How much are hosting fees for a website? Make it cheap!

Short Answer (quick read):

The question “how much are hosting fees for a website” can be answered by taking a quick look at what is currently being offered. So, here we go:

Below is an overview of what you pay per month for good quality web hosting. I deliberately skipped providers that offer hosting for prices below $4 due to the poor quality associated with this. A poor quality service is characterized by, among others, overloading web servers with too many sites (overselling), outsourcing technical support to poor countries with low salaries and, last but not least, charging all kinds of extra costs that are included if you buy good quality services.

Pricing of web hosting services.

  • Shared services with or without WordPress or other site builders: $4 – $10.
  • Reseller account: $15 – $25.
  • VPS account: $7.50 – $40.
  • Dedicated server: $35 – $1,000.
  • Cloud services: depending on usage: $50 – $10,000.

Domain names.

  • Domain names: .com, .org, .us etc: around 10 dollar. Domains with country extensions such as .de and category names such as .news are sometimes more expensive. Some hosts offer one free domain or a discount for the first year to customers on a paid plan.

Extras (optional).

  • SSL certificates are often free (Let’s Encrypt). The price of other regular certificates are from about 30 dollar while Wildcard SSL is about 150 dollar, both for one year.
  • WordPress themes are often free of charge. Upgrading to premium versions costs approximately 50 dollar a year.
  • WordPress page builders: pricing around $50 a year as well.
  • Most WordPress plugins are free. The paid ones (upgrade) cost between $25 and $75 a year.

Web hosting prices at this wonderful Cloud hosting provider.

The company we are talking about here is a good example of low budget website hosting. For the cheapest shared plan, they charge only $4.17 a month and VPS starts at just $6.50 a month. WordPress is from $4.17 as well. The cheapest dedicated plans are priced at $36.67 a month. So these are really low prices. The company is a Cloud provider. This practically eliminates downtime. Most cloud hosts charge per minute or per hour based on usage. As you have read this provider charges a low fixed monthly hosting fee. This makes the monthly bill much lower compared to other Cloud services. All plans come with an easy drag and drop website builder which is free.

30 Day Free Trial 

PS. By the way, I use this Cloud Hosting Service myself on a daily basis and I love it!

Hopefully this summary was good enough to answer the question “how much is web hosting“. However, we invite you to read on to learn everything about the details.

Long explanation.

How much are hosting fees for a website?

Are you planning to build a website or web shop yourself? Then you will probably have noticed that you will need a domain name and domain hosting for this. This seems okay, but what costs does this entail? Of course you don’t want to pay too much. Especially as a beginner you want to get started as cheaply as possible. In this article I will therefore talk about how much should it cost to host a website, calculated per month and per year. So let’s get started quickly, because then you can get started faster too!

What different types of web hosting are there?

Before you buy a package, you must first choose a company. This seems easy, but I can guarantee that this is more difficult than you initially think. The choice is huge, not every web host is good, there are big differences in costs and you also have a choice of different types of site hosting that all have different prices. Let’s first discuss the different types, as the price depends on this.

Cheap shared hosting.

The cheapest option is a shared service. With a shared account, your website or web shop will be on the same web server with a large number of other websites and web shops. The advantage of this is that costs can be reduced so you pay a lower fee. However, the disadvantage of shared services is that you probably have a slower website because the server can be full. Another drawback is the chance that hackers attack another customer’s website on the same web server, which can also affect your site. In addition, it can happen that a customer on the same server as yours misbehaves, for example, by spreading malware or engaging in hacking or phishing. There is a good chance that this customer will receive a ranking penalty from Google or his website will be removed from Google’s index completely. Since you are on the same server with your site (all customers share the same IP address), you may also be confronted with a ranking penalty. When things like this happen, cheap is unfortunately expensive in the end!

Overselling for as much profit as possible.

Sometimes low budget web hosting is being oversold by the provider. Overselling is the practice of some cheap providers to overload web servers with as many customers as possible. There are sometimes thousands of customers on one and the same server, which greatly increases the profit for the host. However it simultaneously means trouble for customers.

Affordable WordPress hosting.

