GoDaddy Reviews. Should I use GoDaddy?

Short Answer (quick read).

The question “is GoDaddy good” can be answered by taking a quick look at this company. So, here we go:

Should you use GoDaddy or not?

That’s a good question and another good question could be “should I use one of the large well known companies such as Go Daddy or is it better to commit to a smaller provider?” The answer is that it’s smarter to choose a smaller company. Why? The reason for this is the fact that many large providers are doing several bad things that most people don’t know of:

  • They practice overselling. In other words, they place far too many customers on the same web server. This way they make much more profit per web server than “normal” providers. That’s how these companies, including Go Daddy, became so huge. Overselling creates all kinds of problems for website owners such as slow loading websites or security issues.
  • They give you a discount on the condition that you commit for a longer period. This way GoDaddy makes it very difficult to leave them during this period. Also, when it’s time to renew your web hosting plan, the price will be much higher.
  • In addition Daddy explicitly states in its website that the cheaper plans have standard performance and thus are not optimized. This is a very clear indication that something is wrong with this web host. Only when you buy one of the more expensive packages (from $12.99 a month which you have to pay for 3 years in advance) do they guarantee better performance and they call that “increased processing power”. This implies that the cheaper plans have decreased processing power which is highly suspicious. It’s like GoDaddy saying, “If you dare to buy a cheap plan, you’ll probably regret it”.
  • Last but not least, technical support are low-skilled employees who are trained by GoDaddy to sell as much as possible. For example, if your website is very slow, instead of solving the problem, the employee will try to convince you that you should opt for a more expensive package. Many other examples could be given of technical support being downright disastrous. In addition, waiting times on the phone are extremely long and Live Chat is regularly offline.

Why is GoDaddy so expensive?

This company is probably the most expensive web host in the world.

  • As I said, in the first place they try on their website to register you as a customer for a period of 3 years. That results in a discount and, when it’s time to renew, you will be shocked by the higher price.
  • The same applies to the prices of domain names. These are often ridiculously low the first year and after that you get the unpleasant surprise of much higher annual costs.
  • Further the company charges extra for additional services that are often offered at no charge by other hosting providers. An example is the not uncommon situation requiring you to restore your WordPress site from a backup. Go Daddy charges money for this very easy and quick action which actually is nothing more than pressing a button.
  • You will also be lured with a free SSL certificate (https instead of http), probably not realizing that after one year you will be paying a lot for SSL offered for free by normal providers. GoDaddy’s cheapest SSL is $69.99 per website per year. For multiple sites you can buy a certificate for $159.99 and, even worse, if you want to secure your sub domains it will cost you a whopping $295.99 per year! The Google search engine requires SSL otherwise you can forget about a high ranking. So GoDaddy forces customers to accept very expensive web hosting.

What’s better than GoDaddy?

Go Daddy is probably the worst web hosting provider in the world, especially for beginners. There are 2 reasons for this:

  • There is no competent and easily accessible Help Desk, which is so important for starters.
  • It is all terribly expensive and that is often an insurmountable problem, especially for beginners.

My own web host is the Cloud hosting company Linux Hosts Inc offering the easiest website builder in the world. I have been their satisfied customer since 2009. Unlike GoDaddy, all of their 24-7-365 Support employees are highly competent engineers who are extremely helpful and fast which is a huge advantage for beginners. The prices are permanently low and SSL is free forever which you will not find at Daddy. The company’s drag and drop site builder is faster and easier than GoDaddy’s site creator. You can try them for free.

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Hopefully this short GoDaddy review was good enough to answer the question “are GoDaddy websites any good“. However, I invite you to read on to learn everything about the details.

Long Go Daddy review
Although Go Daddy is best known for their domain registration services, it is also the largest hosting company in the world. However, is it a good place to host your website?

What is GoDaddy used for?

