The best products to sell in 2020 and beyond.

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What are the best things to sell online?

Earning money online is becoming increasingly popular and more and more people are starting to sell through drop shipping sites or Affiliate Marketing. When they start they often run into the same question: what are the best products to sell in 2020 and beyond?

Maybe you are also planning to make money online and wonder how to get started. In this article we are going to talk about products that sell well and the opportunities it offers for you as an online seller or affiliate.

How do you find the best selling products online.

If you are looking for products that you want to sell, it is good to look for products that are not seasonal.

Examples of seasonal products are a scarf or sunscreen. In the winter, you could sell the scarf easily, and in the summer, the sunscreen might be good for sales.

However, it’s better to look at products that you can sell all year round, regardless of the season or weather conditions.

What to sell online?

If you are going to sell through drop shipping, it would be wise to look for products with a good profit margin. A tip that you could follow is to look for products that cost at least $20 with an acceptable profit.

After all, you will be dealing with all kinds of costs such as shipping and Tax. So it makes no sense to start selling products with little margin. If the product does not sell good or you receive a lot of returns, you may even make a loss on your products. Of course this is something you want to prevent at all times.

Do product research.

You can of course choose to sell a product of which you think that it can be sold easily. This is not the correct way.

Before you start selling products, it is good to research the demand. For example, you can look at the “best things to sell online” to get your inspiration.

So always make sure you research first.

Take the competition into account.

Just looking at the best-selling products makes no sense. You also have to look at the competition. You may want to sell a product that is in high demand, but if the competition is fierce then you may still sell poorly.

Differentiate yourself from the competitor.

How can you distinguish yourself from your competitors?

If there is a lot of demand for a product and you have many competitors, you are not by definition without a chance. For example, your competitors may have a bad listing, use wrong images, or have a doubtful reputation.

A tip to distinguish yourself from your competition is to add a product or to deliver a better product.

For example, if you see that there is a great demand for pans, you can, for example, sell a pan with a serving spoon. What you can also do is to sell a pan set instead of one pan only. This is just an example, but that way you can distinguish yourself from your competitor.

Products to stay away from.

There are many products that you can sell and there are many opportunities, but there are also things that you should not sell.

An example of a product that you should not sell is clothing.

This is because you can expect a lot of returns. It often happens that people order clothes online ultimately turning out not to be good. You guessed it, these will return.

It is also difficult to buy since you are dealing with different sizes.

The more products you get returned, the worse your reputation becomes and this is of course not good for your business. Returns also cost money and this is of course not the intention.

Another example of products to ignore are electronics. Electronics can easily break and you can also expect many returns here.

In addition, you also run the risk that the electronic item you have sold does not meet the minimum standards. For example, if you have sold a mobile charger that has exploded in the customer’s face, you can expect a huge claim for damages.

Finally, it is better not to sell phone cases. The margins are extremely low and the competition is very high. You also have to deal with new phones that are coming out. If you still have a large stock of covers of an older model, you can guess that it is more difficult to sell them. In short, do not sell in this category.

So, what are the best products to sell?

Some examples of the best selling products online are home and garden products, baby products and products related to sports and hobby.

These categories are very broad and there will always be an item in demand with low competition.

Take a look around for a while in your own home or the home of friends or family. Focus on the products you/they have. Often you can already get product inspiration this way.

You will be amazed at what you see when you focus on it.

Look for products that people always need.

How do you do product research?

There are several tools that can help you find the right products. These are often paid tools. However, you can also do it for free and we will explain how to do this below.

When you have found a product, you naturally want to know how strong the competition is. On the preferred dropshipping site, you can go to the category where your product is located.

Imagine you want to sell a sink organizer. You have found a product allowing you to conveniently store your dishcloth, dish brush, detergent and more.

In this example, go to: household – storage – sink organizers. Now you can see how many competitors there are.

You want as little competition as possible, but a high demand.

It is best to go for an item where the competition is limited to a maximum of 7 to 8 pages. The less the better of course.

Shopping cart method.

To investigate whether a product sells well, you can use the “shopping cart method”. This is very simple to do.

Go to a product on the website and pretend to place an order. You put 500 down on the number of products you want to order. For example, you can receive the following message:

The article cannot be delivered in the desired quantity. We have changed the number of items in your shopping cart to: 223.

In the example above you now know that the stock is 223 pieces. Then keep this item in your shopping cart or repeat the shopping cart method for a few days and you can see how well the product sells.


Day 1: 223 pieces in stock

Day 2: 215 pieces in stock

Day 3: 207 pieces in stock

Day 4: 195 pieces in stock

Day 5: 188 pieces in stock.

Now you can calculate how many pieces are sold daily on average. In this example, the average daily sale is: 223-188 = 35 (sold in 5 days). 35: 5 (number of days) = 7 pieces per day.

You have now calculated the daily sales of an article. You now know that, on average, 7 items are sold per day, not bad right?

You can decide for yourself if it is worth offering a similar product. If the competition is not too bad, it is not a bad idea in this example to offer the article.

Take a look at Market Places.

Market Places are platforms bringing together supply and demand from individuals. Which products are selling good in market places? In which categories are people active placing many bids?

At market places you can of course also get a lot of inspiration and see if there is perhaps a product or category in which you would like to be active.


So, finally you know what are the best products to sell. As you have been able to see you need to do some research first before that question can be answered in your specific situation. In general you might say that the product should be popular the whole year through, it should not be prone to many returns, there should always be enough stock, not too much competition, good sales numbers, good profit margins, a low probability of being stuck with old unsaleable stock and, last but not least, you should try to stand out from the competition. With this new knowledge about the best things to sell online you should be able to make a successful start. If you need more information you can also read this excellent article written by Sajjad Shahid of Cloud Ways. Good luck!

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