WordPress (WP) hosting is the most popular shared option because this content management system (CMS) or website builder is easy to learn and of high quality. That’s why most websites in the world (about 40%) are built with and running on WP. The nice thing is that this system is offered for free by all hosts on the condition that you purchase a package. Compared to shared hosting without WordPress, WP offers many more options to create a beautiful site. This CMS offers countless free and paid templates and plugins. Templates (called themes by the WP community) enable one-click turnkey web design while plugins offer an extension of the basic WP options which can come in very handy. When you consider the question how much does a web host cost, the pricing of shared accounts, with or without WordPress, is not too bad.

Reseller Hosting is more expensive.

Are you a web designer or do you manage a large number of sites and can you pay a little more? Then reseller accounts are the perfect type of plan for you. With reseller hosting, you can resell and manage services from a web host under your own name (White Label). This is very useful for web designers as it gives them direct access to their clients’ websites. But, keep in mind, with a reseller package you pay more, you have to provide technical support to your customers and also set up and take care of the billing. The web host generally does not do this when you choose reseller hosting. An exception to this rule is the company Resellers Panel, which provides technical support and also does the billing for its affiliated resellers. Resellers Panel basically offers free reseller plans but the company also has a paid package. The applicable website for the free plan is

VPS Hosting.

If you want to know what is the price of web hosting, you can also look at VPS (virtual private server) solutions. Virtual means that your web server is software and not hardware. This is the best variant, but probably not suitable for everyone due to the slightly higher costs. You also need more technical knowledge. With VPS your website will be hosted on a virtual server where no other websites are located. This virtual server is part of a powerful physical web server that is shared with other customers but each of them has his own separated VPS. This allows your website to achieve maximum results and the chance of hackers or other security risks is much smaller compared to shared accounts. In addition, VPS has the advantage that the system is very scalable. Scalable means that you can upgrade or downgrade memory, processing power or bandwidth very quickly and easily (often at no extra cost). To put this into perspective, with dedicated hosting scalability is much slower, more difficult and expensive. In addition, with VPS, any repairs can be done much faster because your server is virtual. VPS is therefore a great choice for large websites or applications.

Dedicated server.

While trying to find out how much does web hosting cost, we have now arrived at a more expensive system, the dedicated web server. In this case you rent a server all to yourself and nothing is shared with others. The advantage of this is that you have all the freedom to do what you want with the server and you can enjoy maximum performance and security. What the downside is was already mentioned above.

Cloud hosting (virtual).

Finally, I mention here the most sophisticated and most expensive system, called cloud hosting. With a cloud solution, your site or application is not hosted by just one, but by a large number of web servers. The big advantage of this is that there will be no downtime for your project. After all, if a server fails, its task is immediately taken over by another server. How much should web hosting cost is difficult to estimate in the case of cloud solutions because the price is based on how much bandwidth, memory, space and technical support you use.

What are the costs for an SSL certificate and domain name?

It is difficult to answer the question what should I pay for website hosting, because it depends on a large number of factors. As you have just read, the type of solution you have chosen plays a major role in this. But that is not everything. In addition to the costs of hosting, you also have to deal with the costs of an SSL (Secure Socket Layer or https instead of http) certificate and a domain name. These costs are per year and must be added to the total costs.

What does an SSL certificate cost?

An SSL certificate provides extra security for your website. You link this certificate to your domain name and then a secure connection is created between your site and the server. This means that your data and the data of the visitors are safe and hackers or other malicious people can do no or, at least, much less damage. When the SSL certificate is active, you can recognize it by the lock in the search bar of your browser. SSL generally costs around 30 bucks a year. However, nowadays there are many companies offering SSL for free (Let’s Encrypt).

What does a domain name cost?

In addition to the SSL certificate, you also need a domain name. The domain name can be seen as the address of your website or web shop. When people type your domain name into the browser’s search bar, they will go directly to your website or web shop. As you will understand, a domain name must be unique. The price for a domain name is about $10 per year depending on the extension. Country extensions are generally a bit more expensive. There are also providers that do not charge any costs for a domain name in the first year on the condition that a hosting package is purchased.

How much shared hosting costs with or without WordPress.

