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Not only the article is written for you, all the SEO work is done as well! (valid for all articles that were published after May 11 2020).


On Page SEO.

  • The content is current. You won’t find any article that is old!
  • All titles and other phrases in the body text are based on popular search terms. So you’ll rank high for multiple popular search phrases!!
  • Responsible keyword density.
  • At least one external (outgoing) link to an authority website.
  • No spelling or grammar mistakes.
  • Minimal 700 words.
  • The articles are 100% unique and their content comes from the original author (no duplicates).
  • Correct formatting as Google likes it.
  • At least one compelling image WITHOUT any third party copyrights and fully optimized!

Off Page SEO.

Good incoming links from authority sites, each with different anchor text.

Technical SEO.

All articles are already ranking high in Google. The permanent 301 .htaccess redirect takes care of the fact that, once the article is placed on your website, it will still rank high. The redirect also takes care of the fact that you inherit the incoming link juice from existing incoming links.


  • Is there anything I can do to improve ranking once the article is on my site? NOT with Technical SEO and also NOT with on page SEO unless you have specific wishes such as the need to use other search terms. You can use this excellent keyword tool if needed.

Basically only Off Page SEO can be improved by getting more inbound links from authoritative websites.

  • What are authority websites? An authority site is a website that is trusted. Trusted by users, trusted by industry experts, trusted by other sites and, above all, trusted by Google.
  • What are some examples of high authority web sites? Examples are, Wikipedia, CNN,, Reddit,, WordPress, Smashing Magazine, WP Beginner, Site Point, WP Mudev and thousands more. All these sites are ranking high on Google for most of their pages.
  • How can I get a link from Medium? 1) Write or buy an article on your preferred subject. 2) Open an account. 3) Place the article without any links and with a nice image. 4) Be active for at least one week. So, follow others, like posts, make some comments, share etc. 5) Place a second article with image but this time with a link to the article on your website, preferably at the end of the post. 6) Watch your ranking go up within 2 weeks. Warning: not following these instructions can lead to account restrictions by Medium.
  • How to get a link from Quora? 1) Search in Google for your preferred subject. 2) Select a Quora page with no more than 10 Answers. 3) Open an account or login and place your Answer to the Quora Question including an image. 4) Place your link at the very start because, in the search results, Quora will only show an excerpt. 5) Show some activity for at least one week. So, follow others, like posts, make some comments, share etc. 6) Watch your ranking go up within 2 weeks. Warning: down voting your competition can lead to account restrictions by Quora.
  • Do you know a good keyword tool that is free to use? The absolute VERY BEST one we found and are actively using is this 100% free keyword tool without any catch. We have compared this tool with many other similar tools and have come to the conclusion that this one beats them all!

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