Best responsive size for websites in 2020.

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As of today there are many mobile phones that have different screen widths and heights. This post explains what is the most responsive screen width or size for a website in the year 2020. If you are a designer or developer of websites, then this question will not be unknown to you. First of all, a handy overview of screen resolutions and user percentages, based on statistics from screens used around the world in the period from November 2016 to November 2020, which you will want to take into account in 2020:

Resolution (WxH) User percentage
1366 × 768 12.85%
1920 × 1080 7.76%
375 × 667 4.94%
1440 × 900 3.32%
1280 × 800 2.67%

When you are asked what the best screen width is for a mobile friendly website, you could answer: design and build first for your specific target group, then for others. However, you do not want to ignore that that mobile friendliness of a website is taken into account when positioning it in search results.

We all know by now that Google considers the use of mobile friendliness as an important ranking signal. This affects mobile search in all languages ​​worldwide and it has a significant impact on all search results. Users not only need relevant results but also search results that are optimized for all mobile devices while simultaneously a correct display is required on desktops, laptops and notebooks.

Conclusion: if you design and build a website solely with your target audience in mind, can be adversely affected by the measure of Google, the ‘ranking’ or positioning of the site. Especially when you underestimate the degree of mobile use of your target group.

Do you have a web shop or website that is not or insufficiently suitable for narrow screen displays such as those of a tablet or smartphone? We are happy to advise and support you in making an existing website or web shop responsive for mobile, notebook, laptop and tablet. Visit our website and contact us without obligation. From $ 249 we make websites and web shops mobile friendly. No additional costs.

If you decide to let your existing website or web shop be made friendly by our mobile, tablet and laptop specialists, we will proceed as follows. We copy the website to our own development environment where we can work quickly, reliably and easily. Your website or web shop will therefore not experience any disruption or interruption and will remain accessible to visitors. We accurately indicate in advance when we will start and how much time we need, preferably by telephone. After we have carried out and tested our work, we will send you a responsive design link that you can check. If your findings are positive, we will put the (adjusted) code live on the website. To be sure, we ask you to check your site one last time. Look & feel are of course maintained as much as possible.

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Now you finally know the most responsive screen size for a mobile website in the year 2020. So, proceed, and start creating a beautiful site. Good luck! Last but not least, if you need more information then I would like to ask your attention for an excellent article on the same subject, written by Shaun Anderson. You can find it here.

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