Most people use shared solutions with WordPress because it’s free (WP is free, hosting has to be paid for), easy, fast, and secure. In this part I will therefore go into more detail about how much for web hosting with or without WordPress on shared servers.

If you opt for a shared system and install WordPress on this package or not, you will have to pay about $4 to $10 per month. When we convert this to costs per year, the price for a shared platform is about $48 to $120 per year. There are offers with significantly lower prices but, in almost all cases, you are dealing with poor quality, so I advise against that.

How much is reseller hosting?

Reseller systems probably aren’t of interest to most readers of this blog, but I want to discuss this as well. The cost for Reseller hosting is about $15 to $25 a month. So you will have to take into account a bill of about $180 to $300 per year.

How much is VPS?

Do you choose VPS? Then the costs are usually lower than paid reseller hosting. It is difficult to say how much this will cost, because it strongly depends on the host you have chosen. The costs for VPS often start at $8 per month, but can go up to $50 per month. So count on at least $96 per year, which can go up to $600 in a year.

How much is a dedicated server?

A good quality dedicated server is between $35 and $1,000 per month, making it almost the most expensive option in many cases. This translates to respectively $420 to $12,000 per year.

Cloud web hosting price.

Cloud solutions are usually charged per hour or per minute and depend entirely on how much you have used. In addition, setup costs may be charged. The price is therefore based on the amount of bandwidth, memory, and web space used, plus any setup costs. The latter can add up if there is a complicated setup that may also need to be changed or maintained regularly or that requires specific technical support. Companies offering this service include AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure, and GCP (Google Cloud Platform). It is difficult to give a price indication for this, but, one thing is certain, it can be quite expensive. You can expect a minimum fee of $50 a month. Really big companies sometimes pay a fee of up to thousands of dollars a month. So, you can consider cloud services as the most expensive option. As you were able to read at the start there is only one exception to this rule and that is the Cloud company Linux Hosts Inc. offering Cloud plans from $4.17 a month.

Are there other costs involved in hosting a website?

You have already read in this post about web hosting prices, what it will be per year or per month. We have of course also taken the domain name and the SSL certificate into account so that you will not be faced with unexpected surprises. Have we now discussed all costs?

Yes, we have discussed all initial costs associated with hosting websites. However, there may be additional costs LATER on. After you have installed WordPress, you need to choose a WordPress theme. There are of course free themes, but if you want to get off to a good start, I can definitely recommend a Premium theme. The Astra theme, Ocean WP, Generate Press (I use it!) and Studio Press are very good choices. Think of amounts of about $50 per year.

If necessary, costs can also be added for the use of a WP page builder. A page builder makes building your own website super easy and that is very nice. If you want to use one, I can definitely recommend that you take a look at the following page builders: Elementor (I use this one!), Divi, Visual Composer, Beaver Builder, Brizy and/or Thrive Architect. These page builders also cost about $50 per year.

Finally, you can spend even more if you buy a paid plugin, which can easily happen if you decide to upgrade a free plugin later on. The prices here vary widely so it is not so easy to indicate what paid plugins cost. But, assume between $25 and $75 per year.

How much are hosting fees for a website – a conclusion.

Now that you know what it costs to host your creation, what types of systems there are and what the pricing depends on, it is time to do your own research. So, which solution is best for you?

I can imagine that this can be a difficult and long search, because there is so much choice and all companies are slightly different. Do you want to be sure that you make the right choice when you ask Google how much are web hosting fees? Then I can definitely recommend the company Linux Hosts Inc. (see the beginning of this article). My websites are hosted by them and I’m very happy with the company’s service. As I told you in the summary of this post, my host has very reasonable prices. The shared offer is from $4.17 including WordPress or any other content management system, VPS pricing is from $6.50, and the dedicated plans are priced from $36.67. For VPS and dedicated accounts there’s no set-up fee and only one hour account activation. Shared plans have instant account activation. All prices are per month.

I hope I’ve managed to give you a good idea of what you’re going to pay for your package. As we have seen, shared and VPS solutions are the cheapest options. However, I would like to emphasize that the price is not everything, particularly if you go for the cheaper offers. Especially in the latter case, quality is much more important than your wallet. Thanks for reading this lengthy article and I wish you success with your website or blog and your new provider!