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Is content writing easy?

In 2020 and beyond, anyone with a laptop and chair can write text, right? Well, that is a bit disappointing in practice. Combining letters into words, words into sentences and sentences into distinctive text is more complicated than you think. So, which requirements should content writers meet and what qualities should they have? And how can you find someone like that? Here are some tips to get you started quickly.

How to find content writers?

There are no requirements for the profession of website writer, such as for a doctor or nurse. In fact, anyone with a laptop can call himself website content creator. But how do you start the search among those thousands of content writers? And what should you pay attention to? With these tips we will help you on your way:

Visit content writing services (text brokers).

Some examples of text brokers are the sites Up Work, Scripted, and Text Broker but there are many more websites like these. They offer a huge selection of freelancers with writing as their specialization.

You have the choice from cheap to very expensive. Of course you go for the cheapest author. Well, let me discourage you to do that.

You will find many excellent writers on these sites but, of course these are not the cheapest. You often see professionalism in the way of profiling and advertising or the way in which the writer responds to a topic or presents himself. Therefore, compare different writer’s profiles and publications. This way you can easily get the better author.

Go to freelance job sites.

Examples are Freelancer, Flex Jobs and hundreds of others. Often web content writers pay a small amount per month to respond to assignments. These are the copy writers who find little work and are happy to pay for it.

Yes, you will find many novice content writers on these freelance job websites. Nothing wrong with it: everything has to be learned, right? However, you should ask yourself if you like the low quality of a starting content writer. Google will notice the quality level immediately. So, you can guess what could happen with your ranking.

Place wanted ads.

You can of course place wanted ads on text broker sites or websites for freelancers. Keep in mind that you may get a lot of reactions, often from writers who are short of work. Of course this can also give you an advantage: a lower price per word.

Social Media.

Especially on Instagram and Facebook you will find some very active writers. However, keep in mind that you will also see significant quality differences here. There regularly is a catch. A number of authors are very good at posting interesting posts and the most beautiful photos. However, don’t forget that it’s much easier to write a short social media post than a 1000 words article about something very specific. So look further than the end of your nose and always ask for a portfolio or sample texts and ask what their specializations are.

I finally found a content writer, what more can I do?

  • View the author’s website (he or she must have one, otherwise skip). What are his/her services and specialties? Never believe that one copywriter can do anything. Of course there are a number of talented all-rounders but rather look for a specialist if you want something special, thereby aiming at website content that will be successful in terms of Google rankings, number of readers and user metrics.
  • What has someone already written and what has this yielded in terms of success? An important question to ask.
  • Request sample texts. A good web writer will gladly send you links and texts to show his or her work.
  • Is the website of the content creator professional and easy to find? That is a good reference if you want to have SEO texts written, for example.
  • Request a test text. This is free with some SEO content writers. A test text can give you important information about the quality of the work.
  • Are you dealing with a certified author? There are various certifications, for example in the field of SEO, that can give you an idea of ​​the professionalism and current knowledge of the one you’re dealing with.
  • View the LinkedIn profile: what courses and training has someone taken and do they regularly update their knowledge?
  • Is the content writer affiliated with a professional association? That too is often a sign of a serious approach.
  • Are references or reviews from other customers available? It is always good to look at that. Also ask questions such as: what writing job are you currently busy with? Has the writer ever written about that subject before? How did it go? Do not hesitate to ask these questions if they are not answered on the author’s website.
  • Also try to make contact by phone if possible: Does the person immediately understand you, your target group and your wishes? Is he or she asking the right questions.
  • In our view, a personal introduction, if possible, can be beneficial to both parties. When you know each other it will be easier for the author to catch the right tone of voice.
  • What is the working method of the copywriter? Ask carefully how he or she handles a job. Is keyword research done? How does it work if you have feedback afterwards or want to make adjustments?
  • Compare conditions such as rates, delivery time of texts, feedback rounds and final editing of your texts. In terms of rates, we prefer fixed prices (fixed fees) that you receive in a quote black and white. Nice and transparent and it prevents surprises afterwards. An invoice based on an hourly rate can add up quickly if the writer is slow.

What makes a good content writer?

Laptop, check. Conditions, check. Now the rest. In our view, these are the qualities that a good copywriter must have:

  • If there is one thing a good web writer should be able to do, it is to connect with your target audience. The tone of voice and the writing style of the text should fit seamlessly with your company and your readers.
  • Some knowledge of the subject makes writing easier. A good copy writer is therefore acquainted with the subject through some research and knows what he is talking about. That does not necessarily mean that the content writer needs to be experienced in your industry. A good online writer or content specialist can prove his/her skills to any business based on experience.
  • The internet is chock full of boring and unread texts. You don’t want your text to fall into this category. An author who writes pleasant, striking and smooth texts is therefore crucial. For example, a bit of humor never does any harm.
  • Good content writers know the power of content and understand SEO. You want to reach as many people as possible with your text, so find someone who will delight both Google and your readers.
  • A good text writer should save you as much time as possible. Being the client you really only want to press “publish” after approval of a text. Preferably, your online writer works with a team that can help with final editing, images, and design, in short with everything he needs to ensure top quality to his customer.
  • It seems obvious, but a sense of language and creativity are indispensable qualities for a good content writer. You would be surprised how much copying and pasting is done by writers. Find someone with a real passion for writing including a passion for customer satisfaction and you will be on the way to a successful relationship with the perfect content provider for your website or blog.


Most website owners searching for content writers often have no idea where to start. As you have been able to read on this page the best starting point is to avoid job sites and social media and instead to focus on the more specialized text broker companies as mentioned in this article. And don’t shy away from paying a modest membership fee. But that’s not all. Once you have found the right person do some checks as mentioned above. Taking these measures ensures that you won’t be disappointed later on. We hope, that, after reading this post, you finally know how to find the best content writer for your website or blog. However, if you would like to know more about finding good writers who are able to create quality content in a short time, you could also take a look at this excellent article written by Chris Gillespie CEO and editor-in-chief of Find A Way Media. Good luck!

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