Best website creation software in 2020.

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You have a company, a service or a product and you want to offer this to the public in 2020 and beyond.

The social media accounts have been created, but now the biggest challenge: you want to create a website. Which software is suitable for this? There is a good chance that you have never created a website, let alone that you have the knowledge of the programming language that is required for this. Fortunately, there is a wide range of website software that you can use to build your own website. Immerse yourself in this, because nowadays as a company, whether you are an individual or a large company, you can no longer do without your own website. Even most foundations and associations already have their own website. Just think of the local football club, the hobby club and charities. Big and small.

Create a website: the best software of 2020

The best website software is WordPress. You want to make the best choice with regard to your software, so that you don’t have to change everything again in a few years. Creating a website with WordPress software has many advantages, which we will talk about later. Creating a website using the right software ensures that you have a suitable, professional website that meets your requirements in no time. Creating a website yourself with free software is easier than you think.

Create website: do it yourself or with help?

Do you want to create a website yourself with the WordPress software? You are lucky, because countless articles, tutorials and FAQs have been written on this topic. On the internet you will find complete courses with explanations on how to use the software with which you can create a website. The most important thing is that you have to take some time yourself to learn it. And then you, really, are able to create a beautiful website. If you don’t have time for that or find it hard to sort out everything yourself, then WP Training Courses will give you a helping hand. You can find all the courses on our website. Check out which WordPress course is most suitable to you and build your perfect website with us.

Create your own website with free software

There are different ways to create a website. One option is a bit easier than the other, or takes more or less time than the other. In the end, money naturally also plays a role. We list the different ways to build a website, so that it is automatically clear what is the best option for you.

Free website builder

You can use a website builder for your first website that you are going to create yourself. A website builder provides a website that has already been set up for you and that you only have to adjust to your wishes. Think of adjusting colors, logos and placing texts and images. With a website builder you just get started on your own computer and only when you are completely satisfied you publish your website online. It doesn’t cost you anything except some blood, sweat and tears to be at home working with the website builder.

Website creation software: WordPress and Joomla

Another option is to use a content management system (CMS). Well-known examples include WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. These programs for creating a website are very versatile. They work with free themes, but the more professional themes often cost you some money. This is not much by the way. The advantage of this kind of website software are the thousands of plug-ins that are available to make your website even more professional. You can use these (usually free) plug-ins for example for adding a web store (Woocommerce), or add a professional contact form to your website. A very well-known plugin at the moment is the page builder plugin from Elementor. As previously indicated, our preference is the WordPress CMS. WordPress is easier to learn, develops very quickly and ensures very good results in terms of findability because Google and WordPress go well together.

Hosting provider with website software

A third way is to use a hosting provider that offers its own software to build a website. With that you actually have everything under one roof, but it often limits you in the possibilities. This is therefore a more expensive, but very easy option. It is a matter of choosing a layout for your website and adding text and photos.

Learning HTML

As a fourth option you could of course also immerse yourself completely in HTML. You can then build the website exactly the way you want. Of course, it takes a lot of time, but then you have everything under control.

Hire a web developer or web designer

The last option is to simply hire someone who will build a website for you. Will cost you more, but all you have to do is tell a web designer what you want. You could also consider taking a Premium WordPress course. In this course you build your website together with a professional web designer to your own taste. The big advantage is that, in addition to a beautiful website, you will also learn how to maintain this website and make changes later on without the need for others. That way you stay fully in control.

The best free website software: WordPress

We mentioned WordPress before. The WordPress software to create a website is the best. WordPress is very popular, which has the advantage that a lot is also written about it on the internet and that you will always find a solution if you get stuck while building your website. You can get started right away via (note: NOT Because it is a program in which you can click on options and tick, you need little or no knowledge of the programming language in which the website is written. The result will still be a professional looking and functioning website. And free, on the condition that you buy WP hosting.

More benefits from WordPress

If you want to work on a website with several people, a CMS like WordPress is a must. You can create multiple user accounts with different rights, so that for example everyone can post texts, but not everyone can take the website offline. WordPress also works with plug-ins, so that you can install a web shop, forum, but also analytical plug-ins with ease, and you can also easily link your website to your social media accounts.

Hosting for WordPress

To get started with WordPress, you only need a WP hosting package. We can arrange that for you. Or click the link at the top of this article. In addition, we ensure that your packages are properly maintained, so that you only have to focus on the content of your website. You can also register your desired domain name with us.

Anyway, finally you know what is the best website maker in 2020: WP. So, go ahead and create a beautiful website! Good luck!

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