How to make money on YouTube in 2020?

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How do You Tubers make money?

Many people don’t know, but to make money from YouTube videos in 2020 you just need to enable the “show ads” feature for your YouTube channel. No more than a few minutes of work. However, this option is only interesting if you have at least a few thousand views per month.

How does it work?

Have you noticed that many YouTube videos show ads, but not all? That’s because not every You Tuber has turned on that option for their videos. Turning that feature on is pretty easy, but it’s really only useful if your videos generate a lot of views.

You must meet two requirements to enable advertisements:

  • Your videos must have generated at least 4000 viewing hours in the last 12 months.
  • You must have at least 1000 subscribers.

How high can YouTube income be?

YouTube ads average $ 0.30 to $ 4.00 per 1,000 views. What you earn depends on the subject of your ads and how many viewers click on the ads. The earnings are paid out via Google Adsense. This option is of no interest to small You Tubers. It would take years for them to earn something.

But if you manage to generate millions of views, you can earn good with this method: up to $ 4 per thousand views means up to $ 4000 per million views. You can find estimates of how much existing You Tubers earn on Socialblade. Simply use the search bar at the top of the site to find out the estimated income of a YouTube channel. The top earning You Tuber currently is PewDiePie. As of 2020, PewDiePie’s net worth is estimated to be $ 40 million.

What videos are eligible for earning?

From a legal point of view, it is only allowed to earn money with content of which you have all commercial usage rights. In fact, it means that you have to make the content of your videos completely by yourself and that there should not even be any commercial background music, or that you can prove that the actual owner has given you official permission to use it. However, in practice the music is not a real problem. You can make money with videos that happen to have a certain background music.

A good strategy.

As you may have already seen on Socialblade, there are quite a few You Tubers who earn 6-figure amounts in this way. Examples are Vsauce, FPSRussia and EpicMealTime. Their secret is that they know how to get millions of subscribers with their content. Once you have succeeded, every new video you post automatically gets a lot of new views. That way you only have to post a new video every now and then, and the money keeps pouring in.

The advice is therefore to choose a subject with which you can be sure that you can also fascinate visitors in the long term. The goal should be to get as many subscribers as possible. Preferably do not start a channel about a unique video that you happened to make once. And you can be creative: make-up tutorials, homemade animations, a video blog about your pet, or “dubbing” video fragments just like LuckyTV does, it all works. A good source of inspiration are the top channels on Socialblade.

Turn on ads.

To enable advertisements for your YouTube videos, go to the features page of your YouTube account. If you have an account that has existed long enough and if you have not uploaded any unacceptable videos in the past, you can enable the “Generate income” function there. So you don’t have to sign up to the YouTube affiliate program. That used to be the case, but nowadays you only need the functions page of your account.

You can then indicate for all your videos whether you want advertisements to be shown. To do this, go to the video management menu of your YouTube account. Tick ​​the films where you want to show advertisements, and then choose “Generate income” as action. Before the ads are actually shown, the videos you have selected must first be approved by YouTube. There will be a check that your videos have no unacceptable content and do not violate commercial rights. They are very strict about that: a clearly present background music from which the rights are with Universal is enough to have your video rejected.

Then there is only one more thing to do: sign up with Google Adsense and link your YouTube and AdSense accounts. This ensures that the revenue from the advertisements that are shown with your videos automatically ends up in your Adsense account. Adsense pays monthly if you meet a certain minimum.

Create a Google Adsense account.

If you don’t have a Google Adsense account yet, you need to sign up first. You can only make money with it and it can never cost money, so nothing to be afraid of. More information about Google Adsense can be found on the Google Adsense page. Adsense is not only used for making money with YouTube but is a general Google earnings channel.

A minimum age of 18 years applies to Adsense. Signing up when you are under 18 is unwise, because if Google finds out, your earnings will be frozen and you can get a lifetime Adsense and YouTube ban. Are you a minor and still want to make money with YouTube? Then it is best to ask one of your parents if you can create an account on his or her name. Because Adsense can never cost money, most parents don’t mind.

Statistics YouTube vs Adsense.

YouTube shows your estimated earnings for each day separately, but those “Estimated earnings” for each individual day only become visible 2 days later. The estimated earnings you see in YouTube are usually fairly accurate, but they remain estimates: a correction for invalid clicks is still going to take place. These are clicks for which the advertisers do not have to pay, for example because the same visitor has clicked a specific advertisement multiple times.

In Adsense, your earnings are indicated by the term “Hosted Adsense for Content”. There you will also find the term “Estimated earnings”, but confusingly that function does not work. In Adsense, your estimated earnings remain at zero throughout the month. Your actual earnings will eventually appear in your Adsense account, but only about 15 days after the end of the month.

Paid channels.

New on YouTube is the option to make people pay for access to your channel. However, this paid channels option is only suitable if you have a really professional channel. One of the requirements is that you have at least 1000 subscribers.


Now you know how to make money on YouTube it’s time for action. So go ahead, create a unique video and tell us in the comment section below how it went. If you need more information on how to earn money from YouTube you can also read this excellent article created and published by expert writer Braden Becker.

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