How can you earn money online.

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Would you like to earn money online? Then you’ve come to the right place. I work on my laptop and can do it from anywhere in the world. So the fact that I travel a lot is no obstacle whatsoever. I love making money online. If you have a preference for working at home or you just want to quit your current job, making money online is the solution. After all, the only thing you need is a laptop or other suitable device and internet.

So, how can you earn money online.

In this article I will discuss how I make money online myself and explain how you can imitate it. Making money online is basically possible for anyone and there is always a method that appeals to you. In any case, I will save you the silly ways such as taking surveys, clicking on links and gambling online. You’d better never get involved in such activities. Instead we discuss the legitimate ways that have proven to work.

Ways to make money online.

Below I show you reliable ways to make money online. Not nonsense, but methods that I myself also use to earn a decent online income.

Make money with your own website.

A website is a good way to make money on the internet. You can go in many directions with this. Anyone can create a website these days. This can easily be realized with a program such as WordPress. And starters could think of programs like Square Space or Wix to create a website. When you create your own site you can do this about something you are passionate about. If you do this the right way visitors might find you in Google once your site is indexed by the search engine. That is free traffic and you can earn money with it. You can earn money with a website by selling advertisements, advertorials, affiliate marketing, selling a well-running website, Google AdSense, business listings or by offering your own product or service, such as in a web shop. Quite a list actually. So there are plenty of opportunities to earn money with your own site. Many websites therefore use not one but several of these ways to make money on the internet. But for those who want to start, Google AdSense and affiliate marketing are the most accessible.

Google AdSense.

Google AdSense is a system that displays (relevant) ads on websites. Once approved, you log in to Google AdSense and link it to your website. You will then receive money every time one of the ads is clicked. It is important to know that you need a lot of visitors to your site. Just starting a site and waiting for the money to arrive will never work.

Use affiliate marketing to make passive money.

Affiliate marketing is another interesting way to earn money. I often apply affiliate marketing myself. This form of marketing ensures that I have passive income. It often happens that I open my laptop in the morning and have received an email telling me that I made money during my sleep. Affiliate marketing means placing links to a company’s products or services. So you’re basically promoting someone else’s product. When someone clicks your link and buys the product or service, you get a commission. You can place those links on your website, Instagram page, YouTube channel, Facebook page or in an email. It doesn’t really matter where, as long as someone can click it you can make money. To start with affiliate marketing, you have to register with an individual affiliate program of a company that sells a specific product or service or you can also become a member of an affiliate marketing platform or network. Another option is to become an affiliate of online malls or auction sites such as Amazon, eBay, Target and Walmart. Affiliate marketing platforms or networks are companies that have many different vendors as their members. As with others, their software automatically links every single sale with the affiliate member who promoted the product. This is done with a tracking code. This is how you can be sure that you will be paid for promoting. Well-known affiliate marketing platforms or networks are Share A Sale, Pepper Jam, Click Bank, Commission Junction and more. You simply sign up to the platform after which you can apply to numerous affiliate programs that are a member of the network. Some will accept you instantly while other employers have a longer approval process. Essential with affiliate marketing is of course that you have a large following or a website with many visitors. That increases the chance of success. Simply put, you can say that the more followers or visitors you have, the more money you will be able to earn.

And while receiving affiliate commissions is fun, you can also choose to use affiliate marketing the other way around. For example, if you have an online product yourself, you can place it on an affiliate platform. Other people with busy websites can then promote the product for you in exchange for a commission.

Translate text online.

If you have a two languages proficiency, this way of making money online may be something for you. Translating text can be quite profitable and it is easy to get assignments. There are various platforms for this. It is of course essential that you have complete command over two languages ​​and are able to translate qualitatively. This may involve translating web text, articles or even translating a book. The earnings from online translation amount to about 10 cents per word. Which is to say, if you are going to translate a book, you can make about $ 5,000 on average. You will of course not only have that kind of mega assignments. When translating online, you should definitely consider translating websites. For companies, a correct translation (not Google Translate) is essential to come across as a professional business in the eyes of their clients and prospects.

Make money with online marketing.

