Best ecommerce web hosting. The truth revealed.

Short Answer (quick read).

Best ecommerce platform.

This article has some shocking revelations about ecommerce web hosting providers and dropshipping platforms. It will change your view of web hosting providers that are often used for online stores and therefore enable you to make a much better choice.

The question “best hosting for ecommerce” can be answered by taking a quick look at the most suitable providers.

This article is ideal for those who want to set up an online store, with or without dropshipping, with as little cost as possible. We took a look at the web hosting providers that are most suitable for this or that are the most obvious.

Is GoDaddy good for ecommerce?

The company Go Daddy dropped out early on. Their pricing is full of tricks. Let’s take Go Daddy’s cheapest plan that is offered at $1 per month, as an example. What they don’t mention is that, after the first year, you will pay a whopping $8.99 per month. So this is an expensive solution. What they also keep more or less secret is the fact that the first year of free SSL will cost you $69.99 per website per year for subsequent years. That comes on top of the expensive hosting of $8.99 per month for the second year. What they also don’t tell you is that the free domain is much more expensive upon renewal. And then we even didn’t mention the many complaints regarding technical support. So we definitely say no to Go Daddy.

Best ecommerce platform for small business.

But then, what companies are suitable for e-commerce websites? In addition to researching Go Daddy, we also included the companies Shopify, Linux Hosts Inc., Hostinger, and Host Gator in this study. After much deliberation, we were finally able to come to the conclusion which web host offers the most for the least money when it comes to hosting online stores with or without dropshipping. We can already reveal the winner of this comparison: Linux Hosts Inc.

Why is Linux Hosts Inc. the best choice for e-commerce and dropshipping?

  • First of all, this is the only web host in the world with a strict No Overselling Policy. Overselling is the practice of overloading web servers with too many customers. It is a popular way of web hosting companies to earn as much money as possible per web server. Many major hosting providers put thousands of customers on one and the same web server. The consequences of this are security problems, slow or not loading websites and Google penalties. The latter often happens if you share your server with questionable websites such as porn providers. Since your site has the same IP address as those bad sites, there is a chance that your web site will also be hit by a Google penalty as a result of which you can forget about high rankings. As mentioned earlier, Linux Hosts Inc. is the only web host that puts very few customers on their servers. This is a good guarantee that your website can rank high, has no security problems and loads quickly.
  • Secondly Linux Hosts Inc. is the only web host in this comparison that has put all web hosting plans in a Private Cloud. Cloud hosting is much better than non-cloud hosting, it makes your website faster and you are never offline. But, what makes it even more special is the fact that this company operates a Private Cloud for your sites. That makes your website much more secure than hosting companies that are using the Public Cloud.
  • It is also worth mentioning that Linux Hosts Inc. doesn’t manipulate its pricing and hides absolutely nothing. So you know exactly where you stand. You can see how much you pay in the first year and you also know that it will not suddenly become more expensive in the following years. And their contracts, unlike many other web hosts, are never longer than a year.

Then, here are some more features of Linux Hosts Inc:

  • A domain with hosting is not free but only costs $6 per year.
  • SSL is free forever.
  • Web space storage is unlimited.
  • Bandwidth is unlimited.
  • WordPress with WooCommerce hosting is included in the plan of your choice. You need the free Woo Commerce plugin for online stores and for drop shipping.
  • Technical support is provided by IT engineers who often solve even the most complicated problems in minutes.
  • The email ticketing system of Linux Hosts Inc. offers a response guarantee of only 10 minutes so they are also fast.
  • Technical support is never closed, so if you need help at 3am on new year’s day, you’ll get it.
  • Backups are included for free in all plans and they are fully automated so you don’t have to do anything.
  • There is no charge for website restoration should you ever need it and they will restore your site in just minutes.

Long story short, we can conclude that Linux Hosts Inc. is head and shoulders above its competition. This makes them the most suitable provider for those who want to have their online store hosted by the best company. You can try them at no charge.

30 Day Free Trial Linux Hosts Inc. (no credit card required).

Hopefully this short review was good enough to answer the question “which hosting is best for ecommerce site“. However, we invite you to read on to learn everything about the details.

Long explanation.

