Richard and Emily Detering


Medical History.

Richard Detering, a 70 year old Dutchman, now living in the Philippines, was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma in 2018. The skin cancer was on his scalp. His dermatologist urged him to undergo Mohs Micrographic Surgery as soon as possible. However, there was a problem. Richard had no health insurance covering surgery in a clinic, without being admitted to a hospital. He also didn’t have the money for an operation. This forced him to look for other solutions online. He started a long medical research on the Internet. What he found was amazing. Numerous online medical articles told him that iodine was the solution.

After reading, studying and comparing many articles on the subject, Richard started applying a daily generous amount of iodine on the cancer spot. HOW exactly this must be done, can be read in the main article. He combined this specific iodine cure with 3 additional also required treatments that complemented the first one. This combined basal cell carcinoma natural treatment will do the work so applying iodine only will NOT be successful.

After three months his skin cancer was totally gone. The scalp skin had become pink and healthy again. And now Richard Detering has decided to share his miracle cure with the whole world. The article that he created to share with the world is a complete and free guide on how to follow the procedure and cure basal cell carcinoma in the comfort of your home.


Richard Detering is specialized in the following fields: online medical research, search engine optimization, online writing, email marketing, social media marketing, WordPress programming and web design.

Personal Information.

Originally from the Netherlands where he worked as an independent insurance broker, the 70 year old Richard retired to the Philippines in 1999. The name of his beautiful Philippine wife is Emily. Richard has 2 children in the Netherlands and one in the Philippines.

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