Best VPS for Forex – (Voted Best Explanation 2021)


Best VPS for Forex.

The recommended Forex VPS is offered by the company Linux Hosts Inc. Why they are better than others? Well, they have the fastest, most comprehensive, most flexible and most reliable virtual servers and admins. Many of the company’s customers are happy Forex traders including me. They have 2 kinds of packages: KVM VPS which can run on Windows and Linux servers and OpenVZ VPS which only runs on Linux operating systems.

Very flexible.

Linux Hosts Inc. is a very flexible web hosting provider. That’s why there’s no need to worry about which package to choose. You can upgrade or downgrade at any time after registration. You can change anything after buying their VPS. Simply choose the package that you currently think is most suitable for your Forex plans. And, if needed, you can change it after your purchase which will take only a few minutes.

Top VPS for Forex.

The company Linux Hosts Inc. knows what is needed to meet the requirements for VPS trading. That’s why their virtual private servers can easily handle the most intensive trading environments.

This host also knows that we must always be online and will warn you well in advance if updates are needed and only do this on weekends when the markets are closed.

Below is the Forex VPS offering that I have been using for years. You don’t always need the most extensive options or heaviest VPS to meet the requirements. That’s exactly what Linux Hosts Inc. shows. They offer budget VPS hosting which is really fine for most customers.

I am currently running 3 Meta Trader accounts simultaneously with about 10 charts per terminal. I do this on the 15 USD KVM VPS without any problems. In addition, I am very happy with the customer service and I have not experienced any downtime in 5 years.

If you do algorithmic or automated trading, Linux Hosts Inc’s VPS is going to be one of your indispensable tools. You can click the link below to learn more about this fantastic web host.

Important Note. Most providers of cheap VPS plans practice overselling. Overselling means putting too many customers on the same server. Linux Hosts Inc. is the only web host with a very strict NO OVERSELLING policy.


Long explanation.

What is a VPS?

A VPS is a virtual server that works just like a real web server.

Simply put, it’s like you have an extra computer in the Cloud (think Dropbox). When you rent a VPS you can click an icon on your own computer or mobile device to connect to that other “computer in the cloud” which actually is your own virtual private server.

And like with any PC, you can download, install and configure the operating system you want, configure the power and all other characteristics of your VPS server.

The difference with your own device is that a VPS is always online, offers more security, is much faster and can handle much more data. Moreover it is scalable which means that you can easily increase or decrease its capacity and functionalities in seconds based on your needs. Last but not least you can connect to your VPS no matter where you are in the world and that’s quite an advantage when you travel a lot. You can easily access your VPS through MAC OS, iOS and Android systems. All of this is ideal for Forex trading.

What is a Forex VPS?

A Forex (foreign exchange) VPS is a widely used instrument for Forex traders. VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a computer that you rent in a special data center where a 99.99% internet connection is guaranteed and power failures are protected with backup power systems. As a result, your own computer does not have to stay on and your Forex trading always runs stable and at top speed.

More about Forex trading.

Unlike stocks or options trading, Forex trading runs 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Because of this, it is of great and crucial importance that your Meta Trader 4 program (which 95% of the Forex Traders and 100% of all Forex Robots use), does not fail and continues to run 24/5. If not, certain trades will not be executed or will not be closed. This can lead to big losses or in the worst case scenario to “blowing up” your account.

Possible causes for Meta Trader 4 temporarily not working or not working properly on your own computer:

  • No internet connection.
  • Internet too slow.
  • Power outage (for example, a major regional power outage).
  • Your computer shuts down.
  • The computer’s hard drive will freeze or fail in the worst case scenario.
  • Your computer is stolen or damaged.
  • Other causes or calamities.

Why use VPS for Forex?

A VPS service is a must for every Forex trader. The low monthly costs do not outweigh the risk that if the Meta Trader 4 fails, your entire account could be blown up.

How does Forex VPS work and how to choose it?

  • If you are renting a VPS and/or trading Forex for the first time, it would be a good choice to first rent it for one month. After that you can possibly pay for several months, where you often get a discount on the price.
  • Restart all Meta Trader 4 programs every weekend.
  • Restart your server every weekend.
  • Many people think that latency is everything. Well forget it, latency hardly affects your trading.
  • The same thing happens with the location of the virtual private web server. Choosing a VPS that is close to your broker’s server is important if nanoseconds matter to you. However, in the vast majority, this is not the case.
  • My advice here is clear, choose a virtual private server that has the same specifications as if you were buying the very best computer for Forex trading. That’s how simple it actually is.

What is the best Forex VPS?

