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World News.

This web page is about a new skin cancer treatment that patients can perform at home.

This article is not only world news because it announces a new and proven home remedy. This page is also world news in the sense that, for the very first time, a complete and detailed description is given of the total treatment. And this is in sharp contrast with other websites writing about natural skin cancer treatments. These websites only MENTION the new substance or treatment but do not tell you HOW the entire treatment must be done to have a chance of success. This site is doing just that by explaining everything very well and in that sense you have arrived at a unique page of which there is no other.

Basically, this tumor treatment only applies to basal cell carcinoma. It is not known whether this system also works for other types of skin cancer. The method as described below works for the full 100%. Millions of patients worldwide can now cure their own skin cancer at home. This also means that health insurance companies can save enormously on claims, that hospitals are no longer overburdened and that countless patients can save themselves from the misery of an operation.

Chapter 1: Introduction.

Diagnosis: Basal Cell Carcinoma.

My story starts in May 2018 when my dermatologist told me that the swelling on top of my head (scalp) was basal cell carcinoma (BCC). Of course it was a relief when I heard that it was not dangerous because basal cell carcinoma rarely or never spreads. However, to prevent worsening, the cancer had to be surgically removed as soon as possible. Apparently there was a certain danger. Medical science is aware that basal cell carcinoma can spread in the sense that close to the original BCC other suspicious spots may arise that are caused by the first basal cell carcinoma. However, it is very rare that BCC spreads to internal organs. But, that is certainly no reason not to do anything about it. Basal cell carcinoma  must always be removed or cured!

Surgery or an alternative?

From that moment on my research started on the Internet. I discovered so much that I decided to postpone the planned operation (Mohs Surgery) for the time being. I learned everything about the different treatment techniques related to basal cell carcinoma, but also about alternative studies that have taken place in this area that very few people know about. The medical world itself has no idea how many research, studies and trials have taken place, certainly not when it comes to projects that, for whatever reason, are not recognized by mainstream medical science or, for other reasons, not recognized by the medical press.

The beginning.

At the beginning, I treated my basal cell carcinoma head wound with Fucidic Acid that was prescribed by my dermatologist. It helped well against possible infections but of course did nothing to cure the BCC. A few weeks later I stopped and started applying Povidone Iodine ointment to the wound. That didn’t help either and the basal cell carcinoma continued to bleed and did not shrink. Then I started drinking pure Malunggay (moringa) juice daily because it was recommended by a good friend who is a natural doctor. My God, how bitter that was! As far as I can remember, I have maintained that for about 2 months. However, this treatment did nothing as well and was eventually discontinued.

The solution.

In the meantime, I continued my long research. At a certain moment I discovered that cancer is actually a sort of fungus and that skin cancer and in particular BCC can be fought with iodine (not the ointment but the tincture). There is countless evidence in the form of scientific articles, testimonials, reviews and trials that confirm cancer to be a fungus and the healing effect of iodine on cancer and fungi. Here are a few:

Cancer is a fungus:

Iodine cures toenail fungus:

Iodine heals skin cancer.

Iodine cures many cancers.

The Conclusion based on scientific research and empirical evidence.

Cancer is a fungus, fungi are afraid of iodine and iodine is able to cure skin cancer. The medical industry deliberately does nothing with this important information because they cannot earn anything from it. This industry can only make profits on their own developed cancer drugs. Just search for “iodine kills skin cancer” (without the quotes) in and you can view all the evidence online. It has no sense to place more links here as that would be too much of the same. Betadine

Chapter 2: A cure for Basal Cell Carcinoma.

Avoid the sun!

I can easily create 100 chapters in this ebook but I don’t want to bore you with all kinds of details that, ultimately, are not relevant to the treatment itself. So, to make a very long story a lot shorter, just follow the treatment for basal cell carcinoma (BCC) below. Let me, however, first of all emphasize that it is very important to avoid the sun as much as possible. BCC is caused by harmful UV radiation. If the sun cannot be avoided use a hat, wear long sleeved shirts, use trousers only and purchase at least 35 SPF sunscreen. Also adjust your schedule if necessary. When I was told that I had basal cell carcinoma, I immediately shifted my jogging here in the Philippines (yes, I live there now) from daytime (often very hot!) to the early evening. I have maintained that until now, even though I often cannot sleep well after jogging in the evening.