GoDaddy is a web hosting and domain name provider. The company is used for registering domains and hosting web sites. Below are some of the company’s features:

  • Uptime guarantee: 99.9%
  • Customer service: 24/7 live chat and phone
  • Hosting types: Shared, WordPress, Managed WordPress, VPS and dedicated hosting
  • Free domain for the first year
  • Domain extensions: all
  • cPanel control panel
  • Hosting is best for: Highly experienced yet masochistic developers who enjoy being forced to solve all sorts of technical problems.
  • Not suitable for: beginners due to the numerous technical problems combined with the lack of a normal help desk. As a starter you will be completely left in the dark.
  • Server locations: North America, Europe, Asia
  • Price: from $5.99 per month (when you pay 3 years in advance)

GoDaddy pros

  • GoDaddy’s account, dashboard and site builder are easy to use
  • New customers get a free domain name for one year
  • The company has data centers all over the world
  • A very wide range of products to choose from

Sorry, that’s all for the pros.

Why GoDaddy is bad

The cons:

  • Outrageously expensive for the quality of service
  • Slow servers
  • Numerous security vulnerabilities
  • You pay extra for WordPress backup restoration (most companies offer this for free) and you also pay extra for SSL certificates which are free for the first year but get very expensive after that
  • Lousy customer service proposing to upgrade your plan instead of finding a solution to a technical problem
  • They play dirty tricks with domain names

GoDaddy website

GoDaddy has a beautiful and reliable-looking website and everybody knows the company name. When a relative of mine who had never done anything with websites before, registered a domain name, she did it automatically with Go Daddy. I myself have been their customer since 2015 and I have since then placed several domain names with them. In this Go Daddy website review, however, I will mainly focus on their website hosting offers. In a nutshell, websites hosted by provider are slow, insecure, and way too expensive for what you get.

Is GoDaddy reliable?

Speed, uptime, customer service and hosting features are the 4 most important components of web hosting. GoDaddy fails miserably on all these fronts.

  • It is well known within the hosting industry that GoDaddy overloads their servers with too many websites. The problem with this is that when one site experiences a spike in visitors or otherwise has to process too much data, it slows down all sites on the server. And, if the problem is serious enough you may experience downtime.
  • Also, this provider does not use a modern server infrastructure or the latest PHP version. This also affects speed and uptime. See image below:
  • And, if we look at the features of their cheapest hosting package, you’ll see that it only has 512MB of RAM (memory), a fraction of what other hosting providers offer. Also, all their hosting packages have strict CPU limits.
  • As for the customer service you have already seen that it’s not good at all.

Don’t worry if you are not familiar with all of the above terms. The important thing to know is that all of this leads to slow or non-loading websites.

GoDaddy why is my site down?

Uptime refers to the time your site is online and downtime to the time your site is offline. Some downtime will occur with every hosting provider, but GoDaddy websites have much more downtime than the average hosting provider. This is disastrous for business websites, but it is also not okay for hobby sites. When a visitor can’t reach your site, you may miss out on income and it is also bad for your SEO. The site gives you a good idea of what’s going on. See the image below:

There are many complaints about this, not only on this site but also on Facebook groups, forums and review sites such as TrustPilot. See image below:

GoDaddy claims to have a 99.9% uptime guarantee, but even if you don’t dig into their fine print, that doesn’t even seem right:

GoDaddy is down

If GoDaddy’s uptime guarantee fails because your site is down you can request a credit of 5% of your monthly hosting bill for that month. The downtime credit may be used only for the purchase of further products and services from the company. I have 2 remarks about this:

  • A credit of 5% of your monthly hosting bill for that month is ridiculously low and
  • The 5% downtime credit can’t be used as a discount on your hosting bill, no, you have to buy something extra from them. I assume that there isn’t any Go Daddy product or service with such a low price. Let’s say you have the cheapest hosting plan. The price is $5.99 a month. The offered credit is 5% of 5.99 is 30 cents! They don’t have any product with such a low price. In other words, there is no real compensation for suffered downtime. The company’s downtime credit offer is 100% fake!