Online marketing is also a good way to create income. For the most part, online marketing can be done from behind a laptop and can therefore be done anywhere in the world. Making money as an online marketer means that you help companies set up advertising campaigns, manage their social media accounts or that you are engaged in Search Engine Optimization. The bottom line is that you help companies to get customers. The extra turnover that this yields is a good reason for many companies to reward you generously. For example, if you run a campaign that gets a company a turnover of $ 100,000 (which is by no means unique), you can easily charge around $ 20,000 for yourself. And that while the work often takes no more than a few days. So you earn according to your worth, not to how many hours you work. The field of online marketing is very broad, so to make good money the best way is to specialize in one specific part of online marketing. Examples are Social Media Marketing, search engine optimization, Google Ads, content marketing, growth hacking, email marketing, influence marketing, and conversion optimization. Once you are specialized in a specific field, companies may be more interested in your skills and are probably happy to outsource to you instead of to your competition. You are the expert and that inspires confidence. You can also perform a simple task that you know what it will yield for a company and calculate your rate accordingly. Actually, the choices seem to be endless. So choose your specialization, become the specialist and start making money online.

Instagram, YouTube or Facebook as a revenue model.

Anyone who thinks that social media like Instagram, YouTube or Facebook are only meant for fun or private contact is wrong. Making money with social media is possible even if many do not know how. In any case, the basis for making money is always the same. You need a large number of active followers on a medium before you can get anything out of it. Think of a minimum of 50,000 followers on Instagram, 10,000 subscribers on YouTube or 50,000 page likes on Facebook. It gets interesting with those numbers. If you have a similar follower base you can start. You do this by, for example, allowing advertisements from companies on your account or making a review for a company. Here too you can once again create income with affiliate marketing. Other ways to make money with social media are paid memberships (YouTube), partnerships, your own product or service, donations, Google AdSense and branding. In any case, the basis is always the same, that you have a big following. You could also choose to start your own Social Media Marketing Agency. You then set up advertising campaigns for companies and get paid according to what these campaigns yield. This is truly a golden business model. But then again that falls more under the subject of online marketing.

Sell your own e-book.

Write an e-book. An e-book is different from a real book, it is a book that people can read online and that makes it different. For example, an e-book does not have to be a 100,000-word novel. In fact, the best-selling e-books are often just 10,000 words. Mostly e-books are reference books with which other people can learn something. For example, consider writing an e-book about losing weight, thinking positively or meditating for beginners. With an e-book, people can acquire specific knowledge relatively quickly. When you write an e-book you can sell it through platforms like Amazon Kindle. These platforms handle a large part of the sales for you. You just have to write and post it, they handle the distribution and your earnings. Otherwise you could also sell an e-book on your own site, but that requires quite some more specific knowledge and, on WordPress sites you’ll need one or more plugins.

Stock market.

This way of generating income is especially reserved for the computational wonder boys among us. When you are unable to read charts properly, trading stocks or cryptocurrencies will be more of a gamble than wisdom. But knowing what you are doing can be lucrative. However, it often happens that people lose money with this. But if you have a sizeable piggy bank and are willing to think long-term (and spread your risk), this way is legit. Two friends of mine earn their full time income from trading cryptocurrencies. I am therefore sure that it is possible.

Guiding students with their homework.

Have you finished college or higher? Great! Then you could now help others to do the same. There are a lot of students who are looking for homework guidance and you can make money with that. It is really a trend nowadays that parents turn to tutoring faster. This is often outside schools, because parents want to give something extra to make their son or daughter succeed. To keep it cheap, homework guidance is done online. To earn money with homework guidance, it is best to sign up on one of the many specialized platforms. That way you will automatically find your students.


Coaching is emerging and extremely popular in 2020. I’m not talking about coaching a football team, but about coaching someone’s life. You help someone towards their goals and dreams and guide them with the necessary steps. You are above all a listening ear and give advice where possible about the steps someone can take in order to achieve progress. You are thus the supporter of someone’s mindset. The great thing about this is that you can do coaching online. You don’t have to visit someone for every session, but you can do the coaching via apps like Skype from anywhere in the world.

Sell your own video training.