What you need to treat basal cell carcinoma:

  • Povidone iodine tincture 10%. Preferably the Betadine brand. See picture above. The stated percentage of 10% indicates the amount of iodine. Tincture means solution. So the iodine is dissolved in, among other things, alcohol. Because it is a liquid, it can penetrate deep into the skin, unlike ointment. Betadine 10% Sterile Ophthalmic Prep Solution contains 10% povidone iodine as a sterile dark brown solution stabilized by glycerin. Inactive Ingredients are: purified water, citric acid, glycerin, nonoxynol-9, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide, and dibasic sodium phosphate. Active ingredients are: iodine, povidone and alcohol. Buy, at least, two bottles intended for different body parts.
  • Small and soft paint brushes. These are needed to put the iodine on the skin. Do not use cotton buds because they absorb too much iodine so that too little penetrates into the skin.
  • Band aids.
  • Alcohol.
  • Toilet paper, tissue paper or cotton wool.
  • Sportswear.
  • Natural Vitamin C such as oranges or calamansies. Do not use supplements to supplement your vitamin C. Supplements lack the most important elements of vitamin C. Food scientists have identified why eating an orange is much better for you than simply consuming vitamin C or other pills. Its unique blend of antioxidants (orange) work much more effectively together than they do separately in pills, found researchers at Brigham Young University in Utah. Search for how does vitamin c kill cancer cells in Google and you will see all the evidence.
  • PH strips to measure the acidity of your body (urine). Cancer likes high acidity so the trick is to keep it at the ideal level. The ideal acidity of urine is 6.5 – 7.5. The lower this value, the higher is your acidity.
  • Buy Baking Soda if your acidity is too high. Mix a half tablespoon with water and drink 1 glass every 2 days as long as your acidity is high. Check acidity once a week. Keep an eye on your acidity and adjust your eating habits and drinking habits if necessary. Note: as you just read Baking Soda is nothing more than a means to lower acidity. It should NOT be considered a cancer killer such as iodine. Yes, I know, some of the links above claim that baking soda can be used to cure cancer. However, unlike as with iodine, I have not seen any convincing and reliable scientific evidence that this is true. As long as this evidence isn’t presented I refuse to believe any claim that baking soda can kill cancer. Please keep that in mind.
  • Eggs.

Treatment Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC).

  • Make an appointment with your dermatologist. Normally he or she will perform a biopsy. Make a new appointment as soon as the result of the biopsy is known. If there is basal cell carcinoma, tell the doctor that you intend to try the alternative treatment as described on this page. Optionally give the doctor the web address. Ask the doctor to remove any BCC scab/crust on the wound. This is better because the iodine can then penetrate better. If, for whatever reason, this doesn’t happen, then try to do something yourself about the scab regularly. That can e.g. with hard running water under the shower and then easily remove. It can also be done with hygienic and careful rubbing or picking. What we are talking about here is the unhealthy basal cell carcinoma scab. As soon as you notice that a normal healthy scab appears, you should not do anything about it. Healthy crust develops when the wound is clearly shrinking and continuous bleeding has stopped. A healthy scab can be recognized by the fact that it is firm and thin. A healthy scab is well anchored in the skin. You can clearly see and feel that it is an integral part of the skin surface. An unhealthy scab can be recognized by the irregular surface with thin and thick spots. Moreover, unhealthy crust is often not well anchored in the skin and feels loose. You can clearly see and feel that it is not an integral part of the skin surface.
  • Eggs. Start the day with a breakfast with fried eggs (sunny side up). Keep the cooking time short so that the iodine is preserved. Add a lot of iodized salt! The yolk of an egg contains a lot of iodine. So it’s an ideal method to get more iodine in a natural way. Do not purchase iodine supplements as these iodine species do not contain the entire necessary spectrum needed to ensure the iodine uptake by the body. If you have high cholesterol, you should of course not eat too many sunny side ups. I limited the intake to 2 fried eggs per breakfast due to my high cholesterol. If you do not have high cholesterol, you can take four a day, but keep an eye on your cholesterol level!
  • Iodine. Apply a generous amount of iodine to the area to be treated using a small and soft paint brush twice daily (or more). Before you do that, carefully remove old iodine (the non-penetrated part if there is) with alcohol. However, only do the latter if it is not painful and if the skin is not damaged. If everything is too fresh or too sensitive, leave the old iodine there. Allow to dry for 10 minutes. Apply a patch if necessary. However, it is preferable not to cover the spot. Cancer actually hates oxygen and we find oxygen in fresh air. Clean the brush under running water after treatment and dry it. Use another bottle of iodine and another brush to apply iodine once a day on other body parts such as the top of your forefeet and the top of your toes. Choose some locations where the skin is thin. These extra treatments reinforce the primary treatment as mentioned above because the iodine can now also penetrate into the skin from other parts of the body. Cancer cells should get the idea that they are being “attacked” from multiple directions. So the point is that you “surround” “the enemy” in one way or another. In my case the BCC was on top of my scalp. I treated that twice a day with a generous amount of iodine. In the meantime, two suspicious little spots appeared on my head. They were close to the BCC so I assumed it was a sort of spread. Of course, I also treated those 2 extra spots. In addition, I did the top of my forefeet, top of the toes and under the shoulder blades once a day. My BCC disappeared after 3 months thanks to this treatment combined with eggs, a generous amount of pure vitamin C juice and with a lot of exercise. It turned out that I didn’t need the Baking Soda because my acidity was good. After the BCC had disappeared, I continued for another month to remove any remaining cancer cells. The end result was that there was absolutely nothing left to see, except smooth healthy skin.
  • Sport! The more you exercise, the better. A better blood circulation ensures that more oxygen is brought to the basal cell carcinoma. And cancer hates oxygen! I jog 5 kilometers every two days. So running, then 2 days of rest, then running again and so on. In addition, I did and do some daily fitness training at home.
  • Vitamin C. Make strong 100% pure vitamin C juice from fruit and drink 1 glass at least every second day. Mix the juice with water and do not add sugar! Cancer loves sugar! Cancer researchers have homed in on how high-dose vitamin C kills cancer cells. Vitamin C breaks down to generate hydrogen peroxide, which can damage tissue and DNA. The new study shows that tumor cells with low levels of catalase enzyme activity are much less capable of removing hydrogen peroxide than normal cells, and are more susceptible to damage and death when they are exposed to high doses of vitamin C. Conclusion: vitamin C helps!

