Can WordPress be used to create a dynamic website?

Create a dynamic WP site.

Short version. This post explains why WordPress is suitable for dynamic websites and blogs. What is dynamic in WordPress? Let’s first explain what dynamic means in the case of WordPress (WP for short). A dynamic WP process or system is characterized by constant changes in the entire website. So, if you change something in your … Read more

Best reseller hosting for web designers

Best hosting resell program for website designers

Short version This is a Goldmine for anyone who has contact with people in need of (new) web hosting! This article explains what is the best reseller hosting for web designers and developers. We can already reveal that the best program is offered by the company Resellers Panel. Here is a short explanation why and, … Read more

Is WordPress a free website builder?

WordPress website building tool

Short version. Is WordPress free website creation software? That’s an excellent question you asked the search engine and we are going to answer it for you! When searching for a free website builder the first word or name that apparently popped up in your mind was “WordPress” or “WP” for short. Okay, the answer to … Read more

Web hosting free trial no credit card.

Web Hosting Free trial Without Credit Card.

Short version. Why a free trial web hosting without credit card? This article is about no charge website hosting trials not asking any financial information from you. It is preferable to choose a web host that gives potential customers the opportunity to try the service for free before entering into certain commitments. Offering a free … Read more

WordPress vs Godaddy

GoDaddy and Wordpress Comparison

Short Version Is it possible to compare Go Daddy with WordPress? This article is a comparison between Go Daddy and WordPress to determine which of the two is better. Let me start by saying that it is difficult to compare GoDaddy to WordPress (WP for short). Go Daddy is a domain registrar and web hosting … Read more

Why is Facebook so slow in 2021?

Slow FaceBook

  Facebook: Who doesn’t know the name by now? But what is Facebook anyway? How does this social networking site work and who are its users? And, most importantly, why is Facebook so slow? Read more about Facebook in this article. What is Facebook, how does it work and why is it so slow in … Read more

How to make a website in 10 minutes?

How do you make a website?

Short version: Make a website in 10 minutes: This article is about how to quickly make a nice looking website. Well, the answer to your question is to subscribe to the free web hosting trial of Linux Hosts Inc. Here is how: Get a FREE TRIAL web hosting. Visit to get your 30 day … Read more

What is Amazon Prime?

Explanation Amazon Prime

  What is Amazon Prime and is it worth it? Amazon, who doesn’t know it? The largest e-commerce company in the world. But what is Amazon Prime? Their slogan is “the best of shopping and entertainment!”. Hmm, doesn’t sound bad, does it? I have an Amazon Prime subscription and am happy to tell you everything … Read more

How to invent an app?

How to make an app?

  How do you make an app? From idea to application in 8 steps! Are you curious about how an app is designed and developed? Are you just interested or perhaps you’d like to make an app yourself? In this article we share a handy step-by-step plan to get from app idea to end product. … Read more

What is a podcast?

What is podcasting?

  Why people love podcasts. Because you have your hands free while listening, a podcast is ideal during activities such as driving, cycling, ironing, running and shopping. Maybe it is also something for you to try? But, be extra careful when driving a vehicle while listening to a podcast. We tell you what a podcast … Read more

What to do when you’re hacked?


  Cyber crime: Help, I have been hacked! It can happen to anyone, cyber criminals hacking data, websites or even bank accounts. Unfortunately it’s often too late when you find out. But what can you do to kick out the hacker, and keep him or her out forever? There are different types of cyber crime. … Read more

What to do if my computer screen is black?

Black screen laptop

  The monitor does not display anything. This article provides solutions for the following situation: If you start or restart your computer, your monitor will remain black, but all lights will turn on and you will hear the device start up. So the device seems to have booted up, the indicator lights are on and … Read more

What is the dark web in 2020?

The Dark Net.

  If you see the internet as an ocean, the Dark Web is the deepest point. This is the part that cannot be visited with normal browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. You need the special Tor browser for this. There is a myth that the Dark Web only consists of illegal web … Read more

How to write an essay in 2020.

