Web hosting free trial no credit card.

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Why a free trial web hosting without credit card?

This article is about no charge website hosting trials not asking any financial information from you. It is preferable to choose a web host that gives potential customers the opportunity to try the service for free before entering into certain commitments. Offering a free test account proves that the company has enough confidence in the product offered. This is especially true if the service doesn’t ask anything about your credit card. One of such companies is Linux Hosts Inc (more about that later).

Web hosting companies forcing customers to enter into a monthly or annual contract from the first contact, may not have real confidence in their own service.

What should you pay attention to once you have found a free trial web hosting offered by a web host who is not asking any financial information?

There are several ways to try hosting for free. And, not every offer is ideal.

Pay attention to the requirements for such offers:

  • How long can you try the web hosting account for free? We believe that you should have at least 1 month to test all aspects of your hosting account. 1 week or 14 days is often not enough to try everything out.
  • Do they need financial information from you? Our opinion is that registration should be possible without you being obliged to provide financial details, such as credit card information. Firstly, it is more customer-friendly because registration is easier and faster. Secondly, the customer can avoid forgetting to cancel the account before the expiration of the free trial. The result could be that you pay for something you don’t want.
  • Are there any restrictions? In our opinion, a free trial web hosting account should have no restrictions. The free trial should have exactly the same features as a paid account. This is the best way to test all aspects of a hosting service and to compare it with other website hosting services.

Linux Hosts Inc, the hosting provider with one of the best free trials.

Easy website builders such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or code your own website from scratch. These are all options offered by Linux Hosts Inc. The company offers a 30 day free trial without asking any financial information from the subscriber. They already serve more than 3 million happy hosting customers worldwide. Domain names are offered from $2.50 only. Visit https://linux-hosts-inc.com/hosting for the free web hosting trial and to get your cheap domain name which is available on the hosting sign up form. No credit card information is being asked.

Lowest cancellation rate.

Did you know that Linux Hosts Inc. has the lowest cancellation rate in the web hosting industry? Doesn’t that say everything? The company is proud to be considered by most of its members as the best website hosting option. Their cancellation rate is 2 percent. This means that only 2 out of 100 customers cancel their account. Most hosting providers have a much higher cancellation rate. Some of them go as high as 50 percent! Can you imagine that?

Long version.

Try web hosting for a month at no cost.

The web hosting and e-commerce hosting platform for those who want to be able to rely on experienced hosting specialists, impressive innovative speed and proactive support. Import your shop or create your website with WordPress, Drupal or Joomla and discover the speed difference, our CLI tools and MageRun plugins. Our enthusiastic support engineers are sure to become your lifelong friends during the 30 days that you are using the free web hosting trial.

The many advantages and specifics of Linux Hosts Inc.

  • You can try the hosting service out for 30 days without paying a dime. No credit card required. Just discover the platform and make your choice.
  • More than 3 million happy hosting customers in 120 countries
  • Designed for speed. In today’s busy and critical e-commerce and blog or website market, customers expect to be able to shop online or gather information fast, smooth and undisturbed. With our optimized software stack you can live up to all expectations. On average, websites become 167% faster when they go to Linux Hosts Inc.
  • Your security, our job. Online security of a blog, website or e-commerce shop takes a lot of time and attention. That is why we go to great lengths to take as much off your hands as possible. With, for example, smart blocking of malicious bots, integrated protection against brute force attacks and many more smart automatic processes.
  • An enthusiastic and down-to-earth support team. We are there for you every step of your online adventure. Not only when there are problems, but also for fun challenges, advice, growth plans and thinking about smart partnerships.
  • One less worry! Our fully managed platform and the websites that use it are closely monitored 24/7 by our technicians. Thanks in part to smart automation, a proactive attitude and a constant urge to improve, we make problems disappear before they appear. You can count on that!
  • Managed hosting for optimal performance. We have developed first-class hyper modern hosting solutions so you can focus on creating first-class experiences
  • Groundbreaking Hosting. Our platform is built in close collaboration with developers to guarantee optimal performance. In addition, it is our mission to make developing websites as easy as possible. Our hosting platform offers the very latest technologies and tools for performance, security and development. And new functions are added every week. For example, we have built MageReport, a publicly accessible tool that allows you to check your website for vulnerabilities. By choosing us, you opt for better performance, security and stability, and save yourself a lot of time.
  • Lightning fast SSD servers. We use SSD servers to guarantee maximum speed. Built-in caching options. With out of the box Varnish, Redis and FPC you create an optimal user experience.
  • Ready for the latest PHP version. Take advantage of extra performance gains with the latest versions of PHP.
  • HTTP / 2 support. Shorten loading times and increase the security of your site with fast and free SSL.
  • Advanced software stack. We use NGINX, MySQL, ElasticSearch and RabbitMQ for optimal loading times and user experiences.
  • CDN support. A CDN contributes to an optimal user experience.
  • We take security very seriously. Crucial security updates are rolled out within 4 hours!
  • Magento malware scanner. This self-learning tool scans your web site daily for malware.
  • Brute-force protection. Brute-force attacks are immediately and automatically blocked. Proactive identification of security risks. We proactively search for threats and cut them before you or your visitor knows about it.
  • Contemporary TLS encryption. Built-in TLS (SSL) encryption.
  • Automatic free backups. Multiple automatic or instant backups of your creation every day.
  • Two-factor authentication. Of course: also your control panel is well secured with two-factor authentication.
  • Auto-healing servers. The risk of data loss and downtime is thus reduced to a minimum.
  • Regular rollout of security patches We understand that security is key with any online presence. That is why you can rely on us to regularly roll out patches across all OS and firmware of our platform.

Try 1 month free: lightning-fast web hosting & business e-mail.

What exactly is WordPress and what can you do with it?

Easily build your own professional website with WordPress (abbreviated WP) the most popular website builder in the world. WP offers a choice of over 8,000 themes and 55,000 plugins. Start your own professional WordPress website today for free. WordPress is a simple system to build and manage a website, blog or web shop without needing (a lot of) technical knowledge yourself. WordPress is based on the PHP programming language but easy to use without any knowledge due to the many extensions.

We prepare your WordPress website.

After 30 days hosting trial without charge you can upgrade your hosting package to a paid plan. Simply install WordPress on your domain name and set the basics. After that you can get started with the content of your blog, website or web shop. On our website you will find tips and tricks to make your website a success.

A complete package for a really good start.

Our hosting packages are not only optimized for WordPress but also for Drupal, Joomla and other systems. Experience has shown that a regular hosting package is just not enough to host the WordPress CMS. Together with our team we have put together various packages to get the best out of your website.

Try web hosting free for 1 month. No credit card or other financial information needed.

Creating your own first website is always exciting. Because you do not yet know what suits you well and especially do not know how far you can get with your own knowledge and experience. Simply try the Starter hosting package free of charge or one of the other 30 day free website hosting plans, and without obligation. You won’t leave us anymore, guaranteed!

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