Below are a few steps on how to move your blog to much better hosting in a few easy clicks! But, you can also start from scratch if you want which actually is the easiest way.

  • Important: The web address of this page is Please save this address on your device. Alternatively you can also bookmark this page.
  • Log in to your current .com account and EXPORT your files to your computer.
  • Join us for free on this page. No credit card or other payment information is required. You’ll love it! On the hosting sign up form you can also get yourself a new domain name from $2.50!
  • Your domain can have your own name, your company name or it can have keywords in it. All 3 choices have the same chance of ranking high in Google so that’s no problem at all.
  • We offer domains from only $2.50 a year. Unlike other companies all our customers get 100% full control over their own domains. This is a very important feature in case you need to change a domain setting later on.
  • If you already bought a domain elsewhere you should add it to your Hosted Domains section in your new hosting account with us.
  • Additionally point the domain that you bought elsewhere to the following name servers:

NS1: / and
NS2: / and
NS3: / and
NS4: /

You should be able to do this in the account where you bought the domain name.

  • Log in to your new .org hosting account (click the menu button on this page) and install WordPress with the click of a button. Now your new domain name is running on!
  • After that, install the plugin WP Import Export Lite and IMPORT ALL your files plus database from your computer. Again, you can also start from scratch if you want which is easier of course. By the way, talking about plugins, never install a plugin that hasn’t been updated for several months or longer. Also never install a plugin that has less than 4 stars. The same rules also apply to themes so be careful when you decide to change your default theme.
  • See how good your website + hosting perform and enjoy your 30 Day free trial!

PS: In the event anything went wrong with your website move during the Free Trial, our experienced Technical Support Team is ready to help. And, once you’re on a paid plan, our Migration Specialists can transfer your site(s) or blog(s) for free. So, you’re always covered! Good luck!

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