Difference between GoDaddy and WordPress. The shocking truth!

Short Answer (quick read).

This article presents some shocking revelations regarding GoDaddy and is therefore not suitable for the faint-hearted. It will change your view of this domain name and website hosting company and therefore enable you to make a much better choice.

GoDaddy and WordPress comparison.

The question “difference between GoDaddy and WordPress” can be answered by taking a quick look at both systems. So, here we go:

The big difference is the fact that WordPress (WP) is free website building software while GoDaddy is a domain and web hosting provider offering WordPress or a website building tool in combination with a paid hosting plan. You can find their websites on respectively https://wordpress.org and https://www.godaddy.com.

Offering WP plans is nothing special because practically all web hosting companies have WP in their package. WordPress is Open Source software that is provided for free by the company Automattic. This implies that it’s not necessary to ask the question “Why does GoDaddy charge for WordPress”. You don’t pay anything for WP at Go Daddy, but you do pay for hosting. The same is valid for the builder.

Compare GoDaddy and WordPress.

Now let’s compare GoDaddy and WordPress from another provider. Go Daddy’s quick site creator and WP are included in this short comparison. We’ll start with GoDaddy by asking some questions and answering them.

Question: Are the technical support employees of Go Daddy WordPress specialists or web hosting experts?
Answer: No, they know very little about WP software and hosting in general. Most of their knowledge is based on the company’s products so they can sell more.

Question: Is it true that the company outsources technical support to low salary countries?
Answer: Yes, this is true. These employees can only sell and hardly support you.

Question: What are the chances I will run into problems with WordPress or the site creator if I buy a hosting plan from Go Daddy?
Answer: 99%.

Question: What are the chances that my problem will be solved quickly?
Answer: 1%.

Question: So, it’s better to skip WordPress and go for GoDaddy’s automatic website builder?
Answer: It depends. If you don’t mind bad support and you have a lot of money to compensate all the limitations of the site creator and if you don’t mind that you’ll never rank high in Google, then the answer is “yes”. On the other hand, if you aren’t rich and high rankings and good support do matter to you, then the answer is “no” which means that it would simply be much better to choose WP or an alternative from another company.

Question: Then why am I seeing so many positive reviews about Go Daddy?
Answer: You are absolutely right! A good example of this is Trust Pilot. However, what most people don’t know is that Trust Pilot is extremely manipulative when it comes to submitted customer opinions. Most of their reviews are pushed and partially automated. The company itself says on its website that their software automatically and immediately sends review invitations after a customer purchases something. This means that practically all positive reviews are written by customers who have no real experience with the product (hosting) they have purchased! I also discovered that Trust Pilot is a Go Daddy affiliate so they earn money from the company if you click the link and buy a plan. Do you still trust TrustPilot’s ratings? You absolutely cannot trust Trust Pilot. That’s why some people call them “DontTrustPilot”.

Then there are many other positive reviews. These opinions are presented on websites of Go Daddy affiliates and resellers who earn big money if they can sell a hosting package. Can you still trust them? I don’t think so. You can consider these star ratings as fake.

Last but not least there is a minority of real honest evaluations and most of these Go Daddy assessments are negative. Only these reviews can be trusted. A good example is https://reviewsignal.com/webhosting As you can see there, Go Daddy ranks very low. The same is valid for the Better Business Bureau. Go Daddy has only 1.06 out of 5 stars on the BBB. See https://www.bbb.org/us/az/tempe/profile/web-hosting/godaddycom-llc-1126-22000169

One thing is certain, GoDaddy is all about money and not about providing a good service. That is why technical support representatives are only interested in selling you more instead of solving your problem!

On the other hand, we have the opinions about WordPress. Type “WordPress reviews” in Google and you’ll find nothing but positive stories. Most sites give WP 5 stars, some others give 4 stars and there is no less than that. Just look at sites such as Trust Radius, Website Planet, Get App, Tech Radar etc. – wherever you look, you see only positive evaluations. So, to cut it short, we can simply conclude that WP is apparently unbeatable.

Which company is best for WordPress or a quick site builder?

