Do I need web hosting for my website? Easy explanation.

Short Answer (quick read).

The question “do I need web hosting for my website” can be answered by taking a quick look at how it works. So, here we go:

Web hosting is necessary assuming your intention is to make your website accessible to everyone online. And currently, hosting is the only way to achieve that. It is possible to create your website in your own computer while you are offline. However, this path is usually not followed. In the vast majority of cases, a site is created while one is already online. This implies that most people open a website hosting account first and only then start creating a site. The advantages of this are that your creation is part of the worldwide web from the very first design and you can immediately see the online result of changes to your website. Moreover, an account comes with many free one-click tools so that, for example, installing WordPress becomes a piece of cake. Making your own website at home is more difficult and also expensive compared to working within an account.

Why is web hosting needed if I choose this wonderful Cloud hosting provider?

It’s the only way to go online. Practically all customers of the web host we are talking about here first open an account before they create a website. Only a very small minority opens an account after they have first created a website at home on their own computer. The company’s hosting plans start at $4.17 per month. But I think you don’t only need hosting, what you really need is excellent Cloud site hosting. And that is exactly what this provider offers. Cloud hosting has a number of advantages. One of them is that there will be practically no downtime for your website. All plans come with an easy drag and drop website builder. And, it’s the only web host in the world with a strict No Overselling Policy.

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Hopefully this summary was good enough to answer the question “do i need web hosting for my domain“. However, we invite you to read on to learn everything about the details.

Long explanation.

Do you need hosting for a website?

If you want to be able to present your website to the world, you need to rent web space from a company. That’s why it’s called hosting. Depending on the size and complexity of your site, there are different requirements for a domain hosting plan. The costs vary greatly depending on the web host and scope of services. For example, renting your own web server without sharing the server with others, is very expensive, and will only make sense for very few starters. By the way, a web server is a huge computer configured for hosting websites and applications. Under normal circumstances a starter doesn’t need his or her own web server so let’s put that aside. The truth is that, especially beginners, will opt for a cheap account including a simple drag and drop website builder.

Web hosting is needed for every site.

As business owner, you really can’t get around having your own website these days. Not only start-ups or e-commerce projects, but classic businesses as well, can no longer be successful without online presence as an essential marketing strategy. Online behavior has changed so much lately that operating exclusively offline is considered as something of the past which can’t lead to business success anymore.

If you are planning to go online with your business, you have to find a hosting company providing the desired online presence (storage space) so that anyone with an Internet device can visit your site online. However, dealing with site hosting requires certain basic technical knowledge and therefore confronts some beginners with major hurdles. In the following I will guide visitors to my site through the web hosting selection process. I like to help less tech-savvy business owners to make their own website available online for potential customers via the system of website hosting. So now you know the answer to your question “do i need a host for my website“.

The web hosting account is determined by the type of site.

There is a variety of different solutions on the market in terms of website hosting and you’ll have to select the most suitable plan. Which package you ultimately buy depends on what requirements your website has in order to load fast with an excellent uptime.

For example, if you don’t need anything more than a simple introduction and presentation of your business, then the demands on a package are usually not high at all.

On the other hand, if you have a website with many catalogs and products or, if you developed a very complex site or a site with intensive data usage such as videos or podcasts, then the requirements will be much higher.

For example, if an online shop is planned on your website, through which a large quantity of goods is going to be sold, then it is all the more important to analyze first exactly what your website will need in order to achieve success.

Types of web hosting.

So, this all means that, before you select a provider and a specific hosting package, you need to find out exactly which solution would be the best one for you and your website. The most common solutions and their target groups are described below in order of free to the most expensive option.

Free web hosting.

Even if financial resources are problematic at the start – please try not to save on website hosting. Free hosting is easy to spot and will do more harm than good to your fledgling business. The disadvantages are: Google gives free sites generally a low rank, ads, relevant or not, may appear on your website, technical support, web space, loading speed and allowed monthly traffic are, in most cases, very limited.

Web hosting with website builder.

If money is tight, it would be better to choose a web host offering a site builder. This is an already developed website that you can change and fill with your own content. For websites on a budget, a website builder is a good and cheap solution.

Shared website hosting.

If you have some basic design and computer skills or, if a professional has developed your site, you must know the answer to the question “is web hosting necessary for a website” and act accordingly. A shared account is an excellent option in this scenario. This means that the server is shared among multiple customers. For example, 100 different domain names can be hosted on a shared web server with only a few restrictions.

Your own web server.

Under normal circumstances a beginner doesn’t need his or her own server. But, sometimes it can happen that a new website has the complexity, a huge number of files, or a very high data transfer expectation, requiring a server that is exclusively in use by one customer/website. In these cases a non-shared dedicated server or VPS (virtual private server) is recommended.

The same applies to high demanding security aspects and data protection issues, in which case a shared server is not an ideal solution.

Tip: Even if, at the beginning you are very optimistic and you expect many visitors to your website – start relaxed with hosting and choose a simple and cheap package. Many providers will let you easily upgrade if needed and, for example, move from a shared plan to your own web server which can either be a VPS or a dedicated server.