Essay Writing

  What is the best way to write an essay? Writing an essay, paper or thesis is the greatest challenge of their studies for many students. Even for those who want to become a writer it is very difficult. Not knowing where to start (writer’s block), going through long nights to finish the essay etc. … Read more

Content writers in 2020.

How to find freelance article creators?

    Is content writing easy? In 2020 and beyond, anyone with a laptop and chair can write text, right? Well, that is a bit disappointing in practice. Combining letters into words, words into sentences and sentences into distinctive text is more complicated than you think. So, which requirements should content writers meet and what … Read more

How to write a book in 2020?

First time book authors.

  Steps to writing a book. How to write a book? It is a question that many novice writers struggle with. Often you start, but you soon run out of inspiration. Or the story gets bogged down in long-winded thoughts, instead of powerful page turners. The tip we give to every novice writer: Divide the … Read more

How to make money on YouTube in 2020?

Income from YouTube.

  How do You Tubers make money? Many people don’t know, but to make money from YouTube videos in 2020 you just need to enable the “show ads” feature for your YouTube channel. No more than a few minutes of work. However, this option is only interesting if you have at least a few thousand … Read more

Email marketing in 2020.

A complete explanation of marketing through email messages.

  What is email marketing? What type of marketing is email marketing, for whom is it interesting, what are the benefits? And what challenges do you encounter when you use this form of marketing? E-mail marketing is a form of Direct Marketing in which a message is sent directly to the recipient. Think of a … Read more

How much do translators make in 2020?

How much do translators make in 2020?

  Make money with online translation. Have you ever thought about using your language talent? How about translating online and earning money from behind your laptop no matter where is the world you are? An ideal source of income if you like to travel the world or work from home. I have already experienced several … Read more

What is affiliate marketing in 2020?

What is affiliate marketing?

  Affiliate marketing definition 2020. With affiliate marketing affiliates earn commission on the sale of products and services offered by vendors. The affiliate therefore shares information about services or products on his website and earns commission on every visit or purchase. Depending on the contact quality level between affiliate and vendor, it can be a … Read more

The best products to sell in 2020 and beyond.

Best products to sell.

  What are the best things to sell online? Earning money online is becoming increasingly popular and more and more people are starting to sell through drop shipping sites or Affiliate Marketing. When they start they often run into the same question: what are the best products to sell in 2020 and beyond? Maybe you … Read more

Why is my computer so slow in 2020?

Why is my computer so slow?

  Suffering from a slow PC? This article shows you how to make your Windows computer faster. It is an annoyance for many: a computer that takes forever to boot. Programs that startup very slow can also cause a lot of frustration. I will list 10 tips to make your Windows computer faster. How to … Read more

How to write an article?

How to write an article?

  Write a good article without spending a lot of time. Suppose, you are asked to write a story for a magazine, website or newsletter. This post explains how to compose an impressive article or story in a short span of time. Writing can be a lot of fun, if you are a successful author … Read more

Difference between copywriting and content writing?

What is the difference between copywriting and content writing?

  Text on your website usually translates to the goal you have in mind for your online presence. A website selling products or services will use words and text that stimulate sales. An informative website keeps it businesslike and the content of blogs is either formal, informal, businesslike, private or everything in between. Of course … Read more

How to sell products online.

How to sell products online.

  Online sales. With the internet, countless online stores have emerged and online sales have become the largest industry. Not only web shops such as Amazon make big profits, many private individuals and new small companies also sell a lot of stuff on the internet. And there are still niches enough to start with. In … Read more

How to host a website for free.

Is free hosting good?

  Free or paid web hosting? If you are looking for hosting your website, you have to make a decision: do you opt for free or paid web hosting. The correct answer to this question varies from case to case. Sometimes you can find everything you need with a free web host. However, the big … Read more

How to use social media for small business.

How to use social media for small business.

