Is WordPress a free website builder?

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Is WordPress free website creation software?

That’s an excellent question you asked the search engine and we are going to answer it for you! When searching for a free website builder the first word or name that apparently popped up in your mind was “WordPress” or “WP” for short. Okay, the answer to your question is yes! WordPress is, without any doubt, the world’s most popular website maker offered at no charge to its users. Actually the correct name is content management system (CMS) because the software is capable of doing much more than just creating a website.’s free site builder.

WordPress offers 2 different site builders. One can be found on the website and the other one on The .com version is free but comes with advertisements on your site and you won’t have your own domain name so you can never rank high in Google. Moreover the .com version is very limited in terms of features. You pay nothing and bringing and keeping your site online (called web hosting) is done for you at no charge as well. The company Automattic is the owner of the .com version of WP.’s free web site builder including a content management system (CMS).

Before we dive deep into this subject I would like to point you in the right direction in case you don’t have time to read this long article. The same company as above also owns the .org version of WP. Despite the fact that no technical skills are required for users, this version offers much more features than .com and is without any advertisements on your website. You will also have your own domain name.

Try the builder free for 30 days.

You can only get this more professional .org site building system (temporarily without paying anything) if you first find a free web hosting trial. The most popular web hosting provider offering a free trial installation of is Linux Hosts Inc. No credit card or other financial information is needed. Almost 3 million of their customers are currently using on their websites. The company’s technical support engineers are all specialized in WP so, if ever you encounter a technical problem, they’ll quickly help you out. Linux Hosts inc. offers a 30 day free trial and after that it costs $5.83 a month. If you’re interested to try it out, you can find them on

They also offer very cheap domain names from $2.50. You can buy one on the hosting sign up form (see above). Linux Hosts Inc. is not only cheap but they are also one of the few companies giving clients full control over their domains. This is very important in case you want to change a setting of your domain later on.

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Is WordPress the same as a free website builder?

So, yes, it’s the same including the extra option of easily adding and changing your content. Why WP is considered the best? There are several reasons for this.

  • WP simply has the most themes available. A theme is actually the design of a website. Most themes are free of charge.
  • Also, WordPress offers thousands of plugins at no charge. Not any of the other website builders can offer this. Plugins are essential enhancements for your blog or website that you can install such as, among others, SSL tools, speed tools, image compression, SEO tools, contact forms, popups, e-commerce tools, product catalogs, payment options for your customers, auto responders, membership sites, appointment tools, security, spam filters and so much more.
  • Another good reason to choose the free website maker of WordPress is the fact that it’s offered at no charge to web hosting customers on the condition that you have a free trial or a paid account. Web hosting companies are needed for bringing and keeping your website online. After all, what can you do with a website if it’s visible to you only, because the site is installed on your computer and not present on the Internet? So, in order to install WordPress on your website at no charge, you first need to acquire a web hosting package or get a free trial as mentioned above.

Most Important Factors for Choosing Free Website Creation Software.

In addition to the type of software, there are also other factors to consider.

The most important 5 are:

  • The purpose and the required functionalities.
  • Budget.
  • Management.
  • Design.
  • Technical performance.

1. The purpose and required functionalities

What do you want to achieve with your website? Is your website a digital business card with the aim of showing who you are and which products or services you provide? Or is the website an extension of your services?

Building a business card is relatively easy to achieve. Because only standard functionalities are required. You can work with almost all software solutions including WP. Of course, not all solutions are equally suitable! If, on the other hand, your website is an extension of your services, it is important to see which website software is best suited to this. The best appointment creation and management software is probably less suitable for running a member platform, and vice versa. Is your goal to sell products or subscriptions? Then designing a web shop is better. E-commerce functionalities are an art in itself! But, we can already reveal that WordPress excels in all mentioned functionalities.

2. Budget

Is it a new website or an upgrade of the old one? Does all content still need to be made or just improved? What do you do yourself and what do you want to outsource? The answer to these questions, just like the required functionalities, influence the budget required to realize your website. However, it’s not complicated. After all, if your budget is (almost) zero then WordPress is the most suitable solution for creating your site or blog.

3. Management

Do you want to be able to manage the website yourself or is this something you want to outsource? If you want to be able to change texts yourself and add new pages, then it is good to opt for a user-friendly management system such as the WordPress website and blog maker.

