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Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. How to get a specific article? From the search results, simply copy and paste your selected article to your site. You can also save images and other media that belong to the post.
  2. Can I make changes? After you have become the new owner you can make any modifications you like such as remove or add links, remove or add text, images etc.
  3. How much does it cost? The price is $29.50 for articles that were published before May 11 2020. These articles are NOT SEO optimized. Articles published after May 11 2020 cost $49.50. These are fully search engine optimized articles all ranking high in Google.
  4. Do you offer discounts? Sure! Order 5-10 articles and your discount is 10%. 11-15 articles: 20%. 16-20: 30%. 21-25: 40%. 26-30: 50%. For more than 30 articles please contact us: contact@richarddetering.com
  5. What is your SEO work? Please visit this page for an explanation.
  6. How to pay? Currently we offer only one payment option and that is PayPal. Your payment can be send to the PayPal email address contact@richarddetering.com. Please include the URL of the article you wish to buy so we can remove it from our website. Also include your new website address where the article can be found. This enables us to redirect from the old URL to yours. The required information can also be send to our email address. Please keep in mind that there will be no refunds. By ordering you automatically agree to our Terms and Conditions.
  7. How to pay using our email address? Here’s how to send a payment from your PayPal account: Go to Send & Request.
    Enter our email address, and click Next.
    Select your payment type.
    Enter the amount you want to send, select the currency.
    Add the following message: the URL of the article you wish to buy so we can remove it from our website. Also include your new website address where the article can be found so we can place a permanent redirect.
    Click Continue.
    Review your payment information and click Send Payment Now. On the payment page, your payment will be set in the default currency of your recipient’s country or region. After the payment is sent, we will receive a notification email.
  8. What happens after payment? As soon as your payment is received the article will be removed from our website while a permanent 301 .htaccess redirect will be placed to the URL on your site. Within a few days Google will automatically index your page for the appropriate search terms. Our page will be removed from Google’s index within a few days as well. That’s how simple it works!
  9. How can you redirect a page to us while it has been removed? The page itself will not be removed, only it’s content. This makes a redirect possible, reliable, simple and fast.
  10. What happens if I don’t pay? In that case your site will get a Google penalty for duplicate content. Keep in mind that this will affect your entire website, not only the article in question.

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