  10 benefits of Social Media Platforms you didn’t know about. You probably are already using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more, to keep in touch with your customers. Using at least one of these platforms for customer service is a no-brainer, shall we say. But are there any other benefits of … Read more

What is dedicated hosting?

What is dedicated hosting?

  With dedicated hosting, a dedicated web server is assigned to the web hosting customer. Such a web server is a fully allocated hardware server that only runs your software that is not shared with third parties. This means that you have a complete hardware server at your disposal with your own processors, RAM memory … Read more

What is shared hosting?

What is shared hosting?

  Before you can put your website or online store online and make it visible to the whole world, you must buy a hosting package. This looks easy, but certainly for starters this is more difficult than it seems. This is because there are many different hosting variants and many more providers. One of the … Read more

How to use Facebook for business.

How to use Facebook for business?

  Six detailed tips for business success on Facebook. Does your company already have its own page on Facebook? With your own company page you can attract many visitors and you will in direct contact with your target group. But how do you get the most benefit from this? You can read that in below … Read more

How to use LinkedIn for business.

How to use LinkedIn for business.

  LinkedIn for companies: How do you use it? The online social network LinkedIn is the perfect place for you, as an entrepreneur, to profile yourself. You can greatly expand your network by registering if you have not already done so. After registration you can make contacts with fellow entrepreneurs you already know and with … Read more

How to use Twitter for business.

How to use Twitter for business.

  Social media: How Twitter works for your online business. 21 useful tips. You are considering starting with Twitter or have just started and can use some tips. Then it would be useful if someone tells you what to look out for. This way you don’t have to reinvent the wheel yourself. So, how does … Read more

How to rank high on Baidu?

How to do Baidu SEO?

  This article gives you an exact explanation on how to rank high on Baidu. However, before explaining how to do Baidu SEO successfully, let’s start with a short introduction to the most used search engine in China. What is Baidu? Baidu is a Chinese search engine. It was founded in 2000 by Robin Li … Read more

Someone copied my website.

Website imitation

  Copyright and infringement. If you have created a website, you want this website to remain yours and that the information on your website is not simply copied. However, the texts described on your website are sometimes used. If someone puts a short summary of one or more of your articles on their site and, … Read more

My iPhone keeps crashing.

My iPhone keeps crashing.

  How resetting your iPhone works: explained step by step. Occasionally, resetting your iPhone is smart to do. In essence, your smartphone is a computer and in order to keep everything running stably and smoothly, a restart is occasionally wise. We show how this works. In addition, it is sometimes the only solution to fix … Read more

Why is wifi so slow?

Why is wifi so slow?

  What are the possible causes of slow WiFi? Whether for work, study or gaming: slow internet is very annoying. A slow internet connection is not always easy to fix, as it can be due to a number of different causes. In this blog we explain the most common causes for slow internet and what … Read more

Why is my website down?

Why is my website down?

  Can’t reach your website? Then check the five options below. Are you unable to access your website or is your website simply not working? It may be that your site is off the air. Don’t worry immediately, it can be anything. In this article I have described some possible causes that you can check … Read more

What is the best social media platform?

What is the best social media platform?

  Which social media platform is best for companies? A survey by the American Chamber of Commerce in January 2020 found that 87% of small businesses use at least one large digital platform to provide information to customers. But which platforms should you use and what kind of marketing strategy for social media should you … Read more

What is dropshipping.

What is dropshipping?

  More and more (novice) online retailers are doing dropshipping. The word “dropshipping” means that the manufacturer or wholesaler ships the product to the customer, after which it is delivered to the customer’s home (dropped). So the web retailer (you) just has to sell the product, nothing more. Handy, because the retailer does not have … Read more

What is a social media marketing agency?

What is an SMMA?

  How do you start a social media marketing agency in 2020 and what is it? E-commerce, drop shipping, affiliate marketing and social media marketing. These are business models that can make you good money and that you can start from any corner of the world. I have already explained the previously mentioned business models … Read more

How to rank higher on Google.

How to rank higher on Google.

