Home server vs VPS hosting

Last updated 03-12-2022 Summary: VPS or home server? If you are technically savvy and you are the lucky owner of a successful website or application or you have that golden idea of which you’re sure that it will bring success, you may be wondering whether it is worth having your own web server at home … Read more

Make your own home VPS.

Last updated 03-12-2022 Summary: How to make a VPS server at home? If you really want to know how to make a VPS on your computer, we recommend the company Antsle. They have a large number of virtual private servers on offer. The fact that companies such as IBM, Dell, Symantec, AT&T and General Electric … Read more

Make a VPN out of your VPS.

Last updated 03-12-2022 Summary: VPS as VPN. VPS as VPN is possible and easy thanks to WireGuard. WireGuard is a simple, fast and modern VPN that utilizes the best cryptography. It is faster, simpler, leaner, and more useful than IPsec. WireGuard has a much better performance than OpenVPN. It is designed as a Virtual Private … Read more

Explanation of the differences between VPC and VPS.

Last updated 03-12-2022 Summary: VPS vs VPC. Compare VPS to Virtual Private Cloud. The similarities: Both are virtual so no physical machines are being used by the customers. Both are private so your resources are not shared with others. Both are multi-tenant environments so others are using the same system as you. The many differences … Read more

Best Minecraft VPS hosting.

Last updated 03-12-2022 Summary: Minecraft. Minecraft is a fantastic computer game from 2011. You can place cube-shaped objects on a grid in a vast area. The game automatically builds an environment, with resources, opponents, animals, tunnel systems, mountain formations, lakes, etc. The player has his own avatar with which he can actively adjust the environment. … Read more

Can you switch web hosting?

Last updated 03-12-2022 Summary: Can I change my web hosting company? Yes, you can, absolutely! The cancellation procedure you find in this article is valid for all web hosting companies. So you’ve come to the right place. Basically you have 2 options: You do all the work yourself and that involves quite a bit. Before … Read more

Comparison shared and cloud hosting.

Last updated 03-12-2022 Summary: Is cloud hosting better than shared hosting? The correct answer to this good question is not always. Cloud hosting is not per se always better when you compare it to shared web hosting. But, it must be said that it has at least two superior aspects and these are its uptime … Read more

How to host website from home?

Last updated 03-12-2022. Summary: How to do your own web hosting? Well, that’s not as easy and cheap as you might think. Here are the main guidelines: Choose an Internet provider with the highest possible upload speed. For self hosting, your computer must be left on 24 hours a day. To save on electricity costs, … Read more

Hosting vs cloud hosting

Last updated 03-12-2022 Summary: Cloud web hosting vs web hosting. With web hosting your site is hosted on one web server only and this computer is shared with other users. This sharing increases security risks. After all, if one of the other customers on your web server gets into trouble somehow (think about hackers, spamming, … Read more

What are the benefits of dedicated servers?

Last updated 03-12-2022 Summary: Dedicated web hosting pros and cons. Why use it? Disadvantages of dedicated hosting. It is much more expensive than other hosting systems. You need a lot of technical knowledge about web servers and about how to install and configure software for servers. So you spend more time setting up, configuring and … Read more