. 6204): the case is thinner, the crown is smaller and the hour hand is not yet provided with the ‘Mercedes logo’. Hodinkee takes you into the evolution of the Submariner and slowly but surely you see more and more changes. Although that did not go in one straight line. The first reference was provided with the name ‘Submariner’ on the dial, but it also disappeared in later editions.

You can check the video and the entire Reference Points about the Submariner from Hodinkee below. Take your time because it is quite a dive into Rolex ‘history.


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