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Looking for internet related SEO optimized articles to be placed on your website? Wondering where to find an experienced website content writer in 2020 and beyond? Then you’ve come to the right place. There are currently hundreds of articles on this site and new ones are added daily. All articles score high on Google. Without any exception all articles are 100% original (originally written by the author and not derived from any other source) and 100% unique (you will not be able to find any duplicates on the web). You can use the search box above or use our browsing page to find your writers and articles.


Frequently Asked Questions.


Where can I find a website content writer?


I’m looking for copywriting services, but where can I find this?

On the internet of course. Always have your web texts written by a reputable specialist. This ensures better readability and makes your website easy to find. Always ask for a portfolio, sample text and SEO experience. Of course, if you are good at it, you can also do the SEO yourself.

About websites and Google.

The internet just keeps growing. Number of websites in 2020: approximately 1.74 billion. Out of these 1.74 billion sites there are approximately 20 million web shops selling products on the internet. This sounds like a big number, but surprisingly only a small number, about 750,000 stores, are selling more than $ 1,000 US annually. So, out of 20 million, more than 19 million online stores are not really profitable.

All those websites and web shops compete for the highest position in search engine Google. Why Google is so important? Because 92% of internet users look up information via this search engine. The other 8% goes for Bing, Yahoo or another search engine. In other words, if you score high in Google, you attract the most website visitors.

Blog writing services.

So the big question is how do you stand out among so many different websites? When will Google show you at the top of the search results? Answer: By delivering top quality. Not with regard to your product or service (although this is of course also important), but especially with regard to quality content.

You write this content yourself or you use a copywriting service. Because copy writing is a specialization, you see more and more ads about wanted copywriters.

I’m looking for the best writers. So, how do I know if someone is really good?

Okay, you’re looking for an excellent online writer. At least that’s a start: knowing what you want: outsourcing instead of doing it yourself and outsourcing writing is basically a smart choice. But it’s extremely important to find a real good blog writing service with an excellent reputation. Thanks to the growing demand for copywriters, many of them have joined online writing clubs and text brokers in recent years. Does this make the choice easier? Well, not exactly. Everyone wants to get a piece of the growing internet. This has caused a proliferation of text brokers, marketing agencies, SEO specialists and freelance writers.

The proliferation of text brokers and copywriters does not benefit quality. A bad copywriter can hurt your Google rankings. Fortunately, I am here to help. I have more than 10 years of experience in writing and blogging. In addition, I have worked for marketing agencies and some big names. So, my suggestion is that, if you’re looking for high quality articles related to internet and optimized for Google, try the search bar at the top of this page.

Blog writing services (textbrokers).

Some examples of text brokers are the sites Up Work, Scripted, Text Broker and many more. These sites offer a huge selection of freelancers with writing as their specialization.

You have the choice from dirt cheap to very expensive. Of course you go for the cheapest copy writer. Well, let me discourage you to do that.

Fortunately, you will also find good writers on these sites. So they are there, although harder to find. You often see professionalism in the way of advertising or the way in which the writer responds to a topic or presents himself. Therefore, compare different writers’ publications. This way you can easily get the better author.

Freelance job sites.

Examples are Freelancer, Flex Jobs and hundreds of others. Often copywriters pay a small amount per month to respond to assignments. These are the copy writers who find little work and are happy to pay for it.

Yes, you will find many novice copywriters on these freelance job websites. Nothing wrong with it: everything has to be learned. However, you should ask yourself if you like the low quality of a starting copy writer. Google will notice the quality level immediately. So, you can guess what will happen with your ranking.

Place wanted ads.

You can of course place wanted ads on text broker sites or websites for freelancers. Keep in mind that you may get a lot of reactions, often from writers who are short of work. Of course this can also give you an advantage: a lower price per word.

Do you see a copywriter who advertises but does not respond to your call?

It’s probably not that this copywriter isn’t interested in you, but he or she is just too busy. Should you ignore this person? No, a busy freelancer is probably popular. Maybe it’s a good idea to contact this writer in a different way than you did the first time?

Search a website content writer via Social Media.

I’m looking for good authors writing for others. Can I find them on Social Media?

Especially on Instagram and Facebook you will find some very active writers. However, keep in mind that you will also see significant quality differences here. There regularly is a catch. A number of authors are very good at posting interesting posts and the most beautiful photos. However, don’t forget that it’s much easier to write a short social media post than a 1000 words article about something very specific. So look further than the end of your nose and always ask for a portfolio or sample texts and ask what their specializations are.


Most website owners searching for a copywriting service often have no idea where to start. As you have been able to read on this page the best starting point is to avoid job sites and social media as much as possible and instead to focus on the more specialized text brokers as mentioned in this article. And don’t shy away from paying a modest membership fee. Another good method is to buy already existing articles as offered by this page but then you have to be lucky that the articles you need, are available. We hope, that, after reading this post, you finally know how to find the best content writing service. Good luck!

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