So you are in the process of launching your online business? Great to hear and you landed on the right page. Here you can find the best web hosting for dropshipping and e-commerce, discover their functions, use and storage capacity. You need a web hosting service offering high speed and excellent support. Let’s find out which platform has everything you’re looking for in web storage for your pages so you can reach your digital marketing goals fast and easy.

What are ecommerce hosting platforms?

The difference between ecommerce hosting platforms and regular hosting is the service it offers. E-commerce website hosting specializes in online sales. It’s is therefore characterized by top support, fast page loading, a user-friendly platform for customers, good security + privacy, and easy to understand statistics.

When you make your hosting choice you must take into account that it has the highest loading speed. After 2 seconds of loading the probability of visitors leaving your site is very high, so this must be one of the most important factors to consider.

Your best choice is a hosting company with top performance, SSD storage, and the latest infrastructure. The company should also offer software such as Woo Commerce with different payment options according to the needs of your prospects. Other requirements are 99.9% uptime Guarantee, unlimited data transfer and traffic (bandwidth) and unlimited file storage (web space). Last but not least, WordPress should be included for free in your hosting plan because you will need WooCommerce which is a free WordPress plugin especially designed for e-commerce web sites and also for drop shipping.

Woo Commerce is one of the world’s most popular e-commerce solutions. It’s Open Source which means that it can be used without paying for it and anyone interested in the software can contribute to its development and maintenance. Open source also means that you, as a user, retain full ownership of your content and data forever and for free. It makes no difference what kind of online business you are planning, WooCommerce is suitable for any kind of e-commerce project.

What is dropshipping?

The simplest way to describe drop shipping is that you are reselling other people’s products with this method. An owner of a web shop offers certain products, but does not have them in stock. The customer places the order via your web shop, you pass the order on to the supplier and he sends the product directly to the customer.

What is the most suitable hosting for e-commerce and drop shipping?

Let’s start with the two main reasons why we don’t recommend Shopify in this research of the best ecommerce hosting solution.

Vendor Lock-In.

If you ask us which hosting is best for ecommerce website or for other ecommerce solutions then we don’t recommend Shopify at all since they lock-in their customers. Vendor lock-in means that the vendor is actually the owner of your store. If ever Shopify shuts down you loose your store. And, if ever you don’t like Shopify anymore it’s impossible to migrate your precious store to another hosting provider. You would have to start from scratch again which can be very difficult and expensive if you already have a successful e-commerce website.


The cheapest Shopify plan costs $29 per month. If you use another payment provider than Shopify you’ll have to pay extra transaction fees. You also pay credit card fees on every purchase paid with a credit card.

Since the company only offers 71 free themes in contrast to WordPress offering thousands of free themes there’s a high possibility that the design of your site is exactly the same as other web shops. So the chance that you have to go for a unique paid theme is high and these are expensive. They range from $140 to $180.

Also third part apps are mostly very expensive unlike WordPress offering most apps (plugins) for free. For example, if you want to add recurring payments to your web shop including subscriptions, you’ll need to pay an additional $39.99 a month. Adding popups (exit intent) to build your email list costs an additional $24 per month. That is already an additional $64 per month on top of Shopify’s expensive monthly plans. Expenses like these can easily eat up all your profit.

Many Shopify starters have monthly expenses of hundreds of dollars a month and give up very quick. A whopping 95 percent fails during the first year of operation and only 5 percent reaches success. The main reason behind this are the high monthly fees. So, if you ask us “what is Shopify hosting” or similar questions then we advice you to stay away from them. If you still want to visit them, the website is


With the WooCommerce WordPress plugin you don’t have al these unpleasant surprises and everything is basically free. So we limit our research exclusively to web hosting companies that offer WordPress including WooCommerce. We compared their cheapest shared hosting plans. All pricing is per year so you pay for one year in advance.

Hostinger. Website:

With over 29 million customers, Hostinger is one of the larger web hosts. Hostinger gave us arguments in the test to host our online store with the provider from Lithuania mainly because of its attractive pricing. But there are also a few points against it such as limited bandwidth/storage and only 1 email account.

  • One Website
  • Storage: 50 GB SSD
  • Traffic: 10,000 visits per month
  • Email: One account
  • SSL: free
  • Domain name: free for one year
  • Bandwidth: 100GB
  • Money Back Guarantee: 30 days
  • Databases: 2
  • Data Centers: 7 different countries. You can choose which data center you prefer
  • Price from $2.99 per month. Renews after one year at $5.99 per month.

