How to pick a hosting provider?

Last updated 03-12-2022 Summary: How do i choose a web hosting service? It is best to make sure that your provider meets the following requirements or has the following characteristics (random order): Warning: most review sites are owned by web hosting affiliates or resellers! So the first tip is to be suspicious when you read … Read more

How much is web hosting?

Last updated 03-12-2022 Summary: How much are hosting fees for a website? Below is an overview of what you pay per month for good quality web hosting. I deliberately skipped providers that offer hosting for prices below $5 due to the poor quality associated with this. Poor quality hosting is characterized by, among others, overloading … Read more

GoDaddy cancellation procedure

Summary. How to cancel web hosting on GoDaddy in 2022? Several years ago I was a hosting and domain customer of GoDaddy. After about a year of really bad experiences I cancelled my account and never came back. The best way to cancel Godaddy is to follow the company’s official online procedure. You can do … Read more

Is hosting necessary?

Summary. Do I need web hosting for my website? Yes, web hosting is necessary assuming your intention is to make your website accessible to everyone online. And currently, web hosting is the only way to achieve that. It is possible to create your website in your own computer while you are offline. However, this path … Read more