As you have read: if you are looking for a VPS to trade Forex automatically, you have come to the right place. On this page I review the best Forex VPS provider, Linux Hosts Inc.

It is good to know that a VPS for trading is different from a VPS to host a website or application. If you want to trade automatically by means of algorithm trading or by means of a trading bot, then there are different requirements for a VPS to do this correctly. The first requirement is that the server in question must never be offline. Other requirements relate to memory (RAM), data storage, hard disk and CPU cores. However, the most important requirement is that the web hosting provider employs super fast and highly skilled, very experienced administrators and technical support engineers who can solve any technical problem in no time. Technical Support must also be easily and quickly accessible 24 hours a day in various ways throughout the year. And then we automatically think of the company Linux Hosts Inc, with offices in the US and UK. More on this later.

Initially we want to use Meta Trader 4 on our VPS because this version is 100% dedicated to Forex trading. Meta Trader 5 is less suitable for Forex. To install Meta Trader 4, the correct operating system must be running on the VPS. The most common system for this is Windows. This implies that you need a KVM VPS because OpenVZ VPS only works with Linux operating systems. However, if you prefer a Linux operating system, OpenVZ VPS can also be used.

The second thing we want for our VPS for trading is that it should be able to run many algorithms and calculations smoothly. Running a bot on 1 chart in 1 Meta Trader terminal won’t be that hard or heavy. But we also want to be able to run our bot on 4 Meta Trader terminals simultaneously with about 10 charts each. In this way we can test strategies. To do this you have to pay attention to the CPU cores and RAM of the VPS.

Reliability and uptime are very important to us as traders. After all, it is about real money that is managed and used. The last thing you want is a VPS host who installs updates or reboots the system during the week. If you choose a specific host for trading they should know that we have to be online 24-5 and that it is not justifiable to be offline during the week.

Specifications of Linux Hosts Inc. (their cheapest KVM package).

KVM VPS Server on Windows.


  • USD 15.00 per month.
  • 1 CPU Core.
  • 20 gigabyte Disk Space.
  • 1 terabyte Monthly Traffic.
  • 1024 megabytes of RAM.
  • 1 free dedicated IP Address.
  • $11.00 Domain Name Registration.


  • No Setup Fees.
  • One Hour Account Activation.
  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee.
  • 24/7/365 Technical Support.
  • Full Root Access.

OS Options:

  • Windows.
  • Ubuntu.
  • Debian.
  • CentOS.
  • Or any other operating system you want.

Administration Options:

  • Full SSH Access.
  • Data Backups Once a Week.

Resell Option:

  • Domain Name Reseller Account (eNom).

Control Panel:

  • Hepsia Control Panel (unlimited domains, no root access).
  • cPanel licenses: from 7.50 USD per month.

Additional Dedicated IPs:

  • $5.00/mo per extra IP Address.

Administration Services:

  • $66.00 per hour Installation and Troubleshooting.

Then their cheapest OpenVZ package for Linux.

OpenVZ VPS Server on Linux:

  • 16.00 USD per month.
  • 1 CPU Core.
  • 30 Gigabyte Disk Space.
  • 1 terabyte Monthly Traffic.
  • 1024 megabytes of RAM.
  • 1 IP Address.
  • 11.00 USD Domain Name.

The rest of the specifications are 100% the same as with the KVM plan.

But, there are a few exceptions:

  • You cannot install a Windows server on an OpenVZ server, only Linux.
  • An extra control panel DirectAdmin is included with unlimited domains (for CentOS only).
  • You can order managed services for 17 USD per month. This is a lot easier to you since the web host manages everything such as monitoring and rebooting, all backups, software and application installations and troubleshooting. Managed services are not possible for KVM servers.

As said before, I think that the Windows operating system is the best for Forex trading which is the reason why I use the company’s KVM plan. But of course you are totally free to opt for the OpenVZ package which has the advantage that you can let Linux Hosts Inc. do the complete management for you.

Best VPS hosting for Forex – a conclusion.

As we have seen, there is quite a bit to consider when choosing the right VPS web host if you are trading or going to trade Forex. The best thing to do before making a choice is to read reviews from real customers. Well, you’ve just done that and, if you’re confident enough in what I’ve written here about my own Forex virtual server provider, the choice is easy and you can opt for Linux Hosts Inc. The link to my host can be found at the beginning of this article.

On the other hand, if you are not convinced yet, I recommend that you search Google for more reviews. Whatever your decision may be, I wish you a lot of success with making a VPS choice and of course also with your Forex adventure. Thanks for reading!