How to get rich with internet?

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Reliable methods for getting rich online.

In this article you will learn how to make a lot of money online. Whether you are a student, employed or jobless, anyone can start making money online. There are no high barriers, such as huge investments that you have to make. If you invest enough of your time and energy, you will learn how to get rich with internet and be able to become a millionaire.

Contents of this page:

  • What are the bad methods of making money online?
  • What are the most ideal methods for making money online?
  • What do you need to make money online?
  • What do you not need to make money online? (The biggest pitfall).
  • You can simply start making money online in a reliable way.
  • Make money faster online? Important extra tips.
  • What are the bad methods of making money online?

Let’s start with the bad and less ideal methods of making money online:

  • Fill in surveys. If you do that, you are supposedly making beer money. You are talking about 10 cents per question answered. There is no more to it: you cannot scale it to an increasingly higher amount.
  • Online poker and sports betting. It really does not need an explanation why it is not recommended.
  • Trading. Whether it’s Bitcoin, Forex or stocks: do it if you want to have sleepless nights and if you can afford gambling. There are less risky ways to make money online. That’s why I personally place this among the bad methods.
  • Google Adsense. If you have a blog or YouTube channel, it’s fine to turn on Adsense so that you can place ads above your videos and/or blog articles to make money. However, realize that this will be beer money too if you have less than a million views per month. Feel free to go for that goal, but in the meantime don’t miss out on other good ways to top up your Adsense earnings.
  • Offer you services, such as writing articles. There are many blogs that pay money for each article you write. Great idea if you can write well. But yes, if you have already written 30 blog articles for others, you should realize at some point that, if you had placed those 30 articles on your own blog, you would already have a good blog that can rank well in Google with some simple SEO, probably earning you much more than what you received for your guest posts.
  • Create an online training. Maybe you were already very enthusiastic when you got the idea to create an online training. It’s not a bad idea, but do realize that it’s a matter of hard working. You have to offer customer service and you’ll get many questions from students that need an urgent answer. So it’s definitely not a passive way of getting rich online. On the contrary, it’s one of the most active ways.
  • Drop shipping web shop. Drop shipping means that you are going to sell all kinds of products without actually having them in stock. Well, your customers won’t be happy with the long waiting time! Only once you have received an order, you go to a wholesale website such as Alibaba to send the product directly to your customer. This requires quite a lot of research on your part. It also takes weeks before your Chinese supplier sends the product to your customer, you still have to deal with customer service and it is not completely hassle-free. It is much better to actually have products in stock. I therefore believe that drop shipping doesn’t work, but that you simply have to stock products so that they can be delivered the next day.
  • Your own web shop. By this I mean a classic web shop where you have to create traffic yourself, keep stock, put items in nice boxes, send them by mail and handle customer service and returns. You read it already: this is quite a lot of work, but if you have a passion for it, why not? If you don’t feel like the hassle – and if you want to sell right away instead of generating traffic – check out the following methods.

What are the most ideal methods for making money online?

What are really good/better methods? The best methods to make money online are the methods you can automate. With the methods below you can build a perpetual motion machine so that you earn money with little effort and/or on autopilot.

  • Buying and then selling via Amazon, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist etc. This means that you actually buy products cheaply and sell them for maximum profit. Why does this work so well? Because you actually have products in stock. This allows you – or the logistics service of the website that offers your product – to ensure that the product is delivered to your customer the next day. That is essential in order to compete with others. There is some work to be done, but specialized sites can take a lot of the work out of your hands, allowing you to passively earn large sums of money.
  • Start an SMMA. SMMA stands for Social Media Marketing Agency. This means learning how to create profitable ads on Facebook and Instagram, then help other companies get more customers with those skills of yours. You can ask high rewards for this.
  • Become an opinion leader through SEO. Another word for this is influencer. An opinion leader is someone whose opinion is important. So if it is your opinion that the new Guess jeans offer is a really good idea, a lot of people will listen to you and buy clothes from Guess. Of course Guess has a partnership with you so you get money from them. How do you become an influencer? By getting many loyal followers on a YouTube channel, blog and/or other social media. This can be automated by utilizing YouTube SEO and Google SEO.
  • Affiliate marketing. This is selling other people’s products and services so that you get a commission. This is by far the most attractive way to make money online. It can be scaled indefinitely: your income has no ceiling. You don’t actually have to do anything for it. You don’t have to pack products, handle customer service or returns. All you do is sell. And even that can be automatized. There even are affiliates who are millionaires.

What do you need to make money online?

You really only need two things:

  • Customers.
  • One or more products and/or services you offer. You can also choose to sell other people’s products and services (this is called affiliate marketing).

That’s all. We will discuss this in more detail later. First, the biggest pitfall must be solved.

The biggest pitfall.

Tell me: do you need the following?


Of course they can be useful, but the answer is no. You can easily make money online without Facebook, Podcasts or Vlog messages. But you cannot earn money online without customers and products/services (own or other people’s products) in a decent way.

Sometimes you just need a phone. Nothing else. You have created a product, such as online carpentry training. Then pick up the phone and call contractors to ask if they would like to purchase your product as training video for their employees.

Do you already see that, with the example above, you don’t have to do anything with Facebook messages or Instagram images?

Moreover, if you have 10,000 Facebook fans, but they are all on Facebook and not on your own website, then where you can actually earn the money?

The point is, don’t be blind for things that actually don’t make money. Choose the things that make money for you – and sometimes that’s just a phone or a YouTube channel with product reviews – and do those activities diligently.

Get rich with internet tips.

Is it quick and easy to make money online? You can certainly make a lot of money with the internet, but it is not fast and it is not easy. So, what is true about making money on the internet?

You can simply make money in a reliable way: you know that it’s impossible to make $0 if, for example, you have created a blog or YouTube channel with tens of thousands of views per month. In other words: a blog or YouTube channel with thousands of views is guaranteed to yield something if you turn on AdSense or sell other people’s products (affiliate marketing). You just know that for every 1,000 views you will get at least a dollar with the minimum Adsense settings. So if you want to make $ 1,000 a month, you can be sure that you will get that if you have 1,000,000 million views per month.

You can start immediately without investments. You just need to invest the cost of a night out: about $60 for a year of web hosting.

You cannot get rich quickly, but slowly. The first pizza that you can order from your self-earned internet money, you will only be able to receive on average after six months. I call that day Pizza Day: the day you earned your first five dollars! After that it’s a matter of expanding that five dollars (per day) to 10 dollars, to 20 dollars, to 100 dollars per day and that can actually grow indefinitely. This is the most ideal way to become an online millionaire.

How to get rich with internet with the help of others.

It is nice if you are not alone. The Warrior Forum and other places are excellent methods to get (professional) help. You are guaranteed to receive answers to your questions. Note: but, do not automatically assume that everyone on the forum is right.

Last but not least, if you need more information then you can also read this excellent article created and published by expert writer Craig Beck.

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