  Can you get higher in Google in a few days? Sure. It can even be done in one day if you do it right and if you’re lucky. But…. it’s not really about time. It’s about knowing what you can improve on a particular article you’ve written and published. If you know what to … Read more

How to get rich with internet?

Get rich online.

  Reliable methods for getting rich online. In this article you will learn how to make a lot of money online. Whether you are a student, employed or jobless, anyone can start making money online. There are no high barriers, such as huge investments that you have to make. If you invest enough of your … Read more

How can you earn money online.

How can you earn money online.

  Would you like to earn money online? Then you’ve come to the right place. I work on my laptop and can do it from anywhere in the world. So the fact that I travel a lot is no obstacle whatsoever. I love making money online. If you have a preference for working at home … Read more

WordPress vs. Drupal vs. Joomla.

WordPress vs. Drupal vs. Joomla.

  What are the differences between Drupal, Joomla and WordPress? And which open source content management system (c.m.s.) is best for you and your organization? If you ask us what are the most popular Content Management Systems at the moment, we answer: “Joomla, Drupal and WordPress”. But which of these Open Source content management systems … Read more

What is better WordPress or Wix?

WordPress vs. Wix.

  WordPress (WP) or Wix? Many people who want to start a website are faced with this choice. You hear that many use WordPress, but others recommend, an online content management system (C.M.S.) that allows you to create websites for free, without programming. To answer the question which of the two content management systems … Read more

How to protect my website?

How to protect my website?

  The ultimate security checklist for your website. Securing your website seems difficult, but if you go through this checklist and actually apply it, the security of your website should be completely in order. How to protect my website? Good security of your website not only ensures that your website will not be hacked, but … Read more

How to protect my WordPress site from hackers.

WordPress Security

  The security of WP sites. Many website owners don’t care much about the security of their (WordPress) websites. That’s to say, until they get hacked. However, when that happens it’s often too late for defense. That’s why it is important to properly protect your WP driven site against hackers, bots and malware. This article … Read more

What is DNSSEC?

What is DNSSEC?

  What is DNSSEC and why is it important? The internet is full of crooks who are constantly on the lookout for new vulnerabilities to take advantage of. Even DNS is a target. Fortunately, there is DNSSEC, a new technique that ensures that DNS records are more secure than before. Web hosts, domain name traders … Read more

What is good wordpress web hosting.

What is good wordpress web hosting?

  Reliable hosting provider for your WordPress website. Finding a new hosting company can be quite frustrating: online you will find good and bad reviews, you never know exactly what a hosting company will do for you, and you may not have enough technical knowledge to understand if they offer enough for your website. You … Read more

Earn money with domain names in 2020.

Earn money with domain names.

  Basically a domain name is nothing more than a name. When selling domain names, you transfer nothing but ownership, or the rights to the domain name. As a rule, you can freely trade any domain name, provided that there is no trademark or name infringement. Generic domains such as or are not … Read more

How does Google Maps work in 2020?

How to use Google Maps?

  Google Maps 2020 can be seen as the successor of the atlas which was used for searching countries, areas and other specific places on our planet. But how does Google Maps work and what functions are there? This is a practical guide by an experienced expert. Introduction. Google Maps is more than a digital … Read more

What are good domain names?

Good domain names

  Thinking about your domain name? Need expert help? Well, here it is! In this new guide you can expect the following questions to be answered: The most important question of all that probably brought you to this website: What are good domain names? Do I need a domain name with keywords/description or with my … Read more

How does Google Ads work in 2020?

Google Ads

    Easy to understand and short step-by-step online advertising plan with Google Ads 2020. Do you want to advertise online for your company and are you willing to pay for it? Then online advertising is a good option. An example is Google Ads. Find new customers through this online advertising system. This post explains … Read more

How does Google Analytics work in 2020?

Google Analytics

  Google Analytics is one of the most popular programs to gain insight into your website statistics. How does Google Analytics work? With Google Analytics 2020 you can see: How often your website is visited. Which pages were viewed and how often. From which websites you get visitors. How long visitors stay on a page … Read more

How to avoid domain name scams in 2020.

