How to be successful on Instagram in 2020.

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Instagram for companies: tips and best practices.

Now that you have an Instagram company profile, you can use the tips below to make your Instagram presence a successful one in 2020. This post teaches you how you can achieve success on Instagram by implementing only a few measures that have proven to work. So, let’s start right away!

1. Add a good profile photo

Add a recognizable profile photo to your Instagram company page that matches the identity of your company. Your company logo, for example.

That profile photo appears:

  • at the top of your Instagram business page,
  • above all your updates
  • near to your responses
  • and in Instagram search results.

2. Optimize your biography

The short biography on your profile is your introduction for new followers.

It is often the first thing they read about your brand. So put your best foot forward to make a good impression!

Make sure your biography:

  • gives an accurate representation of your company
  • matches the tone-of-voice of your website and your other communication channels
  • appeals to your target audience

New followers and potential customers need to know at a glance:

  • what you stand for
  • what you offer
  • and how they can reach you!

3. Publish unique and eye-catching content

Regularly publish beautiful and original photos and videos that users see nowhere else, for example behind-the-scenes photos, sneak previews, teasers and events.

Be authentic and tell the story of your brand. Make sure that your photos look beautiful, but also fit within your account as a whole. Don’t be afraid to experiment, and pay attention to what your followers love and what messages they respond to.

Also share only creative and high-quality photos in high resolution

After all, the quality of your photos reflects directly on the reputation and professionalism of your company.

Two tips and for taking and editing good photos.

Tip 1

Instagram is mainly used on mobile devices. Keep that in mind. Do you use text in your images? Then check whether the text is readable on all devices.

Tip 2

Instagram has some creative tools/apps to improve the quality of your photos. Use them!

4. Play with the link in your profile!

Links that you use in the descriptions or captions with your photos and videos are unfortunately not clickable. It makes no sense to add them.

How do you ensure more traffic to your website? Use the link in your profile. Fully! After all, that is the only place where you can place a clickable link. Change that link regularly and tune it to your last post.

For example, have you just posted a picture of a red pair of shoes from your online clothing store? Place the link to the product page of those shoes in your profile.

Also encourage people to visit that link. Close the description with your photo with a call-to-action, for example “Visit our website! Link in bio.”

Tip: Always shorten the links you share with Bitly before placing them in your profile. That looks neat. Moreover, you can keep track of the performance and clicks on your links!

5. Use hashtags

A #hashtag is a word or phrase with a hash (#) in front of it. Add 4 to 10 to every (!) description of your Instagram photos and videos to indicate what is on display: the subject, location, industry, etc.

Be specific, relevant and descriptive. That way, your posts will be found more easily by people searching by subject in the search functionality of Instagram and you will therefore lead more visitors to your website.

Moreover, nowadays users on Instagram can not only follow people and companies, but also hashtags! When people follow a hashtag, they occasionally get to see new popular messages with that hashtag in their timeline.

In other words: do you post qualitative content with the right hashtags? If possible, you will appear in the news overview of people who may not yet know your company, but who are interested in your business or industry.

6. Enter into a dialogue with your followers

As a company you might post nice photos and videos, but Instagram is two-way traffic. Do not forget that! Therefore, certainly enter into a dialogue with your visitors and your followers and engage them:

  • allow interaction with your Instagram community, both inside and outside the app
  • ask questions in the captions with your photos and videos
  • encourage followers to use hashtags about your brand, campaign, or event
  • respond to comments
  • “regram” nice messages from your followers or customers (ask permission!)
  • keep an eye on what users say about your company and products and respond to them
  • organize competitions and promotions

Tip: make time for this consciously, otherwise you might forget it. Trust me!

7. Promote your best messages and experiment with ads

If you set up your Instagram account properly and regularly publish strong visual content, you will get a lot of organic reach. However, advertising on Instagram also offers many advantages and possibilities:

  • You increase the reach, visibility and brand awareness of your company.
  • You give potential customers more information about your products and services.
  • You ensure more sales, engagement and conversions.

Instagram ads connect seamlessly with the other messages that users follow. You can opt for photo ads, video ads or carousel ads.

Moreover, you can select your target audience in a very targeted way

. You can target groups on:

  • location
  • demographic data
  • interests
  • behavior
  • etc.

8. Follow your company page with Instagram Insights

Measure, analyze and optimize your Instagram business profile with Instagram Insights. These are useful statistics about who your followers are (gender, age and location), when they are online and more.

You can also view statistics for specific posts and stories that you have created to see how they have performed and how involved people are.

If you do not follow your results, then you do not know what works and what does not work and whether your efforts pay off. Just do it! Otherwise you are busy for nothing!

9. Connect Instagram with other social networks

Connect your Instagram company account with other social networks. That way you can let followers on other social networks know that they can now also follow you on Instagram. A quick win to expand your audience!

It also makes it easier to share your Instagram posts directly on – for example – Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter to increase your reach.

Tip: also place an Instagram icon or reference on your website, other social channels and in your e-mails and mailings. All little bits help!

Bonus tip: experiment with Instagram Stories and Instagram TV

Instagram has introduced “Stories.” That is a separate part of your Instagram profile where you can post photos and videos that stay online for only 24 hours (unless you add them as Highlights to your business profile).

As a marketer you can use Stories to show quick, light hearted snapshots about your company or industry. The images do not have to be as slick as the permanent images in your profile. So: have fun and experiment!

You can see Instagram TV as Instagram’s own YouTube: a place for (longer) vertical (!) Mobile-friendly videos.

Be sure to view how these platforms fit in with your social media strategy!

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