Are you very good at something? Probably! Then you can help others by creating your own video training. You make a video training on a specific subject and you will go deeply into this. Then you will find students who want to follow your video training and thus generate your income. The great thing about video training is that it can provide a passive income. Once the video training has been made, you can fully automate the student’s process. Don’t worry about the movie side surrounding your video training. The most important thing is that the content is good, the technique comes second. You can easily sell your video training via one of the many platforms that are intended for this. Or simply via your own website when you are ready.

How to make money online successfully.

Of course, you could immediately choose a way to make money online and get started. But often it is better to first look at what would work best for you. This is different for everyone. In that respect, online is not that different from offline. You’re just going to look at what you’re already good at, but instead of selling this on the streets, you sell it online. For example, if you like to write, then blog. If you like to cook, make a video training about ‘your dishes’ or make a cookbook. Do you like math, you might be the daredevil with crypto currency income. Like a true online entrepreneur.

Your interests determine the way how you should do it.

Fair is fair. Making money online sometimes takes a long time. It is therefore not for everyone. For example, if you want to drag in your first dollars online today, then you are in the wrong place. This won’t help you tomorrow. If you want to earn money quickly, this might give you something now, but you will be empty-handed tomorrow. Sustainable ways often give you recurring income and ensure that your online income increases monthly. If you really want to earn with the internet, it is important to do something you like. Only then you’ll want to put effort and time into it. And make no mistake, it also comes across to others online if you are enthusiastic about something and that will help you, for sure. So choose something you genuinely like. Purely for the reason that you won’t drop out after three days. Your online earnings model should give you energy and not cost energy.

Earn money online without investment.

For every way of earning online, it differs whether there is an investment attached to it. But one thing is certain. Online, the investment is always many times lower than offline in the same industry. After all, you don’t have to rent a property or buy inventory. Usually the investment online is the time and effort you put into it. Furthermore, it is of course entirely up to the way you choose. But without money you still get very far. I only made minimal investments when I started my own online marketing agency, blog and vlog. But, to be honest, when I look at how many hours I’ve spent on this, it is sometimes quite a shock. And if you think that it will take too much time, always check your network first, there is always someone who can build a website, film a training, design your e-book, etc. Furthermore, it is often the case online that you only spend money when you earn money. For example, suppose you are doing affiliate marketing (selling products on a commission basis), you will only have costs (and revenues) after you have sold a product. Of course, a much bigger investment is required if you want to earn from trading shares or trading crypto currency. These methods are therefore preeminently the methods with the greatest risk.

Make money online expert tips.

Then there are some extra tips I would like to give. I see it often go wrong when someone starts online. There are many opportunities online, but you have to know how to grab them and you must be honest about how big those opportunities are.

Don’t think you will be a millionaire online in no time.

Maybe I have worded this article a bit exaggerated, since making money online is often the long haul. It’s really not that you create a course today and sell it 100x tomorrow. It takes effort and people learn by doing. Unfortunately, people often think it is simple online, but make no mistake. Take yourself and your plans seriously and opt for a long-term strategy. Especially if you want to work on a passive online income, a long-term plan is what ensures that some day you will never have to look at your finances again.

Work towards a passive online income.

This is the biggest advantage of making money online. The fact that you can work towards a passive income. It means that you earn money for which you don’t have to do anything at the time that it’s earned. So it comes into your bank account passively. This is possible online. But make no mistake. Passive does not mean that you never had to do anything for it, of course you invested time and effort into making it a success later on.

Know the basics of online marketing.

Online marketing often comes into play. You have to know how to sell something via the internet. How can you best come across and how can you convince your target audience? Know the basics of online marketing to make your way a success. Many people I meet on my travels have completed some kind of internet training in a specific field before they became successful online.

Ask others to help you.

Never forget what others can do for you. Friends have always been there for you, so maybe now too. Maybe you can set up something together or see how someone else’s skills match what you want to do. If you choose to put an online product on the market, you can also ask your circle of acquaintances if they want to help promote it. That’s how I got my first online customers myself.

Start now.

Hopefully you will be able to make money online using one of the above methods. In any case, I have confidence in it. Achieving online success is primarily a mindset. It is about perseverance and willpower. But when I look back and see what I got in return, I don’t regret the efforts and sacrifices. Good luck! Last but not least, if you need more information then you can also read this excellent article created and published by expert writer Sunil Dhawan.

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