Domain name scams.

  Have you ever been called by a company that controls domain name sales and offers a different version of your domain? This is domain name fraud! In 2020 we have received an increasing number of reports from customers that they would have the first registration right on a domain extension because someone else wants … Read more

How to run Ubuntu on a Windows 8 computer.

Ubuntu and Windows

  Before you start. This article is an explanation on how to install Ubuntu on a Windows 8 machine. The guide is valid for desktop, PC and laptop owners. The explanation assumes that you already have a machine running Windows 8.1 (or 8.0), with a UEFI BIOS and a hard disk that can free up … Read more

What can I do with Google Trends in 2020?

Google Trends

  Gaining insight into trends is now easier than ever before. You simply go to Google Trends and enter the subject of which you want to know more about its popularity. But what exactly is Google Trends and how can you use this service? You might ask yourself the question “What can I do with … Read more

What is Ping?

What is Ping in computing.

  Packet Internet Groper, usually licensed as PING, is a diagnostic tool that tests the connectivity between two nodes or devices in a network. PING checks whether a network data package can be distributed to an address without errors. It also includes the network accessibility or a specific IP address and is used to determine … Read more

How Google reCAPTCHA works in 2020.

Google reCaptcha

  Have you made a beautiful form but do you get an error message on the website? Or do you just wonder what the private and public key settings are for? In this blog article you will learn how Google reCAPTCHA works in 2020 and you will get an answer to both questions as mentioned … Read more

Why location marketing is important

Local search results in Google

  5 reasons why Location Marketing is the key to your growth in 2020 What is Location Marketing Location Marketing focuses specifically on the community around a local company. It can be described in a nutshell as the process in which the online presence of a physical location of a company is optimized. Why has … Read more

How to be successful on Instagram in 2020.


  Instagram for companies: tips and best practices. Now that you have an Instagram company profile, you can use the tips below to make your Instagram presence a successful one in 2020. This post teaches you how you can achieve success on Instagram by implementing only a few measures that have proven to work. So, … Read more

VPS web hosting guide 2020.

What is VPS website hosting?

  When it comes to web hosting, there are many different options available. Each has its own merits, functions and price points, but today we will take a closer look at VPS hosting as of 2020. With Virtual Private Servers you can store all files and data of your website on the web space that … Read more

How to make your website faster in 2020.

Website Speed

  Imagine: You come across the product that you have wanted for years in a web shop. It costs less than you expected. It is even discounted. A bargain. Just order. You add the product to your shopping basket. And then it starts. You want to go to the next step in the ordering process … Read more

Best WordPress Hosting in 2020

WordPress Logo

  The most popular CMS in 2020 for managing websites is still WordPress. According to recent research, WordPress is used by 31% of the 1 million largest websites in the world. The most popular example is the CNN website that is entirely based on this CMS. Although the open-source software is still basically built for … Read more

Best website creation software in 2020.

Build websites.

  You have a company, a service or a product and you want to offer this to the public in 2020 and beyond. The social media accounts have been created, but now the biggest challenge: you want to create a website. Which software is suitable for this? There is a good chance that you have … Read more

Best software to create a website in 2020.

Make a website

  Exciting! You are going to create a website and you are orientating on which website software you can best use to build your website in 2020. In 2019 we have written several articles about which different software packages there are for creating a website. We also looked at the type of CMS and the … Read more

Requirements for domain name extensions in 2020

Domain TLD specifics

  There can be different requirements and / or specifics, depending on the extension of a domain name. In this article we will discuss all the requirements for domain extensions in 2020 and beyond and the different properties per TLD, so that it is clear what you should pay attention to when you register a … Read more

Best responsive size for websites in 2020.

Responsive website

  As of today there are many mobile phones that have different screen widths and heights. This post explains what is the most responsive screen width or size for a website in the year 2020. If you are a designer or developer of websites, then this question will not be unknown to you. First of … Read more