Godaddy Tech Support

The company offers 24/7 customer support that you can reach via live chat or by phone. As they admit, their live chat is sometimes not available. GoDaddy customer service is not really technical support but more an extension of their sales team. For example, when you contact them about problems with your shared hosting package, the response is often that you have to upgrade to a more expensive plan. This abnormal solution is even given to customers who have a web site with zero traffic. Technical support completely ignores the fact that there are many technical factors that can lead to problems often not related at all to what kind of package you bought. I fear that many people who don’t know any better fall for this and pay way too much money for a service they don’t need at all. Actually there is no technical help desk. The company’s help desk employees are trained to sell and not trained to repair. It’s like bringing your broken car to a garage where the mechanic is trying to sell you a new car instead of repairing your broken vehicle.

When you try to contact GoDaddy over the phone, you can expect wait times of 20 minutes – at least. Once you have someone on the line, this person is unhelpful and tries to get rid of you as quickly as possible (because, of course, every customer who calls costs money). Daddy’s customer service is easily among the worst in the hosting industry. Below is a small selection of the endless supply of negative customer experiences.

Why you should not use GoDaddy

Now let’s take a look at the company’s dashboard and control panel.

  • GoDaddy has a custom dashboard from where you can manage your websites and domain names, adjust account details and arrange your payments. This dashboard looks nice and is easy to use. There are, however, a few annoying glitches. For example, it asks you at random times to log in again with your Google account while you are navigating through the different pages. And, worse, this can also happen when you are in the middle of saving something. So, it’s better not to use this glitchy dashboard.
  • For website management, Go Daddy offers cPanel that allows you to install and manage WordPress and other content management systems. So, instead of developing their own (free) control panel the company prefers cPanel. cPanel is an expensive option and it’s one of the reasons why the provider’s hosting plans are so expensive. So, this is another good reason not to use this provider.

Is GoDaddy safe?

There are probably few hosting providers on the planet where hosting your site is less secure than GoDaddy. For example, there were and are countless incidents of data breaches:

  • In 2019, more than 28,000 users had their login details hacked and published online.
  • In 2021, more than 1.2 million Go Daddy WordPress users were affected by a data breach.
  • Then there’s the fact that, at some point, Go Daddy injected its own JavaScript into customer’s sites that site owners were not notified of. This JavaScript slowed down and in some cases even destroyed websites. This is not hearsay. GoDaddy itself admits this on their website as you can see in the image below. Let this sink in for a while. The fact that a host adds unwanted code to your site to not only collect unsolicited data, but also destroys your site, is outrageous. See image below.

  • Then there are an awful lot of sites on GoDaddy that suffer from malware. This is because the company hardly invests in security. Certainly, as a user you are also responsible for keeping your website safe. But from a somewhat decent web host, you can expect them to do most of the heavy lifting.

Why does GoDaddy charge for SSL?

GoDaddy is lousy when it comes to hosting perks and features. This provider is all about one thing: money. So you pay extra for site restoration from a backup (after being hacked, for example) while other hosting providers simply do this for you at no charge or else at least clearly indicate how you can do this in your account without paying for it. But there’s more: SSL is not free!

Go Daddy charges at least $69.99 per year per website for an SSL certificate from year two. Today, almost every hosting provider offers an always free SSL certificate through the non-profit organization Let’s Encrypt. It’s actually not even worth mentioning anymore because it has become a habit of hosting companies to provide Let’s Encrypt for free. What GoDaddy is doing here is the same as charging extra for eg a control panel or making you pay for technical support. Their expensive SSL is actually enough reason not to do business with this company. Because a website practically cannot do without an SSL certificate and also not without a free restoration after, for example, a hack, you end up paying much more than with others.

Is GoDaddy a good website builder?

The provider offers its own website builder. Such a website builder (or site creator) can be useful for beginners who find WordPress too much work. You can put together simple sites using a number of templates. You can then add text elements and images with a drag & drop tool. GoDaddy’s website builder isn’t bad, but there are plenty of better alternatives out there.