Tips for choosing web hosting.

Now that you understand why we need web hosting and what hosting type you need, it’s a matter of finding a web host who covers your needs. But what should you pay attention to when choosing the right plan? Below are the most important requirements:


Your name is John Carter and you are a sole proprietor? Then you should possibly register the domain name Your web site adventure always initially starts with buying a good domain name and sometimes the domain price is discounted or the domain is even free if you pay for a hosting plan. If not, you can buy 1 or more domains at a low price of around $10 a year. First check if the domain you need is available. Also check if the domain extension is still available. The domain extension is the last part of the domain after the dot. Examples are .com, .net, ,us etc. The amount of sub domains that you are allowed to have is also important, for example Believe me, over time you are going to need sub domains.

Web space or storage space.

With website hosting, the maximum storage space determines how many files are available to you for your website and your email content. Because web space is very cheap, most plans are usually sufficient for beginners. It might only be a problem if you use large quantities of memory-intensive files such as podcasts or videos on your site. If the latter is the case you should choose a plan with as much possible space and RAM (memory).


E-mail addresses like or look unprofessional and are an absolute no-go. Most web hosts offer to use your own email addresses with your domain. For a new account, you should check how many email addresses are allocated to you, whether both IMAP and POP3 transmission protocols are possible and to what extent features such as auto responders, spam filters or mailing lists are included in your package.

Allowed traffic or data transfer.

A point neglected by some people when comparing different providers is the quantity of traffic allowed. If you only have a few people visiting your web site, you don’t need to worry about that. On the other hand, if traffic continues to increase and you offer large files, such as videos, for streaming or download, the data usage quickly increases. If you expect a lot of traffic to your site or a high usage of data, it would be better to select a plan offering unlimited data and traffic or you can contact the provider and ask them for an assessment.

Server speed and uptime.

If you are an online business owner, uptime is very important. Because every second your web site is down, you can’t make profit. As soon as you start an online business, you should see to it that the provider guarantees at least 99.9% availability of your website. This is equal to a weekly unavailability of your site of around ten minutes.

In addition to uptime, the speed plays an important role as well because a website that loads slow will alienate its visitors and Google will rank the site lower. A test account with the web host, which is often free of charge, allows you to check the loading speed.

Tools for developers.

Now it gets a bit more technical: There can be different requirements for developer tools provided by the web host. The latest PHP version and a specific number of MySQL databases is standard. Other popular developer tools are htaccess access, cron jobs and SSL.

Included Software.

Many hosts offer the installation of CMS (content management systems or website builders) such as WordPress or shop systems at the push of a button. This site building software is very helpful to beginners without the necessary technical skills.

Customer Service or Help Desk.

Especially for starters, an excellent and, above all, fast service is the be all and end all when it comes to hosting a site. If your website goes offline or there is another issue, competent and instant assistance from technical support is crucial.

Web Hosting Costs.

The costs for your website depend on the range of functions and hardware shown above and are usually well under $10 per month for simple shared accounts. Domains are sometimes already included or discounted. For customers with higher demands, there are more expensive packages up to your own server, the costs of which start at around $30 and depending on the hardware equipment are up to several hundreds of dollars per month. You may incur additional one-time set-up costs. When concluding a contract, also pay attention to how long the contract term is. The longer the term, the lower the monthly costs will be.

5 steps from idea to website.

How I recommend proceeding if you want to put your own creation online? Since many entrepreneurs start with a simple WordPress website, I will use this to explain a suitable approach:

Needs analysis.

Do you want to start a business and have an idea for your website? First find out what requirements you have for a web host based on your planned web project.

Research web hosts.

From well-established web hosts, choose the ones that can meet all of your needs and are priced within your budget.

Web Hosting Comparison.

Make a price comparison and then decide on one of the previously selected providers. You can then conclude the contract directly online.

Install WordPress and set up website.

After you have received the access data from your new web host, install WordPress at the click of a button or, if this option is not available, manually. If you are overwhelmed, you can fall back on experts. If a WordPress theme is already available, install it. Alternatively, hire a web designer. Now you can set up WordPress, insert your content and finally activate the website.

Get customers.

Congratulations, you are now reachable via the Internet! However, your work just started, because a website should also be found online by others and not only by you. So, try to find out more about search engine optimization (SEO) and online marketing in general. Talking about SEO, my advice is to install the official WordPress AMP plugin to achieve good page experience for your visitors, the Yoast plugin for SEO, a cache plugin for website speed, Really Simple SSL which configures your website to run over HTTPS and, last but not least, Short Pixel Image Optimizer to optimize your images. Combine this advice with creating excellent content to get customers. Further, if you can afford it, Google Ads and Facebook Ads are the most popular online paid marketing channels.

Do you need a web hosting service – the conclusion.

Now you fully understand why web hosting is necessary if you want to be found online. Fortunately, domain hosting for beginners is very cheap. But of course the price is not the only thing that is important. Especially for starters, it is essential that there is a very good help desk available 24 hours a day and able to solve any problems in no time. Best of luck in choosing the best web host and, if you are interested in Linux Hosts Inc, you can click the link at the top of this article.