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The most popular CMS in 2020 for managing websites is still WordPress. According to recent research, WordPress is used by 31% of the 1 million largest websites in the world. The most popular example is the CNN website that is entirely based on this CMS. Although the open-source software is still basically built for a blog, nowadays any type of website can be fully built on it, even web stores. Websites are still made up of pages and posts. This can sometimes be difficult with a non-blog website. This post tells you what the best WordPress web hosting companies are in 2020 and why. The top 5 mentioned below is suitable and fully optimized for WordPress so you’ll have a great hosting experience.

Top 5 WordPress Hosting 2020

# Company WordPress Package Price
1 SiteGround
(60% off)
10 GB / unlimited data (Server NL)
– SuperCACHE for faster website (GrowBig)
– Daily Backup & Auto Updates
– Recommended by
$ 3.95 (up to 3 years)
2 WP Engine 10 GB / 25k visitors (Server BE)
– Good support < br /> – Moving website
– 1 click staging
(60 day testing)
$29 per month
3 Savvii WordPress updates / staging / malware removal $35 per month
4 BlueHost Relocation service / Fix at hack / car. updates $4.95 per month
5 RaidBoxes 5 GB / unlimited data (Server DE) Own VPS. Own CPU $30 per month

* The above prices are from 01-04-2020, prices are costs per month including domain and VAT.

1. SiteGround (Best Price / Quality Ratio)

Worldwide, SiteGround is known as one of the best WordPress hosting providers at very reasonable rates. It is not a budget web host but with $3.95 per month for the first invoice it is also not expensive. Especially for WordPress users, they offer free installation, free relocation and also automatic updates. Furthermore, the company has a few functions to get more out of your website such as the Supercacher (From GrowBig). With the GoGeek subscription you also have Staging.

As you can see with many very specific WordPress functionalities at SiteGround, the company is one of the three web hosting companies recommended by

SiteGround WordPress functionalities:

  • WP installation
  • WP move
  • WP Auto updates
  • WordPress SuperCacher

From $3.95 per month (1st invoice) then $9.95 per month for the StartUp plan.

2. WP Engine (Global market leader in Managed WordPress Hosting)

WP Engine is the largest Managed WordPress hosting provider in the world. They only work with WordPress websites and have optimized their infrastructure for this. A worldwide CDN is used as standard, there is an auto migration plugin present and they offer page performance. Some functions are still missing some details to compare it well, but those interested can try the service for 60 days without obligation to experience how good it is.

WP Engine specifications:

  • Worldwide CDN
  • Free migration
  • Page performance

From $29 per month for the Startup plan (2 months free with annual payment) )

3. Savvii (Dutch Managed / Shared hosting)

The Dutch company Savvii offers the Shared One package from $35 per month especially suitable for WordPress websites. There is still a cheaper Starter package but with 250 MB of disk space this is very small and we recommend the Shared One package with 10 GB of disk space. By default, Savvii offers automatic updates of your system, both the core and plugins. Malware is detected but also deleted for free. Recently you can also use WP staging at Savvii. Although it is a Dutch company, a data center is used in the UK.

Savvii functions:

  • WordPress core and plugin updates
  • Malware detection & cleanup
  • Relocation
  • WP staging
  • Varnisch caching

We recommend the Shared One package of $35 per month. There is a 30 day money back guarantee.

4. BlueHost

BlueHost says it offers “WordPress hosting on steroids” or fast. There is a Starter package of $2.95 per month but only the Website package of $4.95 per month gives you all the options. In that package, the following is included as standard: relocation service, SSL, test environment (WP staging), automatic updates and hack fix. The WordPress Boost is on stand 2 with this package which means that there are enough system resources available to handle dozens of visitors at once.

BlueHost specifications:

    • WordPress Boost
    • Varnisch & PHP + caching
    • Relocation service
    • SSL
    • Test environment
    • Automatic updates
    • Fix at Hack

The 4.95 Website package offers all available options.

