Can I change my web hosting company? Yes, you can!

Short Answer (quick read):

The question “can I change my web hosting company” can be answered by taking a quick look at the procedure to follow. So, here we go:

Yes, you can always switch. The cancellation procedure you find in this article is valid for all web hosting companies. So you’ve come to the right place. Basically you have 2 options:

  • You do all the work yourself and that involves quite a bit. Before you cancel your current web host, you should first request an account with a new provider. This will enable you to transfer your website and everything associated with it to the new service. Only when you conclude that everything is going well with your new provider you can cancel your current account. In most cases you can do this in the control panel of your web host.
  • This second option is a lot easier: You ask your new web host to transfer website hosting including databases, domain names and email accounts. A good provider will not charge you for this service.

Transferring a website to a wonderful Cloud hosting company.

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Hopefully this summary was good enough to answer the question “can i switch web hosting companies“. However, we invite you to read on to learn everything about the details.

Long explanation.

How to migrate a website from one server to another?

The high competition between providers and increasing hardware performance leads to constantly falling prices for hosting and servers. In some cases, however, only new customers benefit. That’s why it sometimes makes sense to migrate a website to a new host. Apart from the financial aspect, there are more reasons why someone would want to move to a new hosting provider. A common reason is having bad experiences with a web host. Especially large providers overload their web servers with way too many customers resulting in many technical problems. This is called overselling. It is a popular way for large web hosting companies to increase their profits. In addition, a common reason to transfer to another hosting service is poor technical support. In fact, I am very angry when I see how some companies treat their customers. More about this in the final conclusion of this article. Either way, if you’ve had any of these bad experiences or if there’s another good reason to switch, you’ve come to the right place.

It is important to plan the process in a timely and accurate manner and to observe possible deadlines. This is the only way to safely switch web hosting without running the risk of things going wrong with your site. The explanation below will help you not to lose sight of anything and to take the necessary steps on time.

So you have a website or application and you have decided to transfer your website to another host. But you want to keep your site and domain name unchanged. Then quite a few questions arise, such as: What is involved in such a move? How do you backup the existing site and install it on your new host’s web server? How do you prevent the site from going offline during the switch? In this explanation you can read my own experiences with transferring a website from one host to another including domain name and existing email messages from one host to another.

Choose a new company.

It sounds strange but it is really necessary that you first choose a new web host before canceling your current subscription. The reason for this is that if you cancel your current web host first, there is a chance that data from your website will be lost or you simply won’t be able to log in anymore. As a result, you may have to rebuild everything from scratch with the new host. I guess that’s the last thing you want, isn’t it?

So, buy from another web hosting first. Of course, the desired new package must first be carefully inspected before you make a decision: are the available storage space and bandwidth sufficient for your site or other projects? How good is technical support? Are they always available or does the web host have limited opening hours? Does the provider regularly make updates of their infrastructure and software versions? In my case, I switched to Linux Hosts Inc. I needed an affordable service, but with expert support for the latest WordPress version and a very good help desk. There are more inexpensive web hosts out there, but in this case Linux Hosts Inc. was the very best choice. With them it is an advantage that you can have multiple domains with one subscription. That makes a difference if you want to host multiple sites with different domain names: you only need one subscription and only have to pay more for the extra domain names. In addition, their technical support is among the best in the world. Moreover Linux Hosts Inc. has a strict no overselling policy. So there are never too many customers on one and the same web server.

Migrate website to the new host.

Let others do it for you.

The customer who wants to change web hosting provider is responsible for transferring the data to the new server. He must perform the transfer himself or he can instruct the new web host to do so. At Linux Hosts Inc. it is in principle very easy. Their experienced IT engineers can, at your request, transfer your websites and databases from your current service to your new account. That’s free. The only condition is that you first convert your free trial into a paid service.

Do it yourself.

With WordPress.

First make a backup of your website and database. Furthermore, if you have WordPress then it is relatively easy. There are good WP plugins with which you can make backups and plugins that can transfer your website and database to your new account. Make sure that the plugins in question have a good rating and are regularly updated.

Helpful websites:

Without WordPress.

Your files.

If you aren’t using WordPress, you have to do everything manually. This is done as follows: It is recommended that you first compress the files before moving them. Almost every company offers this option and downloading/uploading is much faster. Since every system is different, I cannot explain how to do this on your hosting. You will have to find out or inquire about this with your current provider. After this you can download the files from your current package with an FTP client. I recommend FileZilla for this. This is free and open source. After uploading a zipped file, you can easily unzip it in the new account. To do this, go to your control panel, after which you go to Files. Then open domains > > public_html, find your file and press Extract.

Helpful website:

Your database.

