About me.

About me.

When I was young.

I love beautiful watches. People who know me know that. I can look at them for hours, polish them and listen to the sound. It has something magical for me, especially when I was still a teenager (many years ago). I remember, for example, that the Purple Rain had just been released and I heard Prince singing from a neighboring café while I was standing in front of Tourneau TimeMachine in NYC, admiring all those beautiful watches. That was Heaven for me: the beautiful and straightforward designs, and at the same time the refined features of all those watches. My heart was pounding in my throat and I made an agreement with myself on the spot: someday I will buy a luxury watch myself.

My dream.

Since then I dreamed about it almost daily. In the meantime I had become a collector of everything that had to do with Rolex. Advertisements, articles, interviews … you name it all. There was a great desire to own one, so I asked myself the important question: how am I going to do this? The answer was simple. I would just have to work really hard to make my dream come true.

Working hard.

While others were going out and partying, I took care of my working friend’s twin babies, two days a week, one day during weekends and the other day every Monday after school. I was lucky, because I earned more than excellent: around $125 a week which was a lot of money at that time. However, because it wasn’t enough to make my dream come true, I also accepted all kinds of other jobs. Just as long until I had saved enough at the age of 19 to actually achieve my goal: the purchase of my first Rolex. And later, when I set up my first businesses, I occasionally bought a Rolex as well.

Suddenly bankrupt.

11 years later however I divorced and my financial situation became a disaster. I had a debt of $150.000 attorney fees and I had to pay my ex-wife more than a thousand dollars monthly and there was nothing left of everything I had built up during the previous years. I remember that, after putting the last signature, I called my mother in tears from the lawyer’s office and said full of self-pity that it was all very unfair. Two days later, however, I called her again and resolutely said: “I’ll be back and will rebuild everything. What I have done once can be repeated. I will buy a ROLEX GMT Master 2, mom. Everything is possible and I don’t allow anything or anyone to limit myself”. I knew that to realize that, I had to think not in scarcity but rather in abundance. And it was the power of this decision that forced me into action and made me focus on my goals.

My Rolex GMT Master 2.

And now 5 years after my divorce, the time has come: the Rolex GMT Master 2 is finally in my possession. And I’m back at the same level of entrepreneurship as years ago. What I wanna say is that everyone has his own dreams and ideals. But how much time and space do you allow yourself? Do you allow yourself to be limited by scarcity or how others see you? I also know that some people think it’s madness that I spent so much money on watches. That it is materialistic. And that’s okay, I have no judgment about it. I know that money and ownership are emotionally charged issues in our society. Many entrepreneurs therefore do not dare to receive from themselves. They don’t find themselves worth it. However, this is different for entrepreneurs who love a specific brand such as Rolex watches. That is a specific mindset that has everything to do with love. Love for yourself, for your customers, for your company and for brands. And that includes love for making money. How much? That is up to you, because you decide how much you can earn. You can decide for yourself how much wealth you want to build up. That is different for everyone and totally depends on what kind of mindset a person has. My own mindset has everything to do with passion.

I love money.

Making money is important to me so I can make my passions come true. Not only to buy more Rolex watches, but also because I want part of my profit to flow back to my community. I give them work and make them proud. My desire is that, with money, I can help others who are not that talented. Helping them is my greatest satisfaction and that’s why I’m happy with or without my Rolex watches. Several years ago I gave up investing in the stock market because I lost too much money. Since then Rolex became my investment priority and these investments in watches have brought me more money than I ever imagined.

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