5. Raidboxes

The German provider Raidboxes offers High-performance hosting only for WordPress websites. Most WordPress functions are included in the Fully Managed package ($30 per month). Think of: WP Core updates, WP plugin updates, Malware removal, WP cloning, WP staging (beta), relocation and support of experts

Key details:

  • WP updates (core and plugins)
  • WordPress cloning, testing, staging
  • Relocation
  • Expert support
  • Malware removal

The cheapest hosting package is the Starter package of $15 per month, but here the two functions Plugin update and Malware removal are not included. That is why we recommend the Fully Managed package of $30 per month. For all packages you can cancel each month.

What is important with WordPress hosting?

Choosing the best WordPress web hosting for your website is an important step, it determines the final performance of the website. We recommend paying extra attention to the following three points: Hosting Specifications, Safety and Speed ​​& Stability.

Hosting Specifications

To start with, the correct specifications are important. A large website needs enough disk space, a frequently visited website must have sufficient data traffic and a current PHP version and database are also important. These are the basic requirements for making a selection.


Since WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world, it also means that it is very popular among hackers. Therefore, make sure that a web host clearly states that they are protecting the website well against hacking and malware, but also look to what extent they themselves can restore the website should things go wrong. If they pull their hands off this, you are responsible and the costs can rise quickly.

Speed ​​& Stability

A website can be on fast hosting but being kept at the maximum speed with good caching is also important. The hosting companies on this page have taken this into account and offer caching specifically for WordPress.

Need help making a choice?

Choosing the best hosting is of course difficult, but with the 5 companies on this page you don’t make a wrong choice easily. It is noticeable that these packages are all more expensive than many standard shared hosting packages. That is because we have listed really good specialist companies here that offer more than standard hosting. They take over a large part of the management and responsibility and you also pay for this.


Tip 1

Often you can use a trial period with the above packages, so you can install a full website and experience what the back-end of the company looks like and even test the speed.

Tip 2

If the company offers live chat it is useful to ask a few questions beforehand. Not only do you get answers and a better picture this way, but you also test the level of customer service right away.

Switching Web hosting

If you currently have web hosting and are thinking about transferring to another provider then it is useful to pay close attention to the relocation options. We are increasingly seeing that a move is completely free of charge included in the package. This is done with a move plugin with which you can move the website yourself in a few steps. If you can’t figure it out or if an error occurs, the new web host will support you manually.

Advantages & Disadvantages of WordPress

The most popular CMS on the internet also has some disadvantages. Here are some of the important advantages and disadvantages of using WordPress as CMS.

– It’s easy to learn.
– Simple tasks are easier than in any other CMS.
– With an abundance of Templates, every website looks good quickly.

– It needs to be updated relatively often.
– The open source plugins do not always update with the new versions.
– Many plugins are needed to create a more advanced website.

Learn the basics of using WordPress in various training courses.

Minimum server requirements:

Please note, these system requirements are based on the current 2020 version and are a recommendation from itself, it is possible to work with less. If you still want to work with an older version (not recommended due to security updates) then lower requirements apply.

  • PHP 7.2 or higher
  • MySQL 5.6 or higher
  • HTTPS support

If a hosting provider does not clearly state that they support the above requirements, an email with the question afterwards should suffice. If the hosting does not respond well to this, then they clearly have too little experience and you should look further. Of course, the companies mentioned above are okay.

Managed WordPress

Although WordPress can run fine on most regular hosting packages, there are several companies that offer Managed hosting. In general, this is particularly suitable for the more demanding user. Managed hosting is more expensive, but you will get something in return. This way the host takes over the updating of your CMS and ensures faster loading times and better security. The main disadvantage is the price, you are also limited to WordPress and you cannot switch your website to Joomla or Drupal on this web hosting package.


Over time I have WordPress installed on different servers. However, since a few years there has actually always been an installation script with which every CMS can be installed with a few clicks. The software used for this is almost always Installatron, Softaculous or Fantastico. Also with the packages on this page there is always an automatic installation. If you are still in a situation where you need to perform a manual installation, you can use this manual as a guide. So, finally you know what are the best WordPress web hosting services in 2020. Good luck!

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