In addition to the files, there is often a lot of information from your website in your database. Of course you also want to transfer this information to the new account. You must first create a new database, so that the old database can be moved there. Then it is important that you export a backup of the old database. Finally, you need to import this export into your new database. Since you are using a new database, it also has new login details. Your site will always need to have your database information configured somewhere in order to connect. This configuration must therefore be renewed, based on the new information. If you run into problems then, with a good provider, you can of course ask support for help.

Transfer domain to the new website host.

Domains are managed by name servers and assigned to an IP address and thus to a physical server. When domain owners move a website to a new host, they have the listings on a name server change accordingly to drive new requests to their servers.

Ask your current web host for the so-called EPP code or check whether you can find it in your control panel. With that code you can prove to the new web host that you own your domain name and ask to transfer the name to them or do this yourself in the control panel. Save this EPP code (also called token, auth code or authorization key), because you may need it later as well.

Helpful site:

Transfer email.

E-mail accounts are themselves part of a domain and move with them as addresses. So that’s simple and easy. However, the situation is different with the messages that are stored on the server. These can also be transferred (optional). This is even indispensable for commercial websites, since entrepreneurs have to keep tax-relevant documents and evidence for a number of years. A handy solution is to use an email transfer service, which is also offered by many web hosts. Folders, mailboxes and content are copied completely. An alias also sends copies of emails to the web host you switch to before the move, so no email is lost and all existing email messages will appear on the new web server.

Useful site:

Clean up and change some stuff!

Changing website host is always an excellent opportunity to optimize your own internet presence and perform a one-time “virtual clean-up”. This can be done, for example, by removing unused files, sub domains, domains or databases so that you use less web space. On the other hand, a new account is also a unique opportunity to make some changes such as creating additional email accounts or acquiring more (sub) domain names.

Cancel website.

Some contracts have a relatively long term of 12 months or more and are automatically renewed. To switch between web host, the current contract must of course be canceled on time so that no double costs arise. Once everything is going well with your new provider, you can cancel the account with the existing web host. By everything running well I mean that your website is online without errors, that your site loads quickly, that your email works well and that your domain name points in the web browsers to the content of your site. You can usually cancel in the web host’s site, via the control panel. You should receive a confirmation email from your current service after you have canceled your subscription. Unfortunately there are some hosting companies that make canceling very difficult. In these cases, I recommend sending such a host a written cancellation (including reason) by registered mail and having your credit card blocked by the bank (lost or stolen card) so that you can get a new card. Or you can cancel your PayPal account and open a new account with PayPal. And there are undoubtedly more ways to ensure that your web host can no longer open your wallet. By using this “sabotaging” method you make it impossible for your current web host to “force” you to stay with them.

Can I change my web hosting company, a conclusion.

It’s sad to conclude that, especially large and well known companies, deliver a bad service. They offer the public products that are in fact already sold out. By “sold out” I mean here that the web server in question that is assigned to the new client already serves far too many customers, so they are all in each other’s way. This is called “overselling”. The consequences are slow loading websites, sites that are offline, security problems such as DOS attacks, hackers, email issues, domain name problems, spamming complaints and much more. But it’s not just overselling that causes problems. For example, I know a very large and well-known provider (you probably know who I’m talking about) that puts all its money into advertising. So I’m talking about TV and Radio commercials, print advertising, ads in Google and elsewhere on the Internet. And the rest of their budget goes to expensive SEO specialists so that the web host can rank high in Google. This company has absolutely no money to keep their infrastructure and software up to date or to pay normal salaries to its technical support staff. That is why the company’s technical support is outsourced to personnel in third world countries. This way, the company can keep the salaries ridiculously low. If you approach one of these “specialists” abroad (the fact that they are abroad is hidden to you) with a technical problem, they often do not know what you are talking about, let alone that they can solve your technical problem. Instead they will try to upgrade or sell additional services so they can earn a commission. I get really angry when I see desperate tweets on Twitter from customers of this well-known provider about problems that are still unresolved even after years! That’s crazy isn’t it? I have been one of their clients myself for several years and I have never had such a bad time. Taking all these things into consideration, it makes absolutely sense to wonder “can i change web hosting“. Well you can and, as you have seen, it is not that difficult on the condition that you first open a new account with a really good provider because that is what you, as internet entrepreneur, need and deserve in the first place. Then you use Linux Hosts Inc. or another excellent service to transfer your website to another host. It’s really the best way to avoid headaches and sleepless nights. On the other hand if you are tech-savvy, you can of course do it yourself. If you have WordPress, there are excellent plugins that can easily and quickly move your site and database to your new account. There are also good plugins for making a backup. If you don’t have WP then it’s a matter of manual work and that can be quite a lot as explained above. This is all I have to say about this subject so you’ve reached the end. Thanks for reading and I’m sorry to sound angry (I really am!) and wish you all the best with your cancellation and the new account! And of course good luck with your website or application!