Best software to create a website in 2020.

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Exciting! You are going to create a website and you are orientating on which website software you can best use to build your website in 2020.

In 2019 we have written several articles about which different software packages there are for creating a website.

We also looked at the type of CMS and the way of working with these programs to create websites. Certainly useful if you want to make a very broad choice, but …

Actually, there is only one best choice for 90% of people who want to make their own website, namely:

By far the best software for websites

A few years ago you still had good alternatives such as Joomla or Drupal, but currently you cannot actually see WordPress apart from a serious entrepreneur who wants to build a web site.

WordPress is the past, the present and the future and offers, besides a relatively high user-friendliness, many extensive options to be able to make a professional website without requiring much technical knowledge.

Are you looking for the best software for creating a website? STOP immediately because you have found it here!

Why does WordPress 2020 have the software to create a website? 9 benefits.

  1. With WordPress you can create almost any website you want. Blogs, company sites, web shops and portfolio sites. Anything is possible.
  2. You do not need technical knowledge to work with WordPress. Learning a little more from the system is useful to get started with your website.
  3. Millions of WordPress sites have been created worldwide, so there’s a lot of knowledge about WordPress online.
  4. There are many ready-made WordPress themes available that you can adjust to your own preferences, so you don’t have to be a web designer.
  5. The WordPress community is huge, so you can find help on any topic online so you can always continue creating your web site.
  6. WordPress is extremely flexible and scalable, so you can easily add tools to your website as they become available.
  7. WordPress is open source website software which means that anyone can make plugins or themes for it. This increases the number of options and quality.
  8. The use of WordPress is completely free
  9. With WordPress, a general update is periodically done in the software for websites. So you always have an up-to-date system that is constantly being improved.

More about WordPress

What can you expect from website creation software?

The WordPress CMS gives you insight into the options that you have when creating and maintaining your website.

You can easily create your own pages, add media, add links, assign widgets and themes, switch plugins on and off, manage menus, etc. The system is therefore very extensive.

By default, the twentysixteen theme is set for you on your web site so that you can get started right away if you want to create a blog.

Create your own website with WordPress software

It’s great that you can use free software to build your website, while still creating a unique website yourself.

When you get started with WordPress, there are still a few things that you have to take into account. Important things that make your life a lot easier when creating a website.

Install WordPress

Installing WordPress yourself can cause abomination, but luckily many hosting providers offer a free WordPress installation through which WordPress is installed directly on your web site. </ p>

I give you one simple tip: DO IT!

With some hosting providers you also have the option to easily install WordPress yourself using Installatron.

View our handy step by step WordPress installation guide for this.

A theme for your site

A theme (also known as a template) forms the basis for the appearance and functionality of your site.

Very important!

By default, the twenty sixteen theme of WordPress is used, but you can very easily install another theme in the CMS of your website.

This is how you choose how your web site looks and which functions are included as standard.

Online there are many themes for sale that you can buy for a few dollars. Many beautiful WordPress themes can be found on Theme Forest, for example.

In addition, you can easily expand the website with extra plugins.

The best WordPress plugins

WordPress is, as said, open-source software for creating websites. That means that everyone can contribute to tools that are interesting for use on your site.

The code is completely public.

As a result, many developers have created various tools (usually free) that you can use when creating a website with WordPress.

These tools are called plugins and you can find, install and update them yourself in the software of your website.

This way you can add exactly what you want in your site. From extra security, forms and photo galleries to speed optimization and social media buttons. Everything can be found here.

Do you want to know which plugins are popular in 2020? Then view our manual with handy WordPress tools.

You will also need this if you want to create a website.

Note that installing WordPress is not enough since you are likely to have your website go online.

After all, what can you do with a website that nobody visits?

So, in addition to software to create a website, you also need a domain name and web hosting.

Choosing a domain name

A domain name ensures that your site can easily be found by others online. You have to take many things into account, but luckily we have devoted a separate article to that.

We clearly explain how to choose the ideal domain name. Our handy domain name check simply tells you whether your desired domain is still available.

Choosing hosting

Every website also needs web hosting to be able to link the content of your website to your domain name and to appear online. Preferably, you opt for optimal WordPress hosting so that you are sure that the server and underlying architecture are optimally matched to your WP driven site.

In your hosting environment you connect the site with WordPress software so that it can be found on your domain name and in the search engines.

But what should you pay attention to when choosing hosting for WordPress?

  1. Will WordPress be installed for you free of charge?
  2. Is the hosting technically optimized for WordPress?
  3. The price of the hosting package
  4. The space within the hosting package
  5. The speed of the server on which the hosting is located
  6. The availability of support with WordPress

The ideal situation for hosting a site made with WordPress is a package with sufficient space (1 GB +) and a competitive price (less than $10 p/m) ), a fast optimized SSD server and availability of WordPress support.

Check these things carefully before selecting a hosting package as most hosting providers do not offer one or more of the 5 options.

Would you rather pay little ? That is of course also possible!

You will then have to settle for a package that is not optimized for WordPress and lose the server speed and WordPress support.

That does not necessarily have to be bad since you can find a lot of information in the very extensive WordPress community and your website may not need the optimum speed.

Would you like more information about the ideal hosting for your website? Then view our WordPress hosting offer.

Easily optimize your own website

If you have the WordPress software for your website under control and you now have a nice website online, you can start optimizing for visitors and search engines.

Technical optimization of your website

Technical optimization of your WordPress website simply comes down to one important component, namely:

The speed of your website has influence on the position of your website in search engines and is therefore one of the first things you should optimize.

Do you want to optimize a website for search engines? Then view how you can make your WordPress website faster.

Textual optimization of your website

The content of your website is and remains the most important part of the search engine assessment.

The content of your website must therefore match the questions that your target groups are asking, so that you can respond well to wishes of your visitors.

How do you do that? Well.

You do that through a step-by-step plan for higher positions in Google.

Alternative software for creating websites

Pfff that was a long story … but I can imagine that you may have more questions about finding the best software for creating create a website.

Or are you not convinced of the superiority of WordPress?

Or, maybe you are you looking for extremely easy website building software?

Or you don’t want to create your own site?

Then there are a few other interesting programs for creating a website:

  1. Weebly
    Weebly is easy drag and drop software for sites with which you can put a blog or website online in an instant. This is a hosted solution where you cannot host the code of your website yourself. However, you can adjust this via the editor.
  2. Wix
    At Wix you can choose many different beautiful themes and easily create your own website on them. Wix is therefore very popular. However, Wix is less flexible than Weebly.
  3. Squarespace
    Squarespace is one of the most popular software for creating a site. It is simple and extensive with the possibility to create web shops.
  4. Blogger
    Blogger is, as the name suggests, software for creating a blog. This software is from Google and has long existed as a popular blogging program.

All right, finally you know what is the best website creation software to use in 2020. If you have any questions about WordPress or need more advice when choosing the best software for web site building, then you can ask your question below in the comment section.

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