4. Design

Do you want a tailor-made design or is a design based on your house style sufficient? One type of software lends itself better to customization than the other. We often see that companies give great value to design. Of course this is not a problem as long as all content is in order. However, if you want a website to perform well, we would always recommend that you first focus on creating good content and only then on a custom design. WordPress has many free and paid themes (designs) available to you. So reinventing the wheel in terms of design is not needed and also not recommended. WP did everything for you already!

5. Technical performance

Sixty percent of all traffic on the internet starts on Google. So you simply cannot ignore Google if you want to be successful on the internet. There are more than 200 factors that determine your performance in Google. The quality of your content is still the most important. However, if the technical performance is not good, no matter how good your content is, your website will not be found properly.

Google looks at various indicators to assess the technical performance of your website. Consider factors such as mobile friendliness, crawlability, security and speed (page speed).

The gratis WordPress blog and website builder.

The only one on our list is WordPress since there is nothing better. The biggest advantage of WordPress is that it is open source. This means that WordPress is basically free to use. You do not have to spend any costs on purchasing a license or the like. The open source nature has ensured that WordPress has become the most used website maker and CMS in the world. 37% of all websites are hosted on WordPress.

The purpose and the desired functionalities

Worldwide, hundreds of programmers and companies are continuously working on improving WordPress. As a result, there is almost nothing that WordPress can’t do. There are numerous often free plugins and themes available with which you can design your site completely according to your own wishes. WordPress can also be integrated with almost any software tool. Think of options for e-commerce, making and managing appointments and other useful tools to get the most out of your website.

If a plugin or functionality does not yet exist, that is no problem. You can then hire an agency or freelance programmer to build this for you. This is a big advantage over other website builders. With some website builders it is not even possible to develop their own functionalities at all. Where possible, this is often very expensive since there are few programmers who find this interesting enough to do. However, since there are many programmers who like to build something for WordPress, this is usually a lot cheaper. But, as said before, the chance that you have to hire an expert is very small since WP offers almost endless functions.


Basically the only investment in order to get your WP creation online is your domain name and your website hosting subscription. However it’s also possible to get a domain name and hosting without paying anything. Once you have WP installed on your domain you can see that most free plugins give you the option to upgrade to their paid versions offering more possibilities and functions. Further not all themes are free. If you want you can also opt for a professional paid theme depending on your requirements.


The reason to look at a no cost website builder is its user-friendliness. However, WordPress has a learning curve while some other site builders are more simple. Although managing content with WP is simple, this does not fully apply to setting up the website. You will need some technical skills when using WP. This is one of the ways WordPress differs from other site creation software.

If you start working with WordPress, everything will be built automatically within a default theme. First WordPress must be installed on your web hosting server which takes only a few seconds. After that you’ll probably want to change the theme and install some plugins. Subsequently, a link can be made with other software tools. Only then can you set up a structure, create pages and fill them with content. If you have no experience with this it can be a bit time consuming the first time.


With WordPress you can go in all directions in terms of design. You can use a free template or purchase one from marketplaces like Envato. You can also have a custom design developed.

Technical performance

In order for your WordPress website to perform optimally, we recommend that you read some tutorials first so you know from the start how WP works. Also keep in mind that there are web hosting solutions and themes that do not exactly excel in terms of speed and technical support. Because there are so many offers it’s difficult to find the right one for your small business or other website.

If you are going to buy a theme, make sure it is mobile-friendly. This is often claimed on marketplaces, but it regularly does not appear to be the case. To check this, you can audit the theme with Lighthouse. In general, WordPress websites are easy to crawl. There is no way you can check this beforehand. Once the website is up and running, we recommend that you create a Google Search Console account. If there are issues, they will automatically surface with this tool.

Pros and cons of the WordPress website building tool.


+ It’s basically free

+ Flexible, suitable for almost all purposes

+ Custom functionalities possible

+ Can be integrated almost anywhere

+ Choice of thousands of themes

+ Custom design possible

+ Own server possible


– There is a learning curve

Conclusion: WordPress is free website building software with endless possibilities.

So you can conclude that your excellent question if WordPress is the same as a free site builder can be answered with “yes”. It is the world’s most sophisticated website software with which you will be able to create a masterpiece! If you are looking for flexibility and a website that performs well technically, WordPress is the best option. However, writing compelling content is more valuable than a beautiful design. Keep this in mind when you develop your own blog or site. Good luck and please use the comment section below if you have any questions, remarks or suggestions!

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