Linux Hosts Inc. became my own fantastic hosting provider after I ran away screaming from Go Daddy causing me nothing but trouble. Unlike Go Daddy, Linux Hosts Inc. is a Cloud web hosting company. When you are in the Cloud, your website is much faster and never offline. All the support employees are IT engineers and WP + web builder specialists. This implies that, especially as a beginner, you are in very good hands. Besides WordPress, they have many other hosting plans. For example, you can also opt for their automatic website builder which is easier to learn than WP and much better than Go Daddy’s builder. Linux Hosts Inc. is the only provider in the world with a No Overselling Policy. Most large providers practice overselling.

Is WordPress difficult?

No, the basics are easy to learn. Just follow this mini-guide and you’re ready to go:

  • First you install WP with the click of a button. This is super easy.
  • The second thing to do is to login into your WP account and check all the settings several times to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. Take your time for this. Let’s say 2 hours.
  • The third step is to deactivate and delete some unnecessary plugins, a comment and the first post that WP itself automatically provides.
  • After that you will have to install some free plugins such as for example for search engine optimization (Yoast SEO), for SSL (Really Simple SSL), for the editor in case you find it too difficult (Disable Gutenberg), for optimizing images (ShortPixel Image Optimizer) and for the speed of your site (W3 Total Cache). All of these are essential plugins.
  • Then you may also need plugins that are specifically aimed at your website. Important: When installing plugins, make sure that they have not been updated longer than 2 months ago and that they have at least 4 out of 5 stars!
  • The last step is to activate your plugins and check all the plugin settings.

All in all, this work takes quite a few hours, maybe even a day. But, after that everything is a lot easier and you can start writing articles, adding photos, audio and video for example. If you need to create a website and money is a problem, opt for WP and don’t worry about its learning curve. Your learning investment won’t be more than one day. After this a new much better website world will open to you which is not possible with GoDaddy’s website tool.

On the other hand, if WP doesn’t work for you, it’s very easy to delete this software and, in seconds, you can switch back to the super easy website builder which is even better than GoDaddy’s because you have access to all your files. So you have absolutely nothing to worry about. You can try them for free without credit card.

30 Day Free Trial

Hopefully this summary was good enough to explain WordPress vs GoDaddy. However, we invite you to read on to learn everything about the details.

Long Explanation.

GoDaddy or WordPress.

If you’re in doubt about which platform to choose to create your website, you’re not alone. Currently there is a multitude of site creation tools aimed at those who want to build their own website.

Among the most popular options are website creators such as GoDaddy and WordPress (WP). Both tools are easy to use and simple, which makes them good alternatives to create a website. But, which one is the best, GoDaddy or WordPress? In this article I’ll explain the differences between the two builders.

What technical knowledge is needed?

Go Daddy’s website builder is ideal for anyone who wants to build their own website without understanding code and design. Besides being a very easy to use tool it offers all the features you need to create your website, including themes or templates (the design) and hosting. But, you know already what I have told you about the customer service.

WordPress is also a user-friendly tool, but it doesn’t have the same level of ease as a site builder. WP requires more technical knowledge because it involves specific settings to make the site work as it should. Note that I’m talking about the installed version of wordpress.org, and not wordpress.com, the latter being much more like a website builder.

On the other hand, if you are planning to hire a professional or web design company to create your website, I recommend that you opt for WordPress. It is a much more flexible, scalable and robust tool than a site builder. Moreover, your chances of ranking high in Google are much better compared to GoDaddy’s website creator.

Website, blog or online store: what are you planning?

The type of site you want to create also influences the choice of the ideal tool. If you plan to have a personal website or one for your business, both GoDaddy and WordPress are good options. Both platforms offer the resources needed for this purpose.

On the other hand, if you want to create a blog, WordPress is by far the best tool. Some website builders including Go Daddy offer the blog feature, but it’s pretty basic compared to WordPress.

What is the level of complexity of your site?

GoDaddy’s Site builder has evolved a lot and currently offers diverse professional features for those who want to own a site. The tool allows you to customize your site well and add features with just a few clicks and without writing a single line of code. In the old days this would only be possible with the help of a professional. Still, depending on your online project, you’re likely to encounter limitations in Go Daddy’s website builder.

Because it’s more flexible and robust, WordPress allows you to fully customize your site. Whether you’re adding features through plugins or developing your own solution, you can do almost anything in a WP account. The amount of plugins is much higher than what is offered in a builder and the possibility of customization is unmatched. It is worth considering, however, that the more complex a project, the greater the need to invest resources, such as time and money.

