Girl with laptop searching for an answer to the question how to install WordPress on her VPS.

Summary. Normally when you have a good control panel installed on your virtual private server then installing WordPress is a piece of cake. The only thing you have to do is press a few buttons and voila, your WP installation is finished! On the other hand there can be circumstances that you need to install … Read more

Summary. Ideas for virtual private servers. A VPS can be used for: a mail server. a development environment. a game server. a cloud service. a media server. hosting your website or application. a private, secure playground hosting websites of others. VPN. a seed box for torrenting. trading stocks, options or Forex. Hopefully this summary was … Read more

Summary: If you ask me if VPS is the same as cloud hosting then my answer is no. However, if you have a real good VPS you don’t need the Cloud. In this article we’ll explain why. Cloud Hosting is known for its reliability. If a web server fails, for whatever reason, another server will … Read more

Summary: Yes, it’s definitely worth trying VPS when your shared hosting account can no longer handle the work or if a dedicated server is too expensive. Think of large numbers of visitors, many uploads or downloads, complicated software that needs to be installed and much more. You pay a bit more for good quality VPS. … Read more

Summary: The advantages are: cheap, fast, secure, flexible and all the freedom to do what you want with the server. Moreover a VPS is also very scalable. This means that storage, bandwidth, memory (RAM), disk space and CPU cores can all be upgraded or downgraded by you in seconds at no charge. The disadvantage is … Read more

Summary: Regular web hosting. You hardly need any technical knowledge for a server hosting account. For example, if you want to install WordPress on your website, pressing a few buttons is enough to install WP within minutes. You share the web space with other customers and that makes shared hosting a bit risky. If something … Read more

Summary: Web hosting can be divided into shared hosting, VPS, semi-dedicated web server, dedicated servers and bare metal servers. A bare metal server is the most advanced type of dedicated hosting while VPS is the most advanced type of shared hosting. All these types of hosting can also be used in the cloud. In this … Read more

Summary: A VPS (also called vServer or virtual private server) works like a dedicated web server. However unlike the physical dedicated server a VPS server is virtualized. Server virtualization is the method of splitting up a physical web server into multiple independent virtual servers. So it actually is software, not hardware. Each virtual server can … Read more

Summary: If you are planning to get a VPS, first try to answer a few questions for yourself: How much can I pay? How much disk space do I need? How many monthly visitors do I expect? How much RAM (memory)? How many CPU cores (computing or processing power)? How many IP addresses do I … Read more

Summary: The recommended Forex VPS is offered by the company Linux Hosts Inc. Why they are better than others? Well, they have the fastest, most comprehensive, most flexible and most reliable virtual servers and admins. Many of the company’s customers are happy Forex traders including me. Very flexible. Linux Hosts Inc. is a very flexible … Read more