How much is GoDaddy hosting

The web hosting provider offers quite a wide range of web hosting packages. Since I don’t recommend GoDaddy as a web host, there’s little point in keeping them all under the spotlight, so we’re just going to look at their most popular plans. These are their shared hosting plans aimed at new, smaller websites and beginners, most of whom quickly run into problems because they cannot count on competent technical help. All of their shared plans come with a free domain name for the first year. These are their shared hosting plans:


  • Standard performance (highly suspicious).
  • 512 MB RAM (extremely low memory).
  • 1 website
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 30 GB of storage
  • Cost: $5.99 per month when prepaid for 3 years (after renewal $8.99 per month)


  • Standard performance
  • 10 sites
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 100 GB of storage
  • Cost: 7.99 per month (after renewal $11.99 per month)


  • Increased processing power.
  • 25 sites
  • Unlimited storage space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Cost: 12.99 per month (after renewal $16.99 per month)


  • Increased processing power
  • 50 sites
  • Unlimited storage space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Cost: $19.99 per month (after renewal you pay the same).

Keep in mind, as I mentioned earlier, that from the second year on you still have to pay for an expensive SSL certificate. What is especially striking when looking at these packages is that the company shines in displaying empty marketing promises. They don’t let you know how many visitors each package can handle, but meanwhile they promise you things like “unlimited bandwidth” – something they can’t do at all. The service offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. So if you’re reading this review and you’ve just taken out one of their hosting packages, luckily you can get your money back and switch to a good provider (a little further on you’ll find which providers I recommend).

Is GoDaddy good for domains?

There are countless people reporting that GoDaddy is stealing domain names. This is how it works. You search for a specific domain name on Go Daddy. The domain name is still available, and you click away from the site to think about it for a while. A few days later, you return to the Go Daddy website. The domain name is no longer available, but you can get it for 10x the usual price. While it’s hard to prove this watertight, it would be naive to think that a company like this doesn’t do this sort of things given the high number of people reporting these domain incidents. See example incidents in the 2 images below.

Companies that use GoDaddy

There are countless large companies and organizations that advise you to walk away from Go Daddy. Wikipedia no longer does business with them, iThemes hates their hosting, and even mainstream media outlets like Forbes warn against the company. It is also interesting to search for GoDaddy Glassdoor and GoDaddy Trust Pilot in Google. Both the Glassdoor and Trust Pilot websites contain numerous opinions and reviews from current and past customers and the majority is clearly unhappy with the services of this web hosting provider.

GoDaddy Alternatives

The good news after all this negative stuff is that there are plenty of hosting companies that do offer a good service. You probably never heard of them before because, unlike Go Daddy, they don’t spend millions on marketing campaigns. These hosting companies are as easy or even easier to use than Go Daddy, are much faster, more secure and cost less. Here they are:

  • Linux Hosts Inc. This is our own web host (13 years already). This provider is so good that they get 5 stars from us without a doubt. Definitely the fastest and best customer service. Very suitable for beginners. It is the only Cloud hosting service with a fixed low monthly price instead of letting the price depend on customer’s usage. It is also the only company that offers a guarantee against overselling (overloading web servers with too many customers).
  • Hostinger. With 24/7 customer service and Lite Speed servers. It’s a budget host, so customer service isn’t that fast or good (think 30 minutes wait), but it’s an excellent service for the price.
  • Site Ground. Has one of the best customer service teams in the hosting industry and runs on the blazing fast Google Cloud Platform.

Conclusion of this GoDaddy review: Don’t be fooled!

As I write this conclusion, I still have a few domain names registered with Go Daddy. But this won’t last long. While their domain registration service isn’t as bad as their hosting, after diving deep into the company in order to write this review, I don’t want anything to do with them anymore.

Go Daddy charges way too high prices for crappy web hosting. They target people who simply don’t know any better and make them pay extra for services that practically every hosting provider offers for free, such as an SSL certificate and backup restoration. Meanwhile, they are putting too many websites on their servers and moreover, their server infrastructure is outdated. This ensures that your site is not safe with them and will load slowly. Their customer service couldn’t be worse either. Finally, they engage in unethical practices with domain names.

GoDaddy is a ripoff so, if you are thinking about using them, I urge you to forget this hosting and domain name provider. If you ask me “Is GoDaddy worth the money” or you ask me the question “are GoDaddy websites good” then my answer is a loud “no!”.

In the unlikely event that you are already a customer of this provider, I recommend that you read my article about cancelling Go Daddy web hosting so that you can switch with peace of mind. Thanks for reading and good luck!