To exemplify the difference between GoDaddy and WordPress, imagine that you need to create a web page that calculates a price in real time, based on user requests and currency rates. In WordPress you can develop this with the help of a developer or you simply use a plugin. With Go Daddy, on the other hand, you will not be able to use a plugin for this or to develop any customized solution. In other words, when things become complicated, the easy site builder gives up.

How much flexibility does your site need?

Now is the time to think about the future of your website. Do you intend to keep it the same size or is it a project that should grow over time? Whether the idea is to have an institutional website or a local business, Go Daddy can basically meet your needs. On the other hand, if your goal is to evolve with the site and grow in audience, it is worth thinking twice. Go Daddy’s tool allows some growth, but in a restricted way. There are space, traffic and customization limits, which you have to respect.

In contrast, WordPress can be fully customized. And the space and traffic features are much more flexible because they depend on the hosting used. In other words, once the site grows in resources and audience, simply upgrade your plan or migrate your hosting to a provider that meets your new needs. WordPress can continue to be the platform of the site in any possible scenario.

With Go Daddy, if your site exceeds the boundaries of your hosting plan, you’ll need to create your site from scratch again with another tool. In this model, you cannot migrate your site because it only works within the company’s platform. WordPress, on the other hand, is free and open source, and can be hosted by any company.

What is the importance of SEO to you?

To answer this question, think about the following: does your site’s success depend heavily on the visits of users who are searching your keywords? Or is it a website for people who already know you or your business?

If you expect to achieve a large volume of access sourced on Google, organically (without ads), then SEO is very important to you. On the other hand, If your goal is to relate to your audience and your current customers, who already know you, then SEO doesn’t play a key role for your site.

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, which basically deals with good practices to have your site optimized for search engines. What you need to know is that most website creators including Go Daddy offer more basic SEO when compared to WordPress which is considered one of the friendliest tools for search engines. In other words, if you want to rank high on Google then WP is the better option.

How much do you want to invest in the site?

As with any project, money can be a limiting factor. It is important to know that the investment required to create a website differs between site builders and WordPress. Site creation tools often are so limited in features that it’s not uncommon that you’ll have to pay extra in order to bypass these limitations. Think about having to buy extra plugins, payments for extra email addresses, for SSL (https), for professional assistance and so on. This makes Go Daddy the more expensive option in most cases. See image below for the basic prices.

When choosing for WP, there is the option to hire a professional or agency to build your website, or do it on your own. We can see that in the case of WP, the total investment tends to be lower than site creation tools. Especially in the long run, the cost of WordPress can drop considerably, certainly if your site is simple and you maintain it yourself. Actually, if you use a free theme (design) and free plugins, the only thing you have to pay for is web hosting. The website you’re reading just now costs me only $4.17 a month, that’s all! See image below with the WP pricing of my provider Linux Hosts Inc.

Which is better GoDaddy or WordPress?

As we’ve seen, the most suitable tool for creating your site depends on several factors. Who will build the site, how much can you pay and the type of site you want to create. One thing is certain and that is the fact that Go Daddy’s support is bad. This in itself is enough reason not to opt for this provider if you’re wondering “is GoDaddy better than WordPress“.

You could argue that Go Daddy is more suitable for developers or for experienced webmasters. After all, they don’t require any technical assistance. Well, that’s not always the case, of course. Even experts can get into trouble and may need advice. In addition, Go Daddy does not offer a file manager and FTP, neither with the creator nor with WP. This in itself is already a disaster for experts who must always have access to all files, otherwise they simply cannot do their job.

GoDaddy vs WordPress, a conclusion.

As we have seen at the very start of this article, Go Daddy with or without WordPress (site creation tool) is a complete disaster for starters. This category of webmasters needs an extremely helpful and professional help desk that can guide customers, especially at the beginning, through their first introduction to web hosting and WordPress.

Moreover, everything is very expensive because several necessary services such as FTP, SSL and email are not included in the already high monthly price that Go Daddy charges for WP plans. On top of this, you often pay much more from the second or third year.

In addition we’ve also read that Go Daddy is a poor choice for advanced users as well. The main reason for this is the fact that you cannot edit the core WordPress files. Practically every normal hosting company gives access to all files without a single exception. Restricting experienced webmasters in this way is downright ridiculous.

The above leads me to the sad conclusion that no one, experienced or not, should trust this company with a website whether it’s based on WP or a site building tool. Thanks for reading and . . . take a look at Linux Hosts Inc! You’ll be happy you did!