Host Gator. Website:

Host Gator is an established hosting company offering great value for money with a variety of plans suitable for all budgets. In addition to web hosting, it also offers a site builder. Public Cloud hosting is available which is good for web shops but a Private Cloud would be more secure. Another plus point is the unlimited use of bandwidth and web space.

  • One Website
  • Web space: unlimited
  • Traffic (bandwidth): unlimited
  • Email: One account
  • SSL: free
  • Domain name: free for one year
  • Money Back Guarantee: 30 days
  • Databases: unlimited
  • Data Centers: only 2 in the US. You cannot choose your own data center
  • Price from $3.95 per month. Renews after one year at $8.95 per month.

GoDaddy. Website:

Go Daddy is the world’s leader in domain names and web hosting. Thanks to the company’s relentless advertising online, on TV, radio and print ads practically everybody knows their name. We consider this business not suitable for beginners who like to start their own e-commerce business because of the web host’s notorious support. Other reasons why we don’t recommend this provider are the limited web space and the many extra expenses you’ll have if you really want to setup a professional online business.

  • One Website
  • Storage: 25 GB
  • Traffic (bandwidth): unlimited
  • Email: Two accounts free for one year. At renewal you pay $47.76 per year per email account. This is very expensive!
  • SSL: free for one year. At renewal you pay $69.99 per website per year. This is very expensive!
  • Domain name: free for one year. Warning: Will renew at a high price!
  • Money Back Guarantee: 30 days
  • Databases: 10
  • Data Centers: 9 in 3 different countries. You can choose which data center you prefer
  • Price from $1.00 per month. Renews after one year at $8.99 per month.

Final conclusion.

As we have seen, there are very few web hosting companies that can be considered 100% suitable for e-commerce and drop shipping. The reason for this is the fact that higher demands are placed on these hosting providers by the users.

These requirements are:

  • It must be Cloud hosting so that the online shop loads quickly. You’ll want your online store to load within 2 seconds. If loading takes longer than that the bounce rate will skyrocket. It has been proven that forty percent of visitors won’t wait any longer than 3 seconds before they leave your website.
  • It should preferably be a Private Cloud because this is more secure for your online shopping site and your customers.
  • There are 3 requirements for technical support related to:
    1) Competence: well trained and knowledgeable support employees.
    2) Speed: very fast assistance in case of technical problems.
    3) Availability: Always available, including at night, weekends and holidays.
  • Cheap and nothing should be hidden price wise.
  • Few customers on the same server (no overselling!).
  • WooCommerce should be included for free. Let’s now have a closer look at this wonderful software:

What is WooCommerce?

We often hear the question how to build a dropshipping website and we always answer to use WordPress because it’s free and the software includes the free WordPress plugin Woo Commerce which makes it much easier to set up your business quickly. The advantages of Woo Commerce are:

  • You can easily expand the base by using extra plugins or extensions, so that you can build a web shop according to your wishes.
  • The plugin is free to download and does not have a monthly subscription. You could create an online store without spending any money.
  • It’s open source software. This means that the code is available and anyone can make suggestions to improve it. This way of working ensures that the plugin develops faster than other software where this code is not available to everyone.
  • With many web shop software you need to have technical knowledge yourself to be able to deal with it. This is not the case with Woo Commerce. You can easily create a web shop and add products yourself. You can also post related content and information on your web shop without being tech savvy.
  • With a Woo Commerce web shop you can sell both physical and digital products. It is also possible to offer services. Examples are e-books, manuals or tickets for an event.
  • Whether you run a small or large web shop, Woo Commerce will stand firm. Your website may become a bit slower, but this is easily solved by opting for a faster package with your web host. Or you simply install a free cache plugin combined with a plugin for optimizing images to speed up your site.
  • In the backend of your Woo Commerce website, a simple and clear report of your web shop is provided. Your turnover is shown there and which products perform the best.

As we have been able to read, there are even more requirements. Based on our experience, the only web host reaching this highest level of e-commerce hosting is Linux Hosts Inc. That makes the choice easy, right? Thanks for reading and good luck with your e-commerce store!