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IP address.

On, IP addresses are kept anonymous. Your data can therefore not be traced back to your IP address. In addition, any other information collected will not be shared with others.


This website does not place third-party advertisements. This means that there are no cookies for so-called behavioral targeting that show you advertisements based on your click behavior.

Which cookies are there?

  • Functional cookies. These remember, for example, what you put in your shopping cart and what your login details are.
  • First party cookies. These are placed by this website and are important for its functioning. In our case for Google Analytics. We do not store any personal information and that makes your surfing behavior on this site anonymous.
  • Third Party Cookies. These come from advertisers, social media or advertising platforms. This site only has social media cookies. This includes cookies from, for example, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Any third party service is subject to the third party terms and conditions. Information is usually only collected when the user presses the relevant share button. The question of what information is collected depends on that party. For example, in the case of Facebook, information is only collected if you are already logged in to Facebook. We have no influence on that.
  • Tracking cookies. We use tracking cookies. During your visit to this website, information about your visit may be collected, including the pages viewed, browser (settings), links clicked and other actions. Based on these cookies, our site and services can be improved. These tracking cookies do not store any personal information such as name, address and place of residence: the collected data is anonymous and the user cannot be identified on the basis of that information. If the visitor chooses to refuse cookies from our website by not agreeing or by setting the browser to refuse cookies, it is possible that the website cannot be used optimally. The cookies and the data collected are not used for commercial purposes. The datasets are not made available to third parties.

Can I disable cookies?

Yes you can in your browser settings. Please note: disabling cookies only affects the computer and browser on which you perform this action.

Block Google Analytics.

If you prefer to completely block the Google Analytics script, you can opt-out here. With this plug-in, your visit will no longer be included in the statistics of websites that use Google Analytics.