Ideas for VPS.

Short explanation.

Ideas for VPS.

7 ideas for virtual private servers in 2021.

A VPS can be used to create websites and applications. But there is much more because you can also convert your VPS into a mail server, a development environment, game server, cloud service or you can turn it into a media server. Finally, you can also simply use your VPS as a private, secure playground for testing purposes.

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What can a VPS be used for?

Let’s dive into the wonderful world of VPS, the Virtual Private Server. In this article we look at all the things you can do with a VPS. There are many nice and free applications that you can install on your own secure server.

The best thing of all is that you do not have to choose from the list below. Depending on the size of your VPS and how intensive you will use the capacity you can easily run multiple applications simultaneously. Below are some nice ideas on what you can do with your VPS.

1) Make your VPS a mail server.

Do you want to manage e-mail traffic for your company? Are you looking for an ultra-fast platform for your e-mail campaigns? Then VPS is an excellent solution, because it offers enough SMTP relay. Use CPANEL to easily set up e-mail accounts and addresses. There are also auto configuration scripts available for the most popular mail clients. Easy!

2) Create development environments with Docker.

Many VPS providers offer KVM VPS, so you can easily use endless virtualization solutions on these systems, such as Docker. Docker is Open Source Container Virtualization software that makes creating web applications easy. The necessary components can be packed in a container. This way, applications can be quickly tested or duplicated, for example for the creation of test environments.

Download Docker.

3) Configure your own gameserver.

Do you like to play Minecraft? Are you a fan of Counter-Strike? Or do you like to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of retro games? VPS is a cost-effective way to host your own games and it gives you the opportunity to invite friends or family to play along. A VPS can be used to install a wide variety of games and offers you the performance you and your teammates will highly appreciate.

Make your own Minecraft server

With a VPS you can create your own game. For example, create your own Minecraft server to play online with a small number of players.

Download Minecraft Java Edition server:

Many other games are also relatively easy to set up with a VPS. Think about Counterstrike, Modern Warfare, Rest, Ark, etc. Possibilities enough to entertain you and others!

If you don’t need a server to realize a game yourself, but want to talk to each other, it is also possible to set up a TeamSpeak server. In any case, the communication is solid!

4) Build your own Cloud Service.

Set up your own Google Drive or Icloud. Install an application such as Nextcloud on your VPS.

Nextcloud is Open Source Software. You can manage, synchronize and share all your files from your desktop, phone or whatever device you want. In addition, all your documents are safe on the server that you manage. For example, you are the person who determines who can view your family photos or working documents. Ideal.


5) Your personal Netflix.

It is always nice to have movies, series and music at hand. You can download and save it at home, but that requires a lot of storage space. Turn your VPS into a media server with, for example, PLEX, save all files and it’s just like having your own Netflix. You can immediately stream your favorite movie or series on your smartphone, laptop or TV. In addition to PLEX, you can also use applications such as EMBY, Kodi or Icecast. Enough choice to bring all your media together on your VPS!

6) Determine the limits of your website or application yourself.

If you want to build your own website without too much technical fuss, a VPS is ideal. WordPress template on it, fill in and go.

With a VPS you have complete freedom to set up the server as you want. Web Control Panels such as as Hepsia, Directadmin, Plesk or CPanel help you to facilitate the switch from web hosting to VPS. With this you manage your entire server from an intuitive graphic interface.

7) Create a private, secure playground

A VPS is useful if you like to play around with all kinds of operating systems, scripts and programs from which you actually don’t know exactly how they work, but that look interesting. Due to the virtualized environment you do not run the risk of breaking something and you also have a lot of processor power and network bandwidth at your disposal.

If you want to test software that is a substantial burden for the network or you actually need to open more ports, a VPS is a beautiful playground where you can mess until things crash after which it’s a piece of cake to start over. Have fun!

Ideas for VPS – a conclusion.

Nice that you were here and I hope not only that you enjoyed this article but also that it is of use in practice because you will actually apply one of the 7 VPS ideas for yourself. By the way, if you have another idea for a virtual private server, I invite you to send me an email so that I can also include your idea in this post. Good luck!