How to use social media for small business.

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10 benefits of Social Media Platforms you didn’t know about.

You probably are already using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more, to keep in touch with your customers. Using at least one of these platforms for customer service is a no-brainer, shall we say. But are there any other benefits of social media? Or is it all wasted effort?

No it certainly isn’t. In addition to regular contact with your customers, there are a number of important reasons for being active on social media. Read them and then maybe you’ll post some extra messages on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

How to use social media for small business.

  • If you have a small business you’ll benefit more than others from social media. Is social media only useful if you are a big player? No, it is not. According to the Social Media Marketing Industry Report 2020, it are small businesses making the most out of social media. They are the ones indicating that they get more attention for their company, create new partnerships and generate more turnover. In this 2020 Report Facebook is identified by small businesses as the main social channel (58%), followed by Twitter (24%) and LinkedIn (18%). So, go ahead and get more attention, welcome a new partnership and increase your turnover.
  • Show how nice you are as a person. One of the other benefits of social media is that it makes you more human. You communicate personally with your audience via social media. Your customers will find someone to talk to, share information with and listen to them. And no, you cannot do this with a brochure. So, take care of it that (potential) customers can always find you ready for communication.
  • Create loyalty. A survey by Convince & Convert indicates that 53% of people who follow a brand or company on social media are more loyal to these companies. Occasionally receiving a message from one of your favorite places-to-go or products-to-buy ensures that love only grows. So, be unique and regularly send them a unique message that they will love!
  • Appreciate the fact that it’s all free. Social media costs? There aren’t any, basically it’s all free. Except for your investment in time. The costs of a social media marketing strategy are therefore much lower than those of traditional marketing methods. You can already achieve results with a few hours per week. So try to focus on one channel only for at least an hour per day.
  • Make yourself easier to find online. Being present on social media is great for SEO: search engine optimization. In other words, it makes you rank higher in the search engines. The more popular you are on social media, or the more you use the right keywords for your store or industry, the more important Google & associates consider you. One example on how to achieve this is to use automation tools such as IFTTT or Zapier. With these kind of free tools you can automatically share every article (or an excerpt of it) you write for your website, on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.
  • Make use of instant feedback. Thinking about selling something new? Curious how your customers think about it? Want to know why customers like to come to your store so you can do even more with it? You will know your customers’ answer within minutes via social media. A powerful feedback tool, those social media channels. So, ask your (potential) customers questions and subsequently act on it!
  • Bring more traffic to your website. Another advantage of social media: you attract more visitors to your website. For example, by mentioning your website in your social media profiles. Or by occasionally placing links to good quality content on your site. And more visitors to your website ultimately means more customers. As said above, you can even automate this sharing process.
  • Collect information about your customers. Social media gives you the opportunity to collect information about your customers (demographics). What are they interested in? How do they behave? You can also monitor social media to see what people are saying about your store or your industry. The possibilities to collect information about your target group are endless. So, get as much information as possible and use that knowledge to your advantage!
  • Create more confidence in your company. When you are in regular contact with your customers on social media, it is a sign of goodwill for other (potential) customers. In addition, do you show that you immediately respond to complaints and make efforts to resolve them? If you do you are worth gold for others who see that.
  • Grab word of mouth opportunities. How easy is it to quickly respond to a message that comes along on social media? Or like, retweet or share a message? It all happens within a second. So your word of mouth can get a big boost via social media if you use the opportunities that come along.


As you may already know, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn currently are the most popular Social Networks for small business and that probably won’t change in the near future. Facebook is best suited for acquiring new retail customers (sales), Twitter is more for maintaining contact with existing customers (customer care), while LinkedIn is ideal for business to business marketing (for example wholesale). With a small time investment, you too can use all the benefits of the mentioned social media. Don’t forget: the more intensive and longer you use social media, the greater the results will be. So start creating your profile today, pick up your activities if these have been a bit watered down lately, or post some extra posts on your social media channels. Now you finally know how to use social media for small business. Good luck!

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