Best reseller hosting for web designers

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This is a Goldmine for anyone who has contact with people in need of (new) web hosting!

This article explains what is the best reseller hosting for web designers and developers. We can already reveal that the best program is offered by the company Resellers Panel. Here is a short explanation why and, please read on, otherwise you might miss out on a real goldmine!

Here are the 4 unbelievable benefits of this resell program that actually looks more like an affiliate program:

  • You pay nothing! The program is 100% free and they give you your own hosting store at no charge. In this store you can set the pricing that fits you best.
  • You can easily earn a total of yearly recurring commission of $ 1,600 on only 1 web hosting plan! Of course your income depends on how high you set your prices in the free store that you’ll get.
  • The reseller hosting company does the BILLING, SUPPORT and AFTER SALES for you! So, as web designer or developer you have less work, the same as with affiliate programs.
  • The company has the lowest hosting customer cancellation rate in the industry. There will be no complaints from your clients. This is only one of the many reasons why this program is considered as the best.

Many web designers and web developers are hosting affiliates. So I’d like to say REPLACE your affiliate program asap. Here is the link and stay safe!

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Why we consider this as the best reseller hosting for web designers.

The choice is easy.

Many web hosting companies not only offer standard hosting packages, but also several so-called reseller hosting packages. Have you ever heard of reseller hosting, but you don’t really know what this form of hosting entails? Read more about reseller hosting on this page. By going through the information on this page, you can easily determine whether a reseller hosting package is right for you and which one beats all the other offers.

What is reseller hosting?

If you take out a standard hosting package, you will receive a package for one user. This means that you get one username, one password and one hosting package with a certain amount of data traffic and disk space. If you take out a reseller hosting package, you will receive a package for multiple users. This means that you can create multiple accounts, for users who all have their own hosting package (with the amount of data traffic and disk space they choose themselves). Reseller hosting is therefore used to host multiple websites, often for multiple people.

For whom is reseller hosting interesting?

Reseller hosting is interesting for people who want to host multiple websites. For example, reseller hosting packages are often taken out by entrepreneurs with multiple websites in their own name, but also by entrepreneurs who set up websites for their customers, such as web design and development specialists. If you earn your money by creating websites for various customers, you can take out a reseller hosting package to host the websites of all your customers. If you are involved in affiliate marketing and you have ten different websites, you can host these websites all by means of reseller hosting.

Why reseller hosting?

  • There are various reasons for purchasing a reseller hosting package, instead of one of the standard hosting packages. Firstly, reseller hosting is cheaper if you want to host multiple websites. For example, if you have ten websites and you take out a separate hosting package for all websites, you pay a fairly high amount for hosting every month. If you take one reseller hosting package for all websites, you have a much cheaper deal. You only have one hosting package to your name.
  • In addition, reseller hosting is easier to manage than regular hosting, especially if you manage dozens of websites for your website design customers. If you have a different hosting package for each website, you have to remember many usernames and passwords and you also have to log in, log out and log in again often. If you use reseller hosting, you have the hosting packages of all your separate websites clearly arranged together.
  • Finally, with a reseller hosting package you can easily sell hosting to your web design customers. If you have a new customer who wants to purchase hosting, you simply create a new user in your hosting environment. If you do not have a reseller hosting, you have to take out your own hosting package for each web design customer. This is not only more expensive, but also more time-consuming. We therefore advise you to carefully consider if reseller hosting packages are interesting for you!

Conclusion of what is the best reseller hosting for web designers.

As mentioned earlier, the free web hosting reseller program described at the beginning of this article (Resellers Panel) is by far the best choice for web design specialists and others involved in creating websites for their clients. So I would say scroll to the top and click the link. Good luck!

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