The end result.

Well, that was it, my BCC treatment based on scientific research and empirical evidence. Eating eggs, applying iodine, exercising and vitamin C. Follow the treatment very consistent and disciplined, do this daily for at least 3 months and the BCC disappears. However, after the cancer has disappeared, you must continue with above mentioned treatment for at least one more month to remove any residual cancer cells. So the minimum is a treatment of 4 months in total. Keep in mind, however, that the duration of treatment can vary individually. The duration depends, among other things, on your age, health, how deep is the basal cell carcinoma, how strong is the immune system, how often are you in the sun and so on. The maximum duration of treatment is therefore set at 8 months. If it takes longer which is nearly impossible, consult a doctor to talk about other options such as surgery.


Question and answer.

Question: Does the treatment also work for squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma, and for rare types of skin cancer such as merkel cell carcinoma, sebaceous gland carcinoma and other rare types?
Answer: Unfortunately I really don’t know that. I very much doubt it but it is possible. And even if it is possible, it probably depends on a number of other factors that are currently unknown. You could try it at your own risk, but please be extra careful and accurate.
Question: Can iodine cure nail fungus?
Answer: Yes, but it’s very difficult. Fungus is not in the nails but underneath them, on the nail bed. Iodine cannot penetrate the nails. So you first have to remove your nails or drill small holes in them. The latter method was successful during a scientific test with a specially made mini drill for that purpose.
Question: Where does basal cell carcinoma usually appear?
Answer: It’s mostly found on the scalp, nose, ears, eyelid, forehead, cheeks and neck. It can also appear on legs, chest, breast, hands and lips. Of course BCC can be found anywhere on the skin. The above treatment works for any body location.

Chapter 3: General Information.

Cancer prevention.

My father died of skin cancer that had spread to his organs. In the final phase he had skin cancer, lung cancer and colon cancer. I assume that I have inherited his “cancer genes”. My age was 69 at the time of above mentioned treatment and I smoke and drink but I was still able to cure BCC. However, for me this does not mean that I can now lean back comfortably. No, it means that I will have to remain active in the field of cancer prevention. That is why, despite my healing, I still apply iodine to my body where the skin is thin so that the iodine can be easily absorbed. And I still combine this with eating fried eggs every day, exercise and natural vitamin C. It probably is no longer necessary but I just don’t like the idea of any risk and it costs almost nothing while consuming little time.

End of the story.

Well, that’s the whole story. I realize that it has not become a really long document. However, keep in mind that a medical page is about quality and not quantity. Follow the above procedures carefully and you will be amazed at how good everything works. I wish you a quick recovery and if there are any questions, suggestions or comments, I would like to hear from you! Reviews are also very welcome! Please use the comment section below for reactions.

Best regards from,
Richard Detering

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