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Since the beginning of 2020 I regularly get questions from bloggers who are still with Blogger, or on a free WordPress domain. They find the paid hosting step difficult, want to buy a domain name, but do not know what to look for when choosing a hosting provider in 2020. Time to get them started!

Choosing a domain name is a big challenge. You know that you want to switch, but that domain name determines everything. Are you finally done, and it appears that the chosen domain name is actually available, then you still have to make a choice from the many hosting providers that exist. And that can also be difficult, especially if you don’t know what to look for. Time to make that clear so that you can make the right choice!

Why buy your own domain name?

Convenience and simplicity, and sometimes ignorance: that is why many bloggers initially opt for a free blog environment. But if you blog for a while and discover more and more the possibilities of blogging, you will find that these platforms do have their limits. But you want freedom to organize your blog as you want. Your own domain name + paid hosting is the solution. Moreover, your own domain name also offers advantages for search engine optimization.

Requirements when choosing a hosting provider

  • Choose a good web hosting company that offers WP (the paid version) for free. Make your choice for the platform that you will work with, preferably WP. Most bloggers work with and I only applaud this. You can choose from endless themes (paid or unpaid) and many plugins with which you can expand your blog and give your blog its own identity.
  • A frequently asked question: how much gigabyte of data storage do I need? This depends entirely on the type of blog you have. My photography website with hundreds of photos naturally requires more space. But an average blog stays below 1GB. My photography website now contains more than 1,200 articles with photos and here I have now used about 0.7 GB. So forget the hosting packages with a huge amount of gigabytes.
  • Do you expect to buy multiple domain names from a hosting provider? Then see if you can find a hosting provider where you can put everything in one hosting package. This saves a lot of extra costs.
  • Note the working memory. Packages such as WordPress are becoming more extensive, as are the themes and the plugins. A memory of 64mb will be sufficient in the beginning, but the larger your database becomes and the more plugins you install the more tricky it becomes. Go for a hosting package with a minimum of 128mb memory.
  • Don’t be fooled by cheap offers. Read the small print, and see what you have to pay if you need a larger package or what you have to pay after the first year.
  • How important is service to you? Do you have a small blog and is it not a disaster if you are offline for two hours or are unreachable on Sundays? Or, in such a case, would you like to be able to call or email your provider directly, with immediate action being taken? View the service hours of the hosting provider. Are you unsure about the service of a hosting provider? Mail a difficult question and see how quickly they answer and if the answer is correct.
  • Take reviews with a pinch of salt. Unfortunately, many hosting providers and affiliates and resellers still cheat with reviews. You better ask for experiences of fellow bloggers.
  • Do you have a problem installing WordPress? Don’t worry, you just have to press 1 button and the installation is automatic. Or else look for a hosting provider that works with Installatron. You can then, without technical knowledge, easily install WordPress on your domain name with a wizzard.

How important is an SSL certificate?

If your website has SLL (a lock, as banks also use it, recognizable by the https) then this positively counts for your ranking in Google. SSL is especially important if, for example, you have a webshop and process visitor data. Most web hosting companies now offer free SSL through Lets Encrypt.

Which hosting providers are really good in 2020?

A question that I receive regularly, but which is difficult to answer is: I simply have too little experience with all hosting providers. When I started, all my websites were hosted by HostGator. A good start, the online support went fast, but when I saw a 64mb memory limitation and I could only get 128mb in a much too expensive package that also required me to move my website in a complicated way, I moved on.

I have been hosting all of my websites at JustHost since 2019. This company was founded by Chris Phillips. He was frustrated with the hosting providers he was in contact with and thought it should be better. So what happened? He started a small hosting company with a very good service. Someone who even helps you with your problems on Sundays, who sends emails in the middle of the night. Who gives you advice if you are confronted with reaching the maximum available web space and who comes up with handy plugins for compressing files or cleaning your database. You get service via Twitter, and ideal: 1 hosting package for all your websites. This saves me a lot of money, with now almost 10 registered domain names at Just Host.

Interested in switching?

If you have questions about a possible purchase of a domain or hosting transfer, don’t hesitate to contact Just Host via Twitter. You will immediately experience how good and fast their service is.

Hopefully you now know how to choose a good domain hosting provider in 2020 so you can buy the best possible package combined with a perfect